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  1. For me this game is very hard. I cannot do 3 stars on all events, no chance.
  2. For me it's way too hard. I cannot even reach more than 1700 points.
  3. Point 2 was only working every 10-20 tries for me.
  4. After tons of tries it worked now. Glitch + Crossbow = Wave 29.
  5. This trophy is a nightmare. Trying it since ages now, but no luck. Way too hard.
  6. I'm trying it now since ages, but not working. So this method doesn't really help.
  7. So I have to release square and then L1+R1? And release square when the hand animation starts?
  8. What is the exact timeing for square and L1+R1. It never works for me.
  9. The key for me was to play on Soldier and not on Recruit.
  10. I never get the crossbow from the box. Do I need something for it?
  11. I did it yesterday and had no issues. But I also used all variants of a weapon, if possible. Worked on first try.
  12. For me the game is way too hard. I cannot do the 500k on all maps. no chance.
  13. I can confirm that it is still only necessary to play the original 4 missions to get the trophy. Just did it today (with patch 1.12).
  14. After some more races it was getting better. This game needs a good tutorial.
  15. I also cannot handle this game. 😒