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    If you're reading this you're probably thinking: ''Boy oh boy, what is this Paleblood character interested in? I'm dying to find out!''
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    If that all didn't sound dick-ish enough and you still wanna hang out just holla at me. I'm always down for conversation.


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  1. Wow, ok didn't expect that. Still, couldn't they just fired him? 4 months in total is by far the shortest actve time I ever saw on a console online game I think.
  2. Why were the severs shut down so incredibly fast?
  3. Okay, so today I finished Bloodborne again. I'm leaving just a few trophies off to get the plats in the right order. Can I have a point for this? On a serious note though, together with my girlfriend I played through Gone Home just now. We really liked it. I don't have that much to say (complain ) about since there wasn't any real gameplay to speak of. The story and the voice acting were great, but we didn't ''get'' it till a while in and thought it was kind of a horror game - and we were scared shitless lol. The actual conclusion of the story was nice though and we're both happy it ended this way. I'd give the game an 8/10, but only on a Walking Simulator score. If you compare it to ''regular'' games, I couldn't rate it. Played on Playstation 4 Pro J
  4. Guys, am I going blooddrunk? Today I replayed The Old Hunters, and after you kill Ludwig there is Yamamura in his cell... I always found it strange that he has this kinda japanese clothing, because it wouldn‘t fit 100% into Bloodborne. But I just shrugged it off and moved on. Right now though as I‘m reading this stuff: „Garb of a distant eastern land... eastern warrior...pursuit of honerable revenge... etc.“ Chester from the Artorias of the Abyss DLC came to my mind and that blew me away. Could this be true? J
  5. Ooooor alternatively you could not act like a huge crybaby and get offended over the obvious and create a list with the forum, cooperatively. I would've loved to help you on that and many others pobably too. Instead now you go to the list of geniuses I have no interest in talking with again. J
  6. Yes, so I could plat Bloodborne/Souls games again mainly . That and I hated the name of my old account for years. I wanted to have it linked to this forum account but I think that ain't gonna happen. Maybe I'll go with Captain Spirit. That should be over in about 2h from what I've heard. J
  7. Guys, what should I play today when I get home from work? There is: The Captain Spirit game Bloodborne , duh Gears of War Halo 2 Or make a suggestion from my backlog. J
  8. And you don't want to do it either... so...
  9. Gameplay looks neat. Still haven't played Darksiders II though, maybe this will finally give me the push. But I know myself, I pobably won't play it. I desperately need motivation. J
  10. I second this, this is a no brainer. On the other hand you could now invent a story why your name is this way and stay vague on details. This is your chance, you could be a legend! Btw, I already miss Cthulu EDIT: Good to see you back more frequently. J
  11. Lol, is anyone taking this seriously? No Bloodborne, folks over there are obviously trolling. Oh, I completely forgot to list mine! I can only mention games I completed, there are a lot on my backlog which would probably land here. Here we go: Bloodborne NieR: Automata Shadow of the Colossus Last Guardian Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Dark Souls III Uncharted 4 Hellblade What remains of Edith Finch God of War Battlefield 1 (Yes, I absolutely loved the campaign) Ratchet & Clank Firewatch The Order 1886 inFamous: Second Son & First Light Child of Light Uncharted: Lost legacy Inside Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes The Walking Dead: A New Frontier J
  12. Yeah, I second @Sir_Bee here, what's your budget and what consoles do you own? For example, at least in my country, you can get Final Fantasy XII for 14.99€ on amazon at the moment. That's some serious bang for your buck. J
  13. So... I have finally beaten another game, Forgotton Anne. (No, it's not a spelling error, at least not on my end. I'm pretty sure there is no reason for the strange spelling btw.) Forgotton Anne is a story based puzzle platformer and as such clocks out on the longer side of things with its 7-8 hours of story content. I had already played it for about 5 hours last month but then I... forgot about it HAHA DO YOU GET IT?!!!! HA! Yes, if you ever meet me in real life you can slap me for that. Since the game seemingly sold pretty poorly I will introduce you shortly to the setting: The story follows Anne, a young woman who is known as ''The Enforcer'' in the world this game takes place in. She has a glove called the Arca which is used mainly for puzzle solving but also has story significance. In the world you play in there are everyday things that have come to life (i.e. a blanket, a pistol, an umbrella, a bulb, a voodoo doll etc...). These are called Forgotlings, things that have been forgotten by their former owner. They are trapped in this realm, but also have the ability to think on their own now. Every Forgotling craves to go back to their owner, which they will eventually if they work hard enough is what they are promised. Now your (Anne's) job is to keep the Forgotlings at bay and enforce the rules of the realm on it's citizens. So you are like a police officer for a bunch of weird ass shoes. The game allows for surprisingly much decision making on the players end. With the afore-mentioned Arca you can ''distill'' Forgotlings, effectively killing them. This as a game mechanic I really liked. And what the game does with your decisions is another part I felt satisfied with, though I won't get into spoiler territory. The ending was quite strong which is always of big importance for me. Some clumsiness on the controls apart, I really liked this game. A whacky cast of characters, a unique setting and fantastic voice acting and music. My main gripe with the story is that you have basically heard it a thousand times before if you're well read and/or watch a bunch of movies. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable one. The story beats wouldn't be used that often if they didn't work to begin with. One last sweet thing about this game are the visuals. It looks simply stunning. If you like Ghibli films, you will like this artstyle and what they've done with it. I'd give the game a 7/10. Played on Xbox One X J
  14. Wow, joined in 2011, teach me senpai. Tell the tales of a time before My Name is Mayo, I am sure they're quite extraordinary. J
  15. Far Cry 3 is an awesome game and like you mentioned briefly, I also like that it's not that big compared to other recent Ubisoft titles. It's open enough to feel open-worldy, but small enough to have a vague idea where you are at all times. I like that you incorporated your original post in your update, that is a really neat idea! (It also makes it easier for me to check your progress and put you on the top players list, since I am lazy as fuck ) Btw, I finished another game, finally. I'll write a little monstority about it later. J