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  1. Att today 26/11/2020
  2. Sim é muito bom Yes it's very good
  3. And what game would it be?
  4. and still coughing? need to medicate 🫁
  5. and who doesn't have a cloud? cough* cough*
  6. https://nodegamers.com/2021/10/23/list-of-auto-pop-ps5-platinum-trophies/
  7. I do not think so. I have a list made and it appears as AS and EU. US does not appear as platinum.
  8. The tip is: don't make mistakes 😒
  9. I had the same problem also with the Asian version of the vita I gave up.
  10. This version is crossbuy.
  11. is very nice man, thanks
  12. Vem la do Brasil falar mal das garapas kkkkk soh platinou pedreira neh?
  13. following this guide 2 - 3h
  14. This is EU version.
  15. Na version continues glitched for me. Omg.