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  1. someone invited me to Payne Killer and it poped at the end of the match
  2. There is a solution for this? i'm having the same issue
  3. Hey, I’m looking for boosting partners
  4. someone can help me with getting the Stylin' trophy? also needed Extra Effort for the platinum
  5. yeah that's about right. I wouldn't say this game requires some skills or something like that at all. I managed to complete the game on Mein leben difficulty because I knew perfectly every location, enemy movements and some strategies to always be stealthy as possible. there is a lot of areas that you can skip and save yourself from engaging in big fights with powerful enemies and this game definitely have no mercy on you, you are pretty much haunted for the entire game. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS OVERCHARGE, IT SAVES LIVES! BTW I DID A LOT OF SKIPS(Battle Walker), BUT NOT GLITCHES, THAT IS NOT THE WAY!
  6. Happened to me as well
  7. I really like the story in all of the games (MachineGames series) the gameplay is quite different from the previous games and most of it it’s basically stealth, but it has he’s humor there and sometimes it make me jiggle a bit, that’s why I love this game so much.
  8. EDIT: I've been trying for a month now to get the Mein leben trophy and usually I died it in the courthouse or the bunker mission afterwards. from my experience from the game the hardest parts are between Roswell and the New Orleans parts. my advice for you all is to be patient and try to get the enemies to YOU. I've practiced all the toughest sections for me and always found easy way out that you can use to your advantage but this game is so unpredictable and you'll need a plan B for every section to always relay on, needles to say that stealth is always the way to start everything.
  9. the best strat for this is to get to the second area as quickly as possible, when the commander sign is gone you are clear and the enemies despawm. practice this and know where are the supersoldiers spawn and in that way you will know where to aim your fire, be aware that the enemies can spawn literally in front of you and etc. make sure you go straight forward and not taking the shortcut to the right and the target here is to take down the enemies on the turrets first, they can kill the panzerhund in seconds and then you are dead meat. when you complete the area backtrack and take any armor left, it will raise your chances to survive this all the way riding the panzerhund (just make sure no one from the next area spotted you, they can follow you and then you will have to deal with robots and supersoldiers in the road and that's not good, so be quick, i notice that the quicker you are in this game and the tactially skips you can do with the battlewalker makes the game much easier).
  10. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Taste of Your own Medicine Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr on my way to platinum.
  11. hi i'm looking to boost this so anyone who can help please leave your ID so we can boost it. add me; mataningo