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  1. The thread title sounds like a cooking suggestion.
  2. I don't even remotely care for your opinion.
  3. Oh really? Calling someone asshole for no reason is your way of being ''the good guy'' then? If you don't have the necessary time to play a game that needs time to be played what would you call that? I'd say tough luck, you don't need to act like crybaby over it.
  4. It's an EA game, what exactly did you expect?
  5. Why did the wizard need to attend a grammar class?




    Because he didn't know how to spell. :awesome:

    1. Caju_94
    2. ee28max


      Nice pun 😂👍

  6. Tough luck then I guess.
  7. Seems like you're not leet enough to know.
  8. You can one from me if you like. Depends only on how much you want to pay I guess.
  9. I also wanted to make a funny comment, but no point in trying with this one around.
  10. This is exactly the kind of shit why I stopped trophy hunting.
  11. Oh Ubisoft
  12. Did you try restarting the device?
  13. OXENFREE No difficulty to select Took me 5h to finish Bought it for about 10€ This is one great game. Oxenfree starts off as a rather usual tale about a few teenagers visiting an island to party. At the start you get introduced to the characters and their relationships to one another. It sets up everything you need to know about them effieciently and interesting. That's one thing I gotta praise right here, this game has such well written dialogue and rarely ever resorts to disguising smalltalk as story content. Which I've seen so many games do nowadays. It's not the worst thing in the world but it's filler content nonetheless. Oxenfree captures teenage angst in a funny and engaging way, reminding me of myself and letting me feel a kind of nostalgia that I don't see too often in games. Videogames tend to rely on visuals to create nostalgia and while the artstyle is fantastic, it's by far not the only thing this gem has to offer. The main comparison to draw would be Life is Strange since it's a story about teenagers with a supernatural twist to it. I played both games and the comparison is accurate, still I liked Oxenfree better than Life is Strange. Not by a mile but by quite a bit. Also the game is way shorter, which helps keeping the story focused and interesting. While there are a few collectibles you can pick up it's mosty a linear story you can influence with your decisions. I especially liked some of the more harrowing scenes as they were nicely done, artistically and story-wise. This was a story I was truly engaded in, I'm talking caring about the characters, hating the guts of a certain character, wanting to know the answers for myself, not for the sake of beating the game. Man, I was audibly gasping for fucks sake. Long story short: Great story, eerie atmosphere, amazing visuals and artstyle, good music with great sound design and an unexpected ending that makes you want to play the game again. I'd give Oxenfree a 9/10. Played on Xbox One X J
  14. That good sir, is a great ass signature you got there.
  15. Demon's Souls. Also you can check out ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Remastered. Since so many games got remastered for Xbox One & PS4 I can't really remember what else is PS3 exclusive, but @Dr_Mayus's recommandations are a really good place to start. Might add the Jak & Daxter games. J