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  1. I said fallout 4 looked like it had been made for casuals. Now it's come out... metacritic users seem to agree.It's not an RPG anymore and it's certainly not fallout. It's basically if fallout and far cry had a baby and then dumbed it down for noobs. That's fallout 4.

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    2. Doom


      The setting and the humors are pretty much fallout. The mechanics are an adaptation at best, if you want to look at them as a "hardcore" or "casual" argument.

      Perks each level (at lest F3 and F4), all skills maxable (F3), real time action (F3, NV, F4), fast travel (I so loved the 'map' traveling in the old games, with the funny random encounters). And I can go on.

    3. Doom


      That said, I still like the new games a LOT.

    4. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      What you must realize is that as long as it has Fallout in the title, then it's Fallout now. Just not the old Fallout, lol.

      Also I really think the term casual gamer gets thrown around too much. It shouldn't just be either casual or hardcore, there is definitely an in between.

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