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  1. i recon itll be may before i can get my clean sanitized hands on a digital copy
  2. my % looks good thanks for the update my question is my march games say -3, why? my boys have been playing abit of ps on our shared ps4. when they start a game they sometimes log into mine and it adds the games trophy list and i delete it if its at 0 , is that what it means? thats and good luck and stay safe everyone
  3. i waited too long to pre order the hard copy, so ill be waiting longer because i cant pre order it now no one is open or taking online orders. so yeah even if it gets into stock earlier theres no way i can get my hands on it for abit
  4. sadly with this 4 week shut down im dont know where my completion is going to end up. i want to play heaps of new games.
  5. finished work today for the last time for 4 weeks shut down. let the fun begin....
  6. wow....not sure what to say cool!
  7. cheers for the hardwork , mines all good. my feelings are so-so for the year so far. 2% is ok but im stuck on one game at the moment. need to get a few down this month so when ff7 comes out it wont hurt me too much
  8. Lego batman 2 - DC superheroes
  9. im almost 2% completed. have one trophy to go for burnout platinum , but focusing on hot pursuit on ps3. just leveling up sorta griding at the moment , and hopefully be able to knock the 4 multiplayer trophies off one of these days. thankfully my goal of 15% this year should be achievable , only downfall will be when i decide to start a new game or when a new one comes out. ff7 im looking at you.
  10. haha you know it , hopefully they keep the deals up been filling in a few gaps of games i want/need. nice harry potter collection, thats also on my list eventually
  11. bought fallout 76 , didnt know anything about it , didn't realise it was an online only game. by the time i get around to play it the servers will most likely be shut
  12. sorry i read the OP's question as what game franchise would you like to see have a comeback, i dont really class remasters as comebacks i guess. Hence why i said a new crash game. Why i don't think its suited to a ps5? because i played the original crash on launch i think in my mind the plat former it is ps5 seems too...i dunno powerful. cant quite explain it. Sorry. Hence why i said i don't think its suited as such.
  13. love me a new resistance. would also love a new crash bandicoot game, but not sure if it would suit the ps5. oh, and burnout paradise 2.....or equivalent
  14. i have heaps of games waiting to play, but im going to ive myself a task of 50% completion. i think im currently 36% or so. hopefully i can go higher than 50% but thats my goal.
  15. bought me some skate 3 and rugby league live 3