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  1. Oh mah gawd! It's happening!
  2. Destiny is availeable on PS3? Wtf 😂
  3. Honestly, if you want one, treat yourself. You did your research, if you are fine with the drawbacks then you are up for some kick ass games.
  4. I think it's funny when people say Nintendos online environment is crap. The Wifi works better then on PS4Pro.
  5. At first I hated it. I stopped playing halfway through episode 1. Months later I gave it another shot and somewhere around episode 3, I really, really liked it. It was an enjoyable thrillride and I wouldn't mind another season. Still, it's one of the sequels I am least excited about. So that's that.
  6. I bought Mario+Rabbids, then forgot about it completely. I have to try that one, it looks exactly like my kind of thing. Aaaanyway, I hope I get around finishing some games. Still haven't tried ARMS wich I also paid full ratail price for. Good customers don't have to play games to be good customers
  7. I really like your first suggestion. I think thats a fantastic idea. The second suggestions is also fine, but it's more of a 'neat thing to have' in my opinion, while the first one really is a definitive end goal to get like a mosaic image of some sorts. edit: I just wonder how it would come into play if more sequels get released.
  8. I think Mass Effect was a series that could only work at that specific time it was released. Those games have so many design flaws that are now more than obvious, and without nostalgia it's really not the series you want to go back to. It wasn't that big of a surprise to me. ME 1 & 2 are almost unplayable for new players. I mean seriously, try replaying Mass Effect 1. And Andromeda just carries too much of that spirit in my opionion, it tries so hard to be a last gen game with better textures.
  9. Iam now the owner of a brand new XBox One S.

    Mostly looking forward for the exclusive titles.

    I'm really eager to play all 3 of them.

  10. FINALLY Handball 2016! I almost couldn't resist not buying it anymore. I know what I'm doing the year or so
  11. You took my answer way too harsch. I just wanted to remind you it's kind of unfair, because maybe someone who is only able to read english was eager to know what you guys where talking about. And that person is just left aside if you switch language you know. If I were you, I'd just do a quick summary in english, if you wanna be nice of course. Or you know, there's always the Private Message option 😉
  12. Holy fucking shit!

    Have any of you seen '13 Reasons why'?

    Those last Episodes really got to me.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. wuthg21


      I must say Duck is correct, most of the time the book is better then the film / game. A lot of things are left out of the film / game then what is in the book. I'm mot sure about 13 reasons why because i've never read the book

    3. Joker


      Yeah, but I wanted to talk about the Series. Why is that such an impossible thing to do?

    4. wuthg21


      Yea eveyone has a different opinion, don't mind people that didn't like it

  13. Ich weiß nicht genau wie die Regeln hier sind was Fremdsprachen angeht, aber ich würde euch bitten das zu unterlassen, in einem allgemeinen Thread der nicht als speziell deutsch deklariert wurde. Es ist unfair den anderen Nutzern gegenüber. Dies ist ein weltweites und deswegen auch englisch-sprachiges Forum. For the sake of transparency I'll roughly translate what I wrote here: I don't exactly know the rules on this subject, but I asked both of them to not write in german here since this is an international forum. And as such I'd like everyone to understand everyone. It's just unfair to some users.
  14. These are the 12th and 13th games I own since January this year. Really fucking annoying for me, but still happy Sony gives out awesome games. If you don't own them consider yourself lucky, both of them are fantastic in my opinion. I'm kind of pissed off that sony does not offer anything for people who bought the games prior to them being on PS+. Like just 1€/$ for the PSN Store if you own a game would be great. I'd feel appreciated as a loyal customer and not ripped off. Like damn, I'd have 13 dollars bitch!
  15. Don't pre-order guys... never. You are smarter than that.