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  1. Best in terms of character development: Jin & Yuna (Ghost of Tsushima) - Jin would've been dead in a ditch multiple times without Yuna, she's the real hero Best in terms of combat: Tifa (FF7 Remake) Best in terms of cuteness: Astro (Astro's Playroom) Worst Hero: Batman (Arkham Asylum/Arkham City) - He is so boring Worst Villain: Joker (Arkham Asylum/Arkham City) - He is so annoying
  2. Final Fantasy VII Remake has a hard mode trophy. And I hate it, especially since hard mode is not available on your first playthrough. I didn't like the game enough to want to play the whole thing a second time, even though I'm 2 trophies away from the Platinum. Well, whatever, I play games on easy mode almost every time, and if there are difficulty-related trophies needed for Platinum, it just means I'm probably not going to get the Platinum. The same goes for multiplayer trophies. That is a massive exaggeration. Games like Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima still need a little bit of skill and a decent time investment to Platinum. That is nowhere near "My Name Is Mayo" levels of easy. If they wanted to go that route, they would give you Gold trophies for "Start New Game" "Kill One Enemy" "Use One Special Move" etc and be done with it.
  3. I have 11 trophies from Injustice that are "Ultra Rare" They weren't hard to get (especially if you have 2 controllers or a friend to help you), just tedious. Also, it was a Plus game, so a lot of people own it but didn't play much. These are all under 1% Feel the Burn!Perform every Meter Burn special move of every character MetahumanPerform every special move of every character Around and Around We GoPerform every level interaction once The other rarest trophies I have come from Roundabout, which are also not hard, they just require you to collect all the stuff in the game. I think they are ultra rare trophies because a lot of people didn't like the game and didn't finish it. Also, the trophies might be glitchy. I'm missing one of them, "Low Rider" for collecting all the horns.. I'm quite sure I got all of them but the trophy didn't pop.
  4. PS5 (2) PS4 (112) PS3 (68) PS Vita (75) Multiplatform (54) PS4 will continue to go higher because I have so much in my backlog, and the near-flawless backwards compatibility of PS5 means I'll keep working on them for at least the next couple of years. I have some PS3 games in my backlog too, but I don't ever want to touch my PS3 again. I'm still actively using my Vita.
  5. I keep a spreadsheet for this purpose, lol Total spent on gaming this year was $1914.10 (Canadian dollars, shipping/taxes included, includes hardware/subscription purchases) Total spent on just games was $849.48 Full list, for the stalkers: Wow I spent a lot on visual novels that I haven't played yet, lol
  6. Details from the Playstation Blog worth noting.. *Maneater: PS5 console only; PlayStation Plus benefit not applicable for Maneater on PS4. Maneater is not available in Saudi Arabia. **Greedfall: Not available in the Middle East (replaced with Assetto Corsa), Japan, or South Korea (replaced with Mistover)
  7. Wow, these are all games that I'm semi-interested in trying that I haven't bought yet! This might be a first! Into the backlog they go~
  8. An interesting idea, but personally it sounds like more work than it's worth, if I'm understanding the process correctly. I would have to buy PSN codes from 3rd party sellers. (And if those sites charge in US dollars, my credit card is gonna add another couple percent for foreign currency.) Then I'd have to use my US account to buy & download the games, then switch to my Canadian account to play (cuz obviously I'd want all my trophies on one account). Ultimately, this would probably only save me a few bucks per game, but it'd add a bunch of steps to the process. I spent $500 on PSN in 2020. Taxes on that would have been $65.. which is less than the cost of one full-price game. Ultimately it's not a lot of money (for me). And let's ignore the fact that most of that $500 went straight into my backlog, lol. On the note of digital vs physical.. I'm just done with having a bunch of plastic cases. I've always been too lazy to re-sell games I'm done with, and I almost never replay them, so they just sit there. One thing I really loved about physical was nice instruction manuals, but they don't even make those anymore. Just to share my Canadian experience.. I have imported thousands of dollars of Japanese CDs & games over the years. Usually each package is $100-$200, and I find that getting customs charges depends on luck and the shipping service. When I chose the cheaper & slower "standard mail" option, delivered by Canada Post, I got charged for customs only a handful of times. But Fedex/DHL would ALWAYS charge me. It suuuucks to have the delivery person show up and say "hey you gotta give me $50 before you can have your package"
  9. From the patch notes: The maximum amount of a resource in a Shrine varies based on a Player’s level. These different level ranges not only affect the max amount of the Shrine, but also the cost and the bonus rewards given in the offer. Level 1-50: $1.99 USD, 20,000 Gold (max) + 1 Orb of Chaos Level 51-100: $4.99 USD, 50,000 Gold (max) + 2 Orbs of Chaos Level 101: $9.99 USD, 100,000 Gold (max) + 2 Major Orbs of Chaos Yeah I get that.. the part that seems weird is locking the microtransaction behind a goal. I guess the psychology is "make them work to unlock it, so they'll feel like it must be worth something and they'll be more likely to buy it" I might have considered buying it if they'd guarantee 2 orbs of power.. but knowing my luck, I'd pay US$10 for 2 major orbs of growth... no thx
  10. @Klart @Chilary Yes, even though the shrine is not "available" right now, the game is tracking how much gold you're earning towards unlocking it. When you earn enough (depends on your hero level, but the max is 100,000), the trophy will pop. Seems like a really pointless system. "Work towards this arbitrary goal for the chance to give us real money!!!"
