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  1. Could not be more underwhelmed and disappointed by fallout 4 if I tried. I can't believe I was dreaming about this for so long... only for it to be this bad in the end. Just appealing to casuals. The new trailer is so bad. ;/

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    2. Saltyie


      So you hate the new gunplay? Have you tried it? Fallout 3's gunplay sucked ass, and you haven't given the new dialogue wheel a spin. The world is very much Fallout so quit trying to invalidate your own opinion on a game you haven't played.

    3. Humonic


      @Yoshi Yeah the old school fans hated fallout 3 haha, because that wasn't the fallout they knew and loved.

      I'm having that same feeling with fallout 4.

      @Saltyie, I liked the old gun play haha, it was ugly and flawed but that's why I loved it. I gave that system a spin in mass effect pal and I hated it.

    4. Humonic


      @Shadow Imo it makes no sense for your character to have a voice imo. That allowed you to imprint your own onto your character. It has semi-cutscenes now; which I also do not like. The voice, the watered down dialogue system and the cut scenes will only help break the immersion imo.