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  1. Well I guess we took 2/3 but we lost to Erasmo lol. You'd think the Yankees had motivation but they're still playing on talent alone. Maybe when (if? 😭) Judge comes back they'll get hyped up a bit. As much as I didn't like Girardi at least the team was always prepared to play... This is the best team I've ever seen that routinely makes stupid little mistakes that cost them games.
  2. S'ok with the way the Yankees are playing you'll get a nice 2/3 or sweep here coming up.
  3. Yankee fan here. Sorry. I am rooting for the Mariners though. They have a good team between Segura/Gordon at the top and Cruz/Haniger driving them in. Paxton having a great year and Marco Gonzales breaking out a bit. But the Yankees are just so damn fun to watch. Not sure they can be called "The Evil Empire" anymore especially in the same sentence the Red Sox are mentioned... As the Yankees have more home grown players, a younger avg age, and a lower payroll then them.
  4. Yeah you right, I'm sure he'll pay. But still super scummy and "this is why you can vote" and "well they're on waivers" are no where near acceptable responses. It down right fucks with the entire balance of the league regardless of waivers. Bullstomp sitting here with obviously the best team that they built themselves through waivers and draft and now this could close the gap with some of the other teams for no reason other than a pissy fit.
  5. Just so everyone is aware... For the 2nd time this season, UMA was called out for making unfair trades with friends. So this time when the trades got Vetoed, he dropped all his players like a little whiney bitch, effectively ruining this league for the 7 ish teams still in the hunt for playoffs and winning. I know I won't play any fantasy with UMA ever again, and for those of you still in it, I wouldn't expect him to follow through with the prizes he promised at the beginning either. (To be clear I'm 4-6 and all but mathematically eliminated already, I'm just annoyed with all the collusion and unfairness)
  6. I'm so ready to lose week 1 because I'm playing the only other projected 100pt scoring team. Gotta love that H2H scoring. Also, uma gonna go 0-12 and we all gonna take his moneys.
  7. I know you asked me already... But only if it's not ESPN. ESPN is the literal worst. Make it on Yahoo instead.
  8. Same. and I have prime so it came to $76 for all the bonus goodies instead of $60
  9. Can just switch to Primitive+ and go find a note to trigger it. In Primitive+ there are less Dossier's and only notes up to 4... so that is faster than finding all the new notes as well.
  10. Aw one of the ones whos feelings were hurt. Hihi No, I just figured I'd ask because I knew of 4-5 people who would join so seeing if this post would come up with the difference. Obv not.
  11. I got kicked out of the .org fantasy baseball league because I talk too much shit and the people there have the feelings of a 6 year old girl who lost her dolly. (that was the only thing I ever did on that site anyway) So I have a spot to take on another league. Now I assume there won't be much interest in this because it's baseball and this site tends to be more non American... But why not. I'll run it through yahoo and set it with default settings and will adjust accordingly depending on number of people. I would like to make it roto and change AVG into OBP... but I can play however. leave a message here if interested.
  12. They'll certainly continue to be crappy if they really plan on rolling those 3 out in the OF lol. Especially at Petco.
  13. The only trophies that should give anyone any problem are to score 1 run in every inning and the miguel cabrera one. The rest is a joke and super easy. For the Miguel Cabrera one, you can pinch hit for him once you have the home runs so you dont risk another at bat. If I'm not mistaken I think you can change his swing too, since its a little odd and some people have a problem with it. And for the other one, just keep trying... With the super edited roster I just kept getting on base and stealing 2nd and third and doing bunts to score 1 run, then strike myself out
  14. If you don't have the Win 5 NBA Today games trophy you can't get the plat anyway I think.