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    If you're reading this you're probably thinking: ''Boy oh boy, what is this Paleblood character interested in? I'm dying to find out!''
    And boy oh boy, let me tell you... I have no idea.

    For real though: Whacky humor & puns, particularly bad puns.
    I am a huge movie nerd, I live and breathe movies.
    Also I am a huge game nerd, duh.

    Despite being the most obvious fucking nerd I know, I always managed to have a healthy social life and can get along with almost everybody quite well. That said I don't take shit from no one, and I'm not afraid to call anyone out on stuff.
    I also have a habit of asking personal questions a lot. Some people tend to get defensive because of this, don't say I didn't warn ya.

    If that all didn't sound dick-ish enough and you still wanna hang out just holla at me. I'm always down for conversation.


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  1. Yup, it's 6 points. Now you're even further up on your number 1 spot. Nice going! Anyone can battle this till the end of August? J
  2. Look, paraphrasing me to prove your own point looks like asshole behavior. There is not much arguing about that, if you think this is extremely clever and/or funny, great, have a go. But it's not exactly a great conversation starter. And on the orginal comment: You're right, I didn't want to have a conversation about it but I hate the feeling to be ignored and don't want to give that to others as a result of that. So I answered your post with ''I think it reads like a question'' I actually, honestly, literally don't fucking know what else there is to say. I think it reads like a question. You don't think so.
  3. Where exactly did you get the Impression that I'm mad? I only think this is pretty pointless and I don't get why you insist on dragging this out. I thought we got along pretty nicely, I also considered you as nice in general, but you seem to feel the need to act like a jerk now. Well, you're free to do so.
  4. Why you get into this then? It reads like a question if you read the first lines of his op. I don't know else there is to say. I said he MIGHT consider. It was my input free for him to ignore.
  5. His op still reads like a question.
  6. I don't know. I want to believe, but this looks to fall a bit on the short side. July as a release ''window'' just seems way more plausible to me. Anyway, you might want to add a ''?'' at the end of the title. J
  7. I think I would've smashed my Vita into a thousand pieces at that moment.
  8. Pretty much the same story on my end. Played the original Darksiders ages ago and never got to the sequel unfortunately (Despite buying it day one, of course..). It's included in the Xbox Game Pass and I eyeballed it for a few weeks now. I think I'll give it a go soon, your story gave me the little push I needed. Even more so since Darksider III is right around the corner. In other news, two days ago I started RiME on the Xbox One, also included in the Game Pass. I've played about 4-5 hours and expect to be done tomorrow. I'm eager to write my little review about it that nobody ever reads 👍 J
  9. Inside Banner Saga Bastion Transistor All the Telltale games Seasons After Fall Little Acre Dust an Elysian Tail Deadlight Chrash Bandicoot N sane trilogy Diablo 3 Resident Evil Resident Evil 0 Lara Croft Go Hitman Go Apotheon Battle Chasers Guacamelee! Hyper Light Drifter Valiant Hearts ...and many, many more. J
  10. Basically
  11. I play games on the hardest difficulty. The hardest difficulty is shit = the game is shit, for me. Already written off. I see no point in giving someone my money who isn't capable of balancing their own product.
  12. Can't say for the other 2 games, but Arkham City looks fine to me. EDIT: Only reason for the flag could be because of Perfect Kight Day 2. Maybe the guy got confused because it unlocked only 14 seconds after the last trophy. This however is normal since Perfect Knight is just a ''collect everything'' trophy and unlocks therefore automatically with the last side quest trophy. Hope my gibberish somehow helps. J
  13. Ok, sadly I have purchased 4 games, that puts me to -8 With the recent bunch of games I played through I had 4 points, so far so good. But a games store around where I live closed down and gave out games for dirt cheap. I managed to grab FF XII, Resident Evil VII and The Evil Within II for 15 bucks. like I said, super cheap. I still gonna take the full hit in points. To add insult to injury, Amazon gave out Wolfenstein II for 15€ on Prime day... My girlfriend also bought a few games for the 3DS. I listed them on my backlog for now because I'm semi interested in playing them. I won't take the hit in points here however because a.) I didn't buy them and b.) I don't know if I will ever actually play them. The