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  1. Oh... It's free? ... ... ... Excuse me, I have a plat to do! See ya! 😂
  2. I will fight anyone who gets this game. You are the reason everything goes to shit, not Konami.
  3. May I propose a suggestion? Play games you actually like.
  4. This is one of those games were I am really surprised somebody gave a shit. I mean, is there seriously demand for this to be remastered? If someone's getting excited over this ok I guess. I don't think it will/would sell well though. The game had a pretty neat multiplayer mode, I'll give it that.
  5. I got 6/10. You picked some serious questions dude ^^
  6. The statue is neat. The rest, of cource, is junk nobody needs. As always.
  7. See, I like the Telltale games a lot because I don't care that much about glitches^^ What I wrote in the spoiler is pretty much only off the top of my head and even then, I only wrote half of it. I didn't really double check it, so if it's not comfortable to read I'm sorry, but I don't want to spend that much time for Heavy Rain anymore to be honest^^
  8. I wanna see 64k Resolution with 144 FPS min. And it has to shit golden bricks and should'nt cost more than 500 Bucks. Sony could at least do that for it's loyal Fanbase!!!! Oh and Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a PS Plus title would be neat. What? Why not? Moooooooooooooom All kidding aside, I'd like to see a system-wide option for 1080p/60, like in the OS. So devs can't just not deliver that option. Backward comp. has to be a thing, at the very fucking least for PS4 games. Otherwise I will switch to Nintendo (You see what I did there?🙃) and Microsoft. Seriously, I won't buy half of my library again just so that a bunch of chinese men can fist themselves with my money. It could even only be for digital games, I don't care. I just want to see Sony acknowledging. Because this time they can't bring some sorry hardware excuse like they did with PS3.
  9. Nah. I think Heavy Rain is a huge pile of dogshit. And I am not disappointed, I think it's fucking horrible. And that's already the short and nice version for it. And as a matter of fact I do hate it. Because some people got tricked into thinking that the story is not shit, when the sad truth is, that it actually is. It's not that the Story you think you experienced is bad. The actual game and the ridiculous plot holes and red herrings are just infuriating, and it is not okay to overlook something so atrocious, while the creator of that pile of trash thinks and acts like he is the next Shakespear. I could go on for hours why it is such a horrible piece of software, but I don't think anybody wants to hear that 😂. In my experience people only want their opinions to be validated, not think about new ones. The graphics are neat, I'll give it that. But ehh, graphics.
  10. But we really don‘t. The Topic question is „The one you hated“ which doesn‘t have to be the worst. I can only speek for myself, but I only hate games if they have promise or potential that is missed. The worst game I played on PS3 was Hysteria Project I think. Or like Amy or some shit. But I only truly hate Heavy Rain for all the genuine bullshit it has done. And for David Cage beeing so far up his own ass.
  11. I'd argue that this is worthwhile critique for those games, but saying the characters are lackluster just undermines that you haven't played nearly enough to know what you're talking about. No offense. The writing in The Last of Us is superb and the characters are pretty much the only thing Naughty Dog has ever done flawlessly. And of course the graphics... but eh, graphics.
  12. It's been 4 and a half years mate 😂 Topic: Heavy Rain. I hate the guts of this game. It's such a tremendous piece of shit of storytelling, everyone who has like the slightest appreciation for good writing should not like this game. But if you still do... well. More Heavy Rain for you then.
  13. Neveeeeeeeerr gonna haaaaaaaaappen 🎻 But one can dream.
  14. I recently thought about the trophy list of Dark Souls II. There is the This is Dark Souls Trophy, which you will get (commonly in the first couple minutes of the game) if you die the first time. So I thought, it would be wayyyy more badass to have all other trophies except this one, than to have the platinum itself. Can you think of any other trophy lists where this is the case?
  15. Thank you very much for doing this My favorite game this generation is Bloodborne, by far.