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  1. That is one strange looking NieR: Automata case...
  2. I usally don't post here, but I just have the feeling this game doesn't get the attention it deserves. If you like heavily story-driven games (Walking-Simulators if you want to be that kind of people...) do yourself the favor and play 'What remains of Edith Finch'. It's certainly not for everybody, but this for once is a story that isn't vague just to give the illusion of a deep and complex narrative. There is an answer for every question of yours if you just pay attention. I also strongly advise against watching any trailers or gameplay of sorts. Just read a quick summary of what the game is about or don't even do that if you are adventurous. If you hate: Telltale, Heavy Rain, Gone Home etc., don't pick this up. If you're like me and loved the ones above and even played stuff like: Firewatch, the vanishing of Ethan Carter, Virginia etc. - Give it a go. It's my new favorite Indie game.
  3. I think that just results in frustration for most of the playerbase since those games are the exact same every time. You can fight me on that but we all know that you can't decide shit that has meaning. If someone can die, he will die. Even if it's an hour later. I love Telltale games, but I was always happy that I didn't had to do a forced second playthrough to click Square instead of Triangle at the right time. That is not really a creative or rewarding way to get a trophy. It's just a waste of everyones time. I hated the Book of Fables crap in the Wolf Among Us.(Still loved the game though) You just replay certain scenes and wait for like 3-8 minutes to click a single button. Quite the honorable plat dawg.
  4. Do you play on the base PS4 or on the Pro? Just curious cause I read very different stories.
  5. Jan 17 with 437 trophies just barely topping Dec 13 with 422 trophies. I went absolutely nuts those months πŸ˜‚
  6. Ha, well thank you good sir. I love it too. In case you're interested it's from the New 52 Comic Series. If you want to see some awesome (alltough really dark) Joker stories check out the New 52 Batman Comics. I tried for 3 straight hours yesterday. I got better at the end even holding fever mode a few 'turns'. But it's sooo precise it just seems broken to me. My first guess would be the 60 FPS port. My theory is that we only have half the frames now for the perfect timing. I know, for someone who never experienced something like that this must sound weird and like an excuse for me sucking at the game. But sadly this happens much more frequent that you'd think. Dark Souls II for example had a similar problem with it's weapon durability when it first launched on PC with 60FPS.
  7. At least for me it is. Has anyone else immense problems with fever mode? I put in my commands always as close to exactly the same as I can, yet still sometimes I go into fever mode with a 2COMBO and sometimes it fails completely. I don't try anything new. I follow always the same beat - I just can't get any form of consistency. Am I just unable to play this or does anyone else suffer as hard as I do? My girlfriend can't get it right either, and she played Patapon back on the PSP like crazy. I also played around with my TV and sound settings. So it's not because of that.
  8. I think I never had such immense goosebumps in a game before as I did in NieR: Automata. Extreme Spoilers down there. You have been warned.
  9. Thats a great way to put it. Pretty much summs up how I am feeling about the game. I really liked it for what it was, and even liked it for what it wasn't.
  10. That my dear, is exactly what I wrote about. But nice summary. Oh, and I didn't switch consoles. I play Bioshock with my girl right now. Which of course you would know if you read everything before you commented. So no trouble on the Sony front there I talked about precisely Uncharted 4 with my Girlfriend yesterday. I was sooo mad at that stupid bossfight on crushing that I threw my controller across the room. She said she hates seeing my like that and I do too. And of course the other sad thing is that I ruined the Finale of one of my most beloved franchises out there. That alone should have marked the point to quit. But kudos to you for realizing it at that point πŸ‘. And also thanks for the great answer
  11. Definitely the face. Eyes and hair of course contribute to that. Also I like short girls. The weight doesn't concern me as much, as long as the proportions are nice. I actually don't care all that much for boobs, I just don't want them to be huge. And the actual important part that attracts me to women, is their personality. If I can't have fun with 'em, they can look good all they want..
  12. @TristanBrown17 @RizzleAbbey12 @Orenn16 @Gommes_ @MosesRockefeller @Eyjabria @CjShai @AlexJones_Bankai @SuperSmexy500 @captainskyhawk @STFUxDxD Thank you all for the kind words and your stories. I'm quite frankly blown away by the overwhelmingly positive reaction. The one thing I will trophies always be thankful for, is that they introduced me to this community. You guys and girls rock🀘 Hey, could you elaborate a little further on Hey! Pikmin? I am interested in buying it, but i only briefly played the second installment on the Gamecube back in the day. Yeah it was actually... quite the game-changer for me. (Pun intended) Don't shoot me ^^
  13. Damn, the Switch got me thinking. Like @BillyHorrible has done the last few weeks, I've been away from my PS4. Now pretty much the only one using it is my Girlfriend. The thing is, I've had such a tremendous time with Breath of the Wild that, and I imagine it sounds stupid if you haven't experienced it, it changed gaming for me as I know it. For the better part of 4 years I've hunted trophies now. It's gotten to the point where I don't start a game unless I am sure, and I mean sure, I am going to get that platinum trophy. Which meant I had to look at a guide, if one is available, to check if there is some rediculous missable. If not, I often soft-spoiled myself through thropy-descriptions. And then, 95% of the time, I sink my theeth so hard into that game that I literally cannot stop playing the damn thing till my OCD is satisfied. I hate not finishing something I started. And naturally I had some of the worst gaming experiences ever just because of thropies. And yeah, yeah I know, I don't have that perfect profile you might expect upon reading this, but I tend to get plats even after years of not touching a game. And hush, I'm trying to make a point here πŸ˜†. Anyway... ...Back to Zelda: There are no trophies. There is literally zero handholding. There is never a dull moment. There is no 'I have to look that up or I'll miss it' bullshit. There is no 'Fuck. still missed it. Ok restore my cloud save from like 3000 years ago'. There. Are. No. Trophies. It's challenging, yet at the same time inviting. I get that from a lot of Nintendo games. I played through Super Mario 3D Land, Luigis Ghost Mansion 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and of course Breath of the Wild. Then I played some ARMS, Spla2n (Why didn't they call it Spla2n ) Mario Kart 8 and Puyo Puyo Tetris with friends and family. For fucks sake, grab a friend or 2, and a Beer and god fucking damnit, do yourself the favor and play Puyo Puyo Tetris with them. So yesterday I booted up Bioshock on my PS4 with my Girlfriend. Turned off my Trophy-Notifications. And for the first time in like ever, I actually remembered why I LOVED gaming in the first place. Just to clarify, I will probably still do plats. But only if it's doable after I've beaten the main story and without a second playthrough. And of course if I liked the game enough to justify the time investment. It was never the trophies 'fault'. It's me. I cannot control myself. I am the problem. And as cheesy as it sounds, the first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. I will enjoy gaming again. This isn't advice. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with people that probably understand where I come from. I wanted this to be a Status-Update, but then it got long like it always does. You can tell me to fuck off and stop babbling on about something so trivial and voluntary. Or you can join me in a conversation and share your thoughts on this. I'd appreciate it. If you did, thanks for reading.
  14. Sorry for the late answer, I was away for the better chunk of last month. And when I was at home I was absolutely consumed by Breath of the Wild. I imagine my advice on buying the game is of no help anymore, since the sale is gone and you most likely made your decision. But anyway, have you bought it? And if so, have you played it yet? And if so, what do think about the game? I'd love to hear it.
  15. THAAAAANK YOU! Thanks to everyone involved making this. You People are the bomb. Great work as always.