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  1. That really sucks, especially since that particular pachislot company is the same one that screwed the original SNK over by forcing them into bankruptcy in 2001.
  2. Congrats to everyone who won an award and did their best at writing guides in 2020! Happy to see that two of my guides were nominated and tied for second, and I’m also proud of everyone else as well!
  3. It's been a while since we spoke! :D


    Happy belated birthday, I hope you have an amazing one! :)

    1. AlchemistWer


      Hey Mikel! haha thank you, it was great I was given two games (zero and ao no kiseki kai) defenetly a great gift. 😅

    2. Mikel


      Awesome! :D I got three for mine! Nioh 2, Cyberpunk, and Atelier Lulua!


      In fact, I’m possibly going to write a guide for  Lulua at some point in the future! :)

    3. AlchemistWer


      Haha, all yours! tbh I don't think I might play Lulua (a pride problem) I finished with Ryza 2 trophy guide but for now I don't have any other guide on mind.

  4. I've recently completed The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match and submitted it for review.
  5. This thread is to discuss tips and strategies, as well as helping others who are struggling to complete any of the challenges in the game's challenge mode.
  6. Heard Xiao's voice for the first time yesterday, and it makes me wonder that since it sound familiar, could it be Bryce Papenbrook?
  7. Count me in if you wish!
  8. Managed to get the trophy with this week's tower, and after a bit of grinding to level 65, the platinum trophy is now in my hands!
  9. #237 ~ Mortal Kombat X Platinum Trophy All Trophies Unlocked
  10. Trophy Hunter tower (Predator) is on Tuesday!
  11. Final Fantasy VII Remake
  12. Very happy with how Phantasy Star Nova was able to nail second place in the Exceptional Guide Award category for best import game guide! I hope more people will get into Phantasy Star now that the series is finally getting a resurgence in the west with PSO2 coming this year to PC and Xbox. :)

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I can't wait to dig into it.

    2. Mikel


      You definitely should! I really hope more people will get into the series, especially PSO2 and Nova!

  13. Congrats to all the winners, and I'm really stunned, but very happy to see one of my guides get picked for an exceptional award in the end!
  14. Congrats on your awards from Guide of the Year! :) You and your partners have done a great job!

    1. AlchemistWer


      Hey thanks Mikel!, of course without a doubt @Honor_Hand was a decisive point in order to writte both guides!. 😄

  15. Congrats on winning third in the guide of the year awards! :D

    1. Jelloycat


      Thank you! I actually just saw the results and definitely wasn't expecting that! I'm glad people liked the guide though. :)