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  1. This argument is puzzling. Nobody is forcing you to get every single trophy in the game. ...I guess the only reason the new trophies would be upsetting is if you're the type of person who absolutely NEEDS to 100% every single game on your profile. If the grind to get the new trophies is boring, just don't do it.... (Having said that, I do agree that it would be nice to get easy trophies for a bigger variety of activities) Regarding delves, it is insane that they only have delve events for such short times (3 days for brand new delves, and Tuesday only for repeat delves), plus they always make you start from the beginning. Some of us have lives and jobs. There is no way I could ever get to 500 during the event. Why not have week-long delve events??? The famous Orbweaver / Life & Death team? You probably need to create a different PvP team, then. This is certainly not the best team, but I typically use 3x Finesse + Nimbus Bow (Stormcaller class). Finesse will hit 1 targeted enemy + 1 random enemy, so it can hit the stealthy hero. 3x fully-traited Finesses can build up power very quickly if you're lucky with 4/5 gem matches, plus they will fill each other's mana. Not a guaranteed win, but if I do win, it certainly does not take 10 minutes. Maybe 2-3.
  2. "Big Poop, Middle Poop, Just a Little Poop" is going in my trophy cabinet. 💩
  3. I got good endings, although not good enough for the Survivors trophy.
  4. If you're still curious... I had a similar quest, I didn't lie and failed it. Then I reloaded my save, and chose to lie. All that happened is the NPC gave me the quest reward and walked away happily. The only missable trophy is Aphrodite's Embrace.
  5. No, you will get a choice to kill her or let her live. You just might have to do an extra step to get the trophy if you let her live.
  6. @Viper I am also playing on OG PS4, 100 hours in.. I have seen the game freeze for a few seconds, usually it happens when I'm riding my horse/ship to a new area. I assume it's because of loading or auto-saving. One time, it froze for so long that I had to restart the game. I have also seen plenty of loot that can't be picked up, probably because it spawned inside a rock or underground. I've even seen sharks that are stuck inside the ground underwater. They swim around in tiny circles and I can't kill them. The only other issues I've had are pretty bad texture pop-in, and some buttons not working in photo mode (d-pad and left stick I think).
  7. Awesome, glad it worked for you!!
  8. I got this trophy a few days ago without any problems. It popped right after I killed the quest giver. I found this post in the Ubisoft forums, maybe try it? (basically go back to the huntress village on Chios and see if there's a quest marker there.. or see if you can find the quest giver around there)
  9. That guide actually has incomplete instructions for the Aki and Takuya endings. Refer to this thread: (The guide is probably fine if you follow it for the entire game. But I only needed it to get those two endings, and was really confused when I couldn't get them to unlock.)
  10. I'd say maybe 100-120 hours? My in-game timer was around 140 hours... but I tend to multitask, and my Japanese reading speed is slower, and I was playing without any guides until doing trophy clean up at the end.
  11. I just got the platinum. I don't believe any of the trophies are missable. There aren't any areas that get locked away as you progress through the story, to my knowledge. Well, maybe a couple of dungeons, but there shouldn't be anything in there required for the trophies. My general thoughts are that it's not a hard platinum, just grindy as heck. - If any of the optional bosses/battles give you trouble, you are required to get everyone to level 99 anyway, which will make those bosses fairly easy if you have a decent strategy. (Being level 99 does NOT mean you can kill the boss just by attacking a few times). There is a very easy, but kinda annoying, way to farm Metal King Slimes, so it shouldn't take toooooo long to level up. - The only luck-based trophy is the one for the Casino. I got lucky with slots and hit a big jackpot after maybe 2-3 hours, but I can't say if it'll be that easy for everyone else. - I recommend a guide for the bowgun trophy, unless you like running around all the maps squinting at everything from every angle. - Someone in this forum said some quests may be missable, but if that's true, it's not really anything to worry about because there are far more than 40 quests in the game (40 required for trophy). I only completed 46 quests. - Explore every location thoroughly, so you get as many small medals and crafting materials as possible. Near the end of the game, you can farm small medals if you miss too many of them, and most/all of the rare materials needed to craft costume sets are purchasable or easily obtainable... if you know where to look. - Every other trophy should be pretty straightforward and won't require much grind.
  12. Hmm, I didn't time myself at all. It took me 3 weeks & 6 days to get all of the trophies, but I wasn't exactly playing it every day. Maybe I would estimate 10-20 hours? It will vary, because of how luck-based the levels can be. (There are 195 levels)
  13. I just got the trophy without spending any money on the game. It just takes time and a lot of luck. Tips - Lives: I did as another user suggested and changed the PS4 system clock to get more free lives. You don't even need to quit/restart the game. - Using power-ups: I used them to help me reach 3 stars in some levels - you should get enough of them for free from completing levels. However, if you use a power-up and it looks like you still won't get a good enough score, and you don't want to waste it, you can "get it back" by pressing the PS button and closing the game before you complete the level (or run out of moves/time). I'm pretty sure this always works, as long as you close the game before it auto-saves.