  11. I find it very comfortable.. about equally as comfortable as the DS4. Just had to get used to the extra weight, but I like it now... D-pad feels a little weird though. And I think I have relatively small hands..? (I'm barely over 5 feet tall, my handspan is a bit over 7 inches) Unfortunately it's not realistic for them to make different sizes of controllers. Yes we were able to set the mic to default off from day one, actually. But that means orange light on the controller is on all the time. Just feels like a weird decision to have the mic "always on". A lot of people are not going to realize it, and they'll join multiplayer games and something embarrassing is going to happen, lol.
  12. Aside from things that are obvious bugs.. Activity Card Options - Option to disable completely. Option to disable certain types of cards you never want to see (like OFFICIAL NEWS).. barring that, you should be able to "dismiss" a news item or card that you've already seen. - Some people have complained that the quick menu doesn't appear right away when they tap the PS button. If this is caused by the system trying to load the cards (I can't imagine any other reason the menu is delayed), maybe they should just be one of the icons in the menu. - Sony should force all developers to at least have a "Load Most Recent Save" activity card. - I'm a bit confused about how they decide which cards to show. I wanted to use the cards to get into a specific Astro's Playroom level, but it wasn't showing me the card I wanted, and I couldn't see any way to view more cards. Themes - I don't care much about this, but if they're not allowing different backgrounds, they could still have themes with different system music, menu sounds, and icon sets. (All of those were possible on PS4) Controller - As a person who never intends to talk to anybody: The mic should've been off by default. The mute button should've lit up when the mic is ON, not when it's OFF. (Thus, it would've been named the Mic button, not the Mute button). Truly a baffling decision. - Option to customize the default colour of the controller light. I wanted this for the DS4 as well. I don't wanna be blue all the time.
  13. Less than I thought.. (Although many people were stuck at home this year, my business was deemed "essential" and I had to go to work every weekday as usual) [01.26] 428: Shibuya Scramble [03.07] Erica [04.18] South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS4) [05.17] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy [06.27] My Time at Portia [07.11] Marvel's Spider-Man [08.22] Ghost of Tsushima [08.29] Cat Quest II [11.14] Astro's Playroom [11.19] Coffee Talk [11.21] Bugsnax [12.04] Gris [12.12] Spyro the Dragon [12.16] Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! I also imported 5 visual novels for Vita.. which cost A LOT of money.. but I haven't even finished 1 of them yet. I was expecting to platinum all of those this year, lol. (I actually want to read them, not just skip through them)
  14. Lol, this news drops 3 weeks after I bought my digital edition PS5. The lack of taxes on PSN was a major reason I stopped buying physical copies. Oh well. Personally speaking, I'm fully on-board with paying sales taxes for my entertainment products for the benefit of the country. .. But it still stings to remember that I bought new release AAA games for $59.99 at the start of PS4 gen, but this gen it's gonna cost $89.99 + HST = $102 here in Ontario.
  15. Aside from the backlog stuff, which, despite my best intentions, will always be a problem for me because I have the money but not enough time to play everything.. I have a bad habit of multitasking. I often had my laptop open the whole time I was playing games, and whenever I hit a long load screen or a boring cutscene, my gaze would shift over to my laptop (or phone), and then I'd be distracted for 10 minutes before getting back to the game. But, with PS5's almost nonexistent load times, I've already become much better about closing the laptop and focusing on the game more.