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  1. I hope that, I ain't the only one who looking forward to continue/try Azur Lane out once the open beta goes live on August 16 (9:00 PDT) Source:
  2. I have play some Move games and don't really see the need for a PS Move Navigation Controller, so anyone that can tell me, when/where this Controller actual is useful?
  3. Is that Hololive the 24k TNT thingy?
  4. Build Fubuki today and got her Swimsuit sadly the Black Friday bundle didn't give me Cleveland Road skin so need to get it and Enterpraises but does I have the cash after the getting the idol skin. Now hopefully Tomoe will come
  5. The Kazuna AI was the worse event - Only Event I really disliked but wouldn't mind a Re-run soon since we now finally meet the requirement to complete it. Also need a Ascade Re-run so I can get the missing movie. Missing only Fubuki and Tomoe to have all the Hololive ships
  6. I was considering getting it ad launch but it's November which means BLACK Friday deals and let's ofc its publisher is EA so I feared they would put micro transaction or Suprise mechanic in the game. Now I just wait for BLACK Friday
  7. Funny the game isn't even out yet and yet it already gave 3 DLC.
  8. It's kinda weird that European won't be able to pre-order their copy until 2020 when you consider NA can in November
  9. I see a Hamman which is good civ
  10. EU: Wkanime NA: Funimation
  11. Guess that means Deutschland finally get anothter rate up
  12. Guess we will have a Italien event this week then - Good thing I don't have anything to spend Cubes on.
  13. Finally got Taihou So now I can move my build towards Black Prince and Beache I think her name was
  14. Should most likely get working on Sandy Retrofit also. Also Today I get 4:30 - Taihou Build timer and think finally but it was lusty
  15. Still missing Baltimore... Hopefully she comes before the event ends
  16. Now I just missing Baltimore for that Icon Looking forward to Crosswave for PS4
  17. At less Challenge mode will always be here so I don't have to rush to clear it (most likely BS also). Evil of them to release double ring pack and Cleveland skin ad the same time
  18. First roll - Alabama and Alwyin, Next roll - Nothing oh well enough time to get the last 2 with only 3 build a day
  19. All the new Subs obtained Now back to building Special hoping for Sub
  20. Was very lucky on my fourth clear of final node on Hard Le Triomphant drop So I saved 8000 Coins but sadly no Le Mars oh well 2000 coins is worth it for her.
  21. Missing only Altera, Dunken and Surcouf for all Event ship (outside Point latter and event shop) since I got lucky and roll Jean Bean and Forbin
  22. Those ships are part of Iris of Light and Dark. Pretty sure they are Italien ships (at less I know they are a new faction) Now I just need to finish those 29 runs on SP3 for Glorious and I can relax until this event
  23. Looking forward to getting the Iron cross once U-556 hits 70 and the Bismarck map seem to give a lot more EXP towards Iron Blood since my Roon are already 8 % ad 2M requirement.
  24. Hopefully not Limited Skin since Bismarck and Helena
  25. I though 50 % would make it easier to get Bel-chan but man all the grind required to get her