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  1. There is online co-op but only for 2-players.
  2. Foxy Trophy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJE6sahLg-E&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=wolker4 Inans Spells Trophy: Check out Inans Shop (Inans Love Location) and buy everything from his shop. He gets new exclusive spells everyday.
  3. I am the superior worm - Football Helmet Jahson Worm

  4. Nah I claimed the rewards ingame and didnt get it...
  5. I tried it with someone who is in Divison 3 and I didnt get the trophy
  6. Flagged game: Skater XL • Reason: 40 075km as first trophy is just impossible I used an infinite fall glitch to get the trophy. I already had experience with the game from doing the EU version, and wanted to get a fast completion time for the NA one, so I intentionally avoided meeting the conditions for other trophies before getting the most time consuming one. There is one trophy for completing the tutorial, but the tutorial is skippable, along with the trophy. From there, I just went straight to the glitch. It still takes time, but all the falling distance counts as distance travelled towards the trophy, and no other trophies will pop while doing it. I recorded a quick video to show how simple it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCXzZ-97KUY&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=wolker4
  7. I played the whole time on PC until I got all talents except 1 then I switched to PS4 and unlocked the last talent but didnt get the trophy Edit: Nvm after playing 3-4 matches I got the trophy...
  8. There must be at least one more person that got the trophy since HusamNahas got it today and its been at 0.1% a few days ago already. Also he must have a much faster way to get the trophy. It only took him 5 days to do it...
  9. You dont need to do the challenges for the tutorial trophy. Just redo the tutorial and If that doesnt work then delete your game and install it without the 1.04 Update.
  10. Nah there is no stats menu in the game yet. I also think that the stats reset everytime you close your application. A friend tried it out with the 1h manual trophy. He did manuals for 30min -> closed the application -> did more manuals for 30min and the trophy didnt pop. It popped after 1h... can anyone try it and confirm?
  11. Please, dont use the "mouse & keyboard" excuse lol just get a good team and you will win every match.
  12. There is a daily limit. Just wait 24h and you can play again... it worked for me like that.
  13. You need 20 Downs and not 20 Eliminations @steel6burgh its an Alpha... you need a code in order to play the game.
  14. You have to blind the enemie and kill him quickly. There is a Challenge Card "Kill 20 enemies whilst being blinded by flashbang" and I only got 1/20 there.
  15. I can confirm... they auto pop in the main menu