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  1. The trophy "Run Like The Wind" is unattainable for the PS3. Rockstar Games disabled the bounty feature, meaning the Platinum Trophy is locked out for a few people who didn't got it before that change.
  2. +1 Exactly. the online and especially lvl50 can be headache, but with boosting partners everything will be fine.
  3. Wish I could have been positive about it, but unfortunately I don't see them taking care of this ''old'' game. I don't even own the game, but this is included in the PS Plus collection, so you can also check what Sony has to say on this. Also if you are active on Twitter, you can try to contact Ed Boon, maybe he got some answers.
  4. You can try and make some noise. I doubt there is something they can do about it. they don't giving easy routes for no one. I'm playing Injustice right now, after quitting a long time ago and believe me after I'm done with it, I don't want to get close to any fighting game, or at least anything they make, NetherRealm simply don't care about the players. Injustice is one of the worst grinds I ever encountered, and I just want to get it done and move on.
  5. Looking at you profile right now, the easiest to earn will be FAR CRY 5. if you want to make it special or challenging you can go for Wolfenstein 2 or something extreme. because you didn't finish RDR2 and Shadow of Mordor, I would recommend going for them.
  6. WOW, take it easy, I didn't come here to insult no one (and i'm sorry if it turned out that way... bdias10). anyway completion rate is an individual thing only. as you can see, my account is old enough for fixing it. unlike you (and probably many others) I didn't create a new PSN account for 100% completion.
  7. What a pathetic way of playing a game. I know it's hard, but hearing people are really using glitches is disgusting. I would be ashamed if I had to use even one of these over the map glitches. besides the game has a lot of skips, u don't really need to complete every section or kill all the enemies in the room to progress. you just need to get to the next checkpoint most of the time, I remember running a lot to escape stressful situations. I tried to do a glitch once, early on in the game, decided it's not worth it, and just played the game as it should be. believe me, it's more satisfying beating this that way. there's no reward in using cheats.
  8. Definitely Bloodborne as for fun and challenging I can think of couple of series like: 1. Assassins Creed series 2. Far Cry series 3. Wolfenstein series (Wolf2 is extremely hard) 4. BioShock series If you are into PS3 games, then God of War series are one of the best challenging games.
  9. Rank 50 doesn't need to bother you that much. the way to go is definitely doing chapter 4 over and over again. trading kills online will take longer and imo doesn't really help you that much, if you want to help a friend out, sure trade kills with him, but it's not effective.
  10. Fighting games are hard and challenging in general, also sports games tend to be heavily attach to versus modes and PVP, so basically any game that features a large multiplayer/online modes can be considered as hard platinum. but I think it's more on the developers side, because Wolfenstein 2 is nowhere near as the others in the series, in terms of difficulty.
  11. I totally agree, it happens a lot with some guides. In that case, maybe in the time he played it, the game was more challenging. in today's world, games can change drastically with a simple fix.
  12. In terms of difficulty, you can't argue, if the game is hard, then it's hard, you cannot change that. for some it can be much easier if they got the skills required and/or with a little bit of luck, and for others it can be a lot harder. Estimate time for plat/100% is doubtable, but I'm sure the one who make the guide is aware of that, and he's simply putting in the average time it will take to complete the game.
  13. Glad you got it. it can be tricky, because you are not allowed to touch the bridge with the rotor so it needs to be perfect, maybe that was the issue.
  14. I hardly believe it's buggy. make sure you are doing the ''Flights'' with the military fighter jet or the Mallard(Sprunk) also known as "The Stunt Plane''. EDIT: If the problem is with the bridges, then helicopter is the way to go. you know you done the bridge if you get the complete massage.
  15. Shadow of Mordor is a different thing, Monolith did the changes for the only online trophy. compared to other game of WB, Mad Max, which is also unobtainable and apparently it will stay that way for both Mad Max and MKX.