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  1. cause Goofy's been beating my balls all morning
  2. How many women does it need to change a lightbulb?

    None, since she gets you to do it

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. ThatMuttGuy


      @Undead Wolf point to where I said I was offended. I'm merely point out that it's not a clever or funny joke.


      @yuber1234 I never said people can't post their unfunny jokes. People are free to post whatever the fuck they want (as long as it doesn't break the ToS, of course) as well as I have the right to criticize. Street goes both ways.


      That's all I'm responding to. I honestly don't give a fuck, as I just post to pass the time. 

    3. yuber1234


      @ThatMuttGuy Well you were going on about how "enough of these jokes reinforce harmful stereotypes."

    4. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      @ThatMuttGuy You didn't have to explicitly say it because it sure seemed that way when you were whining about "harmful stereotypes" and "sexism".

  3. We truly live the dystopian life that was foreshadowed in all those movies 30 years back
  4. Meh, honestly. Omegalol Nah, it sure looks interesting right now, but I'd easily bet 50€ that this thing will get discontinued in about 2 years. And way before that, it will have obscured into irrelevance.
  5. Since they are being made, I take a leap of faith and say they are getting bought. Yeah, I know, seems like a wild guess but it is what it is.
  6. Whoopty fuckin doo EA did something bad. Stop buying their games.
  7. You can't find any answer to this and expect some rando on a trophy hunting site to have the secret information? It is not known yet, is what I say.
  8. Yeah, that and Nintendo will release Pokemon on Sony systems. Also I heard EA has finally grewn a conscience and will give up on all monetization scheems. What a time to be alive fellas
  9. These predictions are wrong 99% of the time. If I wanted false hopes I'd just tell myself again that this time, I'm really sticking to my gym plan.
  10. To be honest I just flat out gave up trying to argue with people over the internet. I can have a conversation even if non of my opinions are shared by the other party but ever since I tried to talk to said peeps, this started to feel like an extremly rare condition. Continually so. We as a species seem to be too dumb to connect without bashing our heads in.
  11. I wish I could like this more than once. Very well said.
  12. Yeah… but where to? Topic: I actually think about what kind of character I want to play (depends heavily on the game of course) before I name them. For example in the Souls series, on my first playthrough of each game, I always gave my protagonist an old german name that ends with ''bert''. Like Norbert, Herbert, Gunibert or Albert. Most of the time though I try to think of a cool name and end up being way edgier than intended. Then I regret it for the rest of the game until I make the same mistake again. And if I'm lazy it's mostly ''Pale'' these days.
  13. I actually can't see any reason not to. I'm a huge tech nerd, and for that alone it's a Day 1 purchase for me.
  14. Wasn't Chains of Olympus the easiest one?