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  1. Could not be more underwhelmed and disappointed by fallout 4 if I tried. I can't believe I was dreaming about this for so long... only for it to be this bad in the end. Just appealing to casuals. The new trailer is so bad. ;/

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    2. Yoshi


      I find it funny that peeps are saying that "Fallout 4 just does not seem like Fallout" when Fallout 3 isn't really Fallout. I haven't watched all the trailers for FO4 but it does seem pretty similar to FO3.

    3. Nitroman65


      Dude it just a trailer,wait till the game comes out.

    4. ShadowReplicant


      Seems like you already made up your mind about the game. Personally I think the game looks exactly like F3, with some much needed upgrades to the game mechanics of course. I like that the character talks now, it made no sense for him to be a silent protagonist anyway. And btw. there was some terribly out of place music in F3 as well.

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