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  1. I never knew hating Christians or flat earth believers was racist... I don't hate them. But I gotta say, I'm not a fan of people who believe in Leprechauns, am I racist now?

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    2. Humonic


      Islam is fucking gross. Like most religions imo. Islam is the worst. And no, that's not me being racist, that's me finidng a very specfic set of rigid beliefs to be absolutely digusting.

    3. Humonic


      who disrespect allah* tbh I'm getting sick and tired of people respecting "other peoples beliefs" even when they're completely fucking retarded.

      It's not okay to hate gay people and it's not okay to hate non believers and it's not okay to say other people should not have the freedom of speech just because some backwards mental midgets might get offended.

    4. Resident-Zelda


      "I'm pretty sure every god says not to kill'. He does. He also very openly and prominently informs us to kill for a greater good.