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  1. so i did the 1st enduro race and came 8th and got the prize , then i raced again and got 2nd and got the $300,000. The Third time i tried i got 2nd again and got no money. Is this just me? or do you only get the money for Silver gold etc once? just a pain to race for an hour and get 2nd and get zero credits
  2. im at 46.97 , but ill still try aim for a 55% completion rate. 3rd year this time i feel slightly confident
  3. i only have 3 folders - completed games , not ones im gonna delete but games ive got like 100% or plat for , and then just disc based games and one for digital games
  4. Be Greater Collect all Trophies Marvel Spider-Man
  5. ^^^^^ I love me physical copies. im always on the hunt for ps3 games. i dont have the time to play but it doesnt take up much time to collect. Silent Hill would be my pick of those
  6. bought tinker racers today , havnt played it was 79c to buy so hey why not. havnt played it but it seems to be abit of a micro machines and table top racing hybrid
  7. yeah its not a fun game to play. struggling my way to the platinum then its getting deleted
  8. thanks for the advice. going to get this game white its like 80c on the store.
  9. syncing trophies wont be affected right?
  10. i hadnt tried to play online for a few days , but now im the same as you are. maybe the servers have shut?
  11. i have the ps+ version and its still able to be played online. just no one else to play it with for the trophies 🙁
  12. cant sign in to psn throught my ps3 , so yeah cant play grid 2 either
  13. ill jump on to grid 2 in a little bit see how it is at my end
  14. resident evil 2 , for $10. pretty happy with that
  15. i will also sign up again. found it good to knock some games off , or at least go back to some older games. im not as big of a gamer as i have been in the past, but im happy to give it a good nudge again. im planning on starting a few newer games this year which i didnt want to do this year so ill make a more conservative % goal. im currently and a very low 42.60% im gonna aim for 55% this year.