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  1. I though 50 % would make it easier to get Bel-chan but man all the grind required to get her
  2. Guys who thinking about farming coins for Bel-chan wait until May 5 where their drop rate will be increased.
  3. I was a bit afraid of the SE.RA.PH Banners 11 rolls for Melt, Passionlip, NP5 Suzuka, NP4 Liz, 2 MLB 3*, 1 MLB 4* (close to second - most likely get it on Kiara banner) and 2 5* CE isn't bad. Now I just hope Kiara will answer my summon quick during her banner and maybe being a little greedy roll a Emiya black.
  4. Little Graf and Bel-chan + Hiei - This could be a expensive
  5. 6 rolls and 2 tickets on Meiji banner to great success:
  6. Happy none of them are drop after the nightmare that is Deutschland and Fiji (never got those 2)
  7. I must say my rolls on the Okita banner was really good
  8. No Moriarty for me.
  9. That is very lucky considering I spend like 4+ Pack to get my Lalter. I also was lucky to get my Sith Lord with only 3 rolls and 16 tickets used
  10. You have Tama who is the rarest non-limited SSR in the game ATM (until Lostbelt 3 but that's only due to Lostbelt 3 banner been rigged)
  11. Happy with my good luck and hope MHX Alter will be coming to my Chaldea this Valentine and maybe a Tama. Happy that I also manage to roll Medea Lily during her rate up but no Medb :(, then again got Illya and Miyu on day 1 so can't complain.
  12. I normally don't post my JP rolls but this rolls is very special Dantes banner was kind to me 7 Tickets later
  13. So happy I got all the Ship except Kaga (BB) from the event since that means I can just do the 3 daily Rolls Also Amagi skill are broken man, she gonna be one of my main ships
  14. King Hassan was a bit expensive with 8 Rolls and 35 Tickets but totally worth it I also pull a Siegfried from a Ticket but sadly didn't get a Screenshot of him
  15. Stay up to 05:00 to roll GSSR asap and got Lion King (wanted Karna or Enkidu) Meanwhile Musashi rolls