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  1. I'm annoyed by people that keep bringing up the "We believe in generations" quote as if it's a giant lie from Sony, and "at least Microsoft was honest about cross gen". "We believe in generations" never meant "We are going to immediately abandon PS4. Everything from now on is PS5 only." I always understood it as "We will have some PS5 exclusives." Which they have already done. And it was, I believe, said in response to Microsoft admitting they will have zero next-gen exclusives for the first couple of years. Sony has already given you 4, soon to be 5, PS5 exclusives. It wasn't a lie. Maybe misleading in the way that PR-speak is often misleading (which doesn't surprise me. Sony is a big company, not your best friend) I can understand being disappointed that the next God of War (and Horizon/Gran Turismo) is cross-gen. There's a lot of potential for what could be done gameplay-wise in that series if it was PS5-only. The reality is, it takes time for new gameplay ideas to be designed and implemented. If you are very concerned about this, you should read this post from another forum by an actual game developer. Personally, I am most excited to see the continuing story of Kratos & Atreus, no matter what platform(s) it's coming to. I'm sure it will look great and run great on my PS5. That's what's important to me. If you wanted to see this story unfold with totally new, never-before-possible gameplay, I hope you were also willing to wait an extra 3-4 years to see it.
  2. A little update.. since I created this topic on Feb 25, I haven't noticed my controller drifting at all, and I use it every day. Maybe there was just a speck of dust stuck in there. Or there was some issue with those specific games.. but I can't imagine why that would happen. Fingers crossed.
  3. I *was* going for the Night in the Woods platinum, but you are required to complete this terrible 2D dungeon crawler minigame. 10 levels & bosses. I got to level 7 and the boss there is stupid. I don't have the patience for this. I signed up for a simple, combat-free adventure game, not Dark Souls. To make it worse, I put down the minigame and continued the main game. I ended up finishing the main game, and WITHOUT WARNING, it deletes your entire save AND your progress in the minigame. I'm done. Anyway, for sure I will get the Cozy Grove platinum.. very simple relaxing game, but it will require a lot of grinding. There are trophies for breaking your tools 50 times and 150 times. I've been playing daily for nearly 2 months and haven't gotten the 50 times trophy yet.
  4. Did you see any of the 5 hour countdown? They were showing off various locations. Looked like a lot of variety to me. They also seemed to be showing the places at different times of the year. I've actually seen people complaining that it's "weird" to have all these biomes geographically close together. Here's a (large) image of all the locations and their location in the real world. (source: reddit) (I should note, I still haven't played any of the first Horizon so I don't know how much variety was in that game)
  5. From what I've read about this, "akin to Nioh or Souls" might be overstating the similarities to those games. I'm guessing the majority of similarities will be being a single-character action RPG with a dark medieval atmosphere. It's supposed to have multiple difficulty options, so there's no need to be worried about forced Souls-like difficulty. The title is awful, though. Super generic and easily confused with Origins.
  6. I'm curious why the countdown has to be 5 hours long. No one's gonna sit there and watch a 5 hour countdown, even if it is "uniquely crafted". .. but it kinda reminds me of the hours-long countdown to the Assassin's Creed Valhalla reveal (it was someone making a piece of digital art). Anyway, can't wait to watch this. I guess I should really start playing Zero Dawn..
  7. For the last few years, I will not play a game if it doesn't have trophies. I will not buy Nintendo/MS consoles or gaming PC for this reason. Any game that doesn't come to PlayStation, I pretend it doesn't exist. (The only exceptions are the couple of mobile games I play, because they are convenient time-wasters that require zero brain power so I can multitask). I'm not even some crazy completionist that has to platinum everything.. I just want to get trophies. There is no real reason for it, other than my personal satisfaction at my numbers going up.
  8. Man I love that shade of red But that price tag in canada.. $95 plus tax.. *faint* I think I'll wait for sales.. and possibly more colours... I would love a purple controller. Anyway my current controller works fine and it's not like I have anyone else to play with
  9. (PS5) I find that it runs much smoother since the last update.. however, it does freeze/stutter for 1-2 seconds whenever it autosaves. Also, the issue I had with not being able to select animals is still there.. or maybe has gotten worse. Sometimes I can't even select the main campfire. The only way to fix it (that I've found) is to quit back to main menu and load in again... which is annoying when the load time is so long.
  10. I wasn't sure they'd keep Yagami because it must be expensive to hire Kimura Takuya. I hope they get him to sing this time, so we can get karaoke. And lol at the gameplay footage.. started to look like Hitman with the distracting coins, and Assassin's Creed with the parkour. Not sure I like the school focus.. My school days were a bit traumatic. Dancing game looks fun though. Also.. I'm in the middle of Yakuza 7 right now and I've spent so much time running around the same places in Yokohama Ijincho that I'm not sure I'd want to do it all again so soon..
  11. I don't think I have a lot of "worst trophies" because I'll just stop trying to get the platinum if any trophy looks annoying enough. But the one that comes to mind is the infamous Final Fantasy X Lightning Dancer (Dodge 200 lightning strikes in a row). And I've done it twice. Once when I was in high school on PS2, and again at age 29 on a Vita. It's so tedious and nerve-wracking. Doubly so because there is no counter on-screen and no notification when you hit 200, you just have to keep count in your head while trying not to blink too much. And I was scared that I would stop at 200 but miscounted and actually did 199 and have to start over, so I just kept going after 200. I also had to follow tips like "play in a dark room so you can notice the flash easier". Would not be surprised if this trophy ruined my eyes a little bit. Runner-up: the Chocobo race required for Tidus' ultimate weapon. Only reason that is in 2nd place is that you KNOW when you've beaten it, and you can get it by improving your skill and learning the best route.
  12. Originally there were 2 missable trophies: Tool Workshop Tier 1 and Tool Workshop Tier 2. If you upgraded your tools before letting them break enough times, you could miss these trophies. But with the latest patch, they have changed it so repairing a higher tier tool will also count for the lower tiers.
  13. For Spider-Man at least, you don't need PS+ to do this. Probably the same for the other games.
  14. Then maybe he is actually confident that they will have more PS5 exclusives. They are most likely making deals in the background that aren't public yet. And he would know what the first parties are planning. They've recently announced deals with new studios to publish their first games. Jade Raymond's studio, and another studio with a bunch of ex-Destiny devs (though we don't know if that means PS5-only or PS5/PC-only). They probably have a lot more of this kind of thing planned, in addition to whatever their first parties are doing. All of this is not public knowledge yet. The fact that he said it is a "good sign" for people who like exclusives, and a "bad sign" for people who don't like exclusives. And anyway, what does "dedicated software" actually mean. Does it actually mean PS5 exclusive, or does it mean PS5 exclusive that may be ported to PC later. VGC used "dedicated software" in their translation of his quote, but they use "exclusives" in their headline. I don't know and I can't see the original Japanese article to judge for myself (it is paywalled).
  15. Jim Ryan's quote sounds like standard PR. He's not going to say "PS5 will have fewer exclusives than ever before" because that doesn't sound good. And it's so early in the gen that we won't know the full tally until like 7 or 8 years from now. By then, nobody (except console warriors) will care if Jim Ryan "lied" about it. I'm all for exclusives if it means they will take FULL advantage of PS5's unique features. DualSense, activity cards, optimized loading, optimized game design.