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  1. Just passing by.... Last visited August 28, 2017 o_O Wonder when you will eventually read this message here. :P

  2. My fourth time ( Linuxsteven301 / 302 ) going for plat and 100% between ps3 and ps4 somewhere around 1000-2000 hours and I haven't even touched the mods on ps4 version yet ( i'm thinking anything that will net me the ancient falmer helmet / crown ) On a side note i did breakout the ps3 version of Oblivian got to the point of breaking out of jail and setting up my standard woodelf archer aka the GreyFox. Had I owned a pc/laptop i'd load up Morrowind for fun / thief guild run.
  3. I love Skyrim even with its trophy breaking bugs, somehow I avoided any problems and got thiefs guild master out of the way but once again got the drain vitality shout bug again I might do a second character if this bug prevents me from getting 20 shouts learned. I'm closing in on 200 hours and even with the vampires killing all the female blacksmiths I'm still planning on a third run with my traditional woodelf /thief/archer after my trophy hunting just for peer pleasure.
  4. I've done mostly WoodElf / thief / Archer, through Morrowind , Oblivian and Skyrim. felt I needed to try something different so went Nord with 2 handed hammer with heavy armor. Melee has completely changed how I play, more head first ask questions later rather than snip from afar never getting my hands dirty.
  5. Male Nord , Thor Odinson. Sent from Asgard to free the stormcloaks from the oppressing Imperials by decree of the All Father. Asgard / Sovngarde Dragonborne / Thundergod. Carries only Volendrung aka Mjolnir I was torn though with either going with Red hair after the traditional myths of Thor but instead went blond prob due to influences from Marvel comics. I'm about 200 hours into the game but stopped short of horn for the greybeards. My intentions are try to complete the civil war but avoid the dark brotherhood till after I've won. Then with war over hopefully I won't lose my trusty Shadowmere as I was forced to leave Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr in Asgard.
  6. On the PS3 and PS4 I sided with the Stormcloaks.... 1. The bastards was going to chop my head off, not a endearing moment. 2. The bastards won't let me to worship Talos I refuse to allow anyone tell me who or what I worship. 3. As a guild master who's accepted a contract to kill ( spoiler ) it goes against my eithics to support the Imperial bastards. 4. The imperials are bunch of asshats. 5. I'm the dragonborne , enough said!!!
  7. I would've done the jp version but all my demon / dark souls games are blu ray versions, I might still get the digital version at some point but blu ray version just to keep the collection same.
  8. I'd go back between 400 to 240 mya and record EVERYTHING, history of the planet weather, check, history of the human race, check. No changes just the knowledge of the past to prevent the same mistakes in the future. that's all.
  9. undecided , weather i believe or not does not prove or disprove that its can or can not be true. there are things we may never know.
  10. My first couple times in dark souls 2 ps3 version I gravitated to the Black Knight Great Axe , on ps4 version i'm not going to name names caugh naugie caugh but I got use to the dragon tooth. I don't do pvp its just not in my nature to seek invasions.
  11. OK lots have said Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne but no mention of Diablo 3 ?
  12. Totally missed my " Living String " drop off Big Brain Boss NG+ for 1 item for platinum. FYI ** spoiler ** Get the moon rune from Big Brain then " KILL HIM " for living string. Don't worry he won't fight back
  13. My PSN id is LinuxSteven301 , got 3 months / 200-300 hours in diablo 3 and I have the platinum already but I'm willing to help or co-op Monday-Thursdays and on some Saturdays and Sundays I can remote in ps4 and play. I'am addicted to playing Diablo 3 but I haven't gone any further than torment 1 so far but looking to advance. p.s. don't tell uma_mailman about this thread please.