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  1. Spoken like a true anarchist.... ...who buys all the remakes anyway. cool cool cool cool cool cool
  2. I lost my virginity at a camping side.


    The sex was intents

  3. Honestly, it's higly likely that people just had crazy expectations for this one. And when that happens gamers often want the developer to justify for their personal illusions and inability to see the bigger picture. It's always easier to judge a game if you're not on the initial hypetrain and, since you've played this just a few days ago I presume, that may be very well the case for you. Also: You don't really have to care for what other people say about a game. If you liked it, great! More good games for you. You don't have to justify your opinion.
  4. The thread title sounds like a cooking suggestion.
  5. I don't even remotely care for your opinion.
  6. Oh really? Calling someone asshole for no reason is your way of being ''the good guy'' then? If you don't have the necessary time to play a game that needs time to be played what would you call that? I'd say tough luck, you don't need to act like crybaby over it.
  7. It's an EA game, what exactly did you expect?
  8. Why did the wizard need to attend a grammar class?




    Because he didn't know how to spell. :awesome:

    1. Caju_94
    2. ee28max


      Nice pun 😂👍

  9. Tough luck then I guess.
  10. Seems like you're not leet enough to know.
  11. You can one from me if you like. Depends only on how much you want to pay I guess.
  12. I also wanted to make a funny comment, but no point in trying with this one around.
  13. This is exactly the kind of shit why I stopped trophy hunting.
  14. Oh Ubisoft
  15. Did you try restarting the device?