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  1. Got it fine. Maybe you haven't unlocked every secret level?
  2. "Master Prospector" from SteamWorld Dig. Not *that* rare - 0.91% completion rate, 1.1k achievers over 122k owners.
  3. This still isn't fixed. Raised one egg, milk bottle depletes every time I finish a new round. I've been stuck on the second egg forever. Game's broken for good.
  4. Need buddies for the challenge! Feel free to add me PSN: Bebop_Man
  5. That's too bad. Thanks anyway!
  6. Or any of the online trophies for that matter.
  7. Play a map, publish a map, reach level 5, etc. EDIT: I know a lot of games have online trophies that don't actually require PS Plus because I guess it's not "live" multiplayer (Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, etc). Was just wishing this would extend to DOOM. Just wish trophies wouldn't be chained to multiplayer as often.
  8. I don't like Faith in Catalyst, she's got the Reboot!Lara Croft syndrome of constant distress that's supposed to pass for heroic determination. The original one was cooler, less dramatic. Yes the story in Catalyst is more fleshed out but at the end of the day it felt like going in circles and accomplishing nothing. The original ends just as abruptly and on a bittersweet note as well, but at least something happened, you accomplished something that left you pumped for a sequel. Here it's as nondescript a sequel hook as you can get - "It goes on, I guess". Story aside I do think Catalyst improves the movement - everything's tighter and more responsive - but the design was lacking. Too many missions share the same stretches and the overworld gets repetitive the more you play/explore. Overall I feel like an opportunity was wasted in an origin story that goes through the same beats as the first game and barely "expands" on the mythology with some twists or details here and there that really weren't worth the hassle of a reboot.
  9. Left/right. Just keep it in the middle area. How "hard" you pull doesn't matter. What counts is how long you can keep pulling (ie. keep the meter in the center).
  10. Thanks! Just fixed it
  11. Old topic but for the record: RE4 is a fantastic game, the PS4 port is a bit... shoddy, in terms of polish, but not really a deal-breaker.
  12. It's a shame they didn't put in any effort at all for creating trophies (or enabling subs, or removing the black screen margins, or allowing difficulty select) but what can I say, still a fantastic game and happy to own it once more.
  13. For what it's worth just finished my first playthrough of Silent Hill 2 HD and other than the occasional frame drop while running around town game works fine. No crashing, no freezing, no glitching and I've heard about the infamous clean "no fog" visuals but as far as I can tell they've patched the fog in since 2012. Game works like a charm, just sorry SH3 HD doesn't get any of the original voices.
  14. Sharing is Caring - I can't find for the life of me either social chests or royal convoys. I'm logged on uPlay, I switch up servers, I check the maps. What am I doing wrong? This is so frustrating.

  15. Hey, question about the Sleep with the Fishes trophy... I activated the Conduit and I left my dude underwater right next to it for a good 30-40 minutes (a full day supposedly takes 20). What am I doing wrong? I got every other trophy in the DLC 10 pack. The Conduit tutorial message top right isn't going away, is that affecting the trophy? Also the hunger meter isn't going down for some reason, unless the Conduit affects it as well. EDIT: Never mind, just resurfaced and tried it over and go it, trophy initially must've glitched on me for some reason.