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  1. I never knew hating Christians or flat earth believers was racist... I don't hate them. But I gotta say, I'm not a fan of people who believe in Leprechauns, am I racist now?

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    2. NotAFoxAnymore


      The religions start out and mean to have good intentions, but because it's passed down so much it gets twisted and turns to hate. Like I'm pretty sure the bible doesn't teach you to hate homosexuals, even if it's considered a sin

    3. Humonic


      No the Quaran and the Bible both teach you to hate homosexuality. Calling it a sin is the strongest thing you can call it pretty much.

      The Quaran also promotes killing non believers and so on... both great books filled with complete hatred. The Quaran being the worst ofc.

      Non moderate Muslims really have no place in the west. The cultures clash too much.

    4. Humonic


      One treats women equally, doesn't want to murder people who don't believe in bronze age fairy tales and believes the freedom of speech to be a human right.

      The other believes a woman is worth half of a man, believes in killing apostates, killing non believers and killing people to disrespect allah. Peaches be upon him.

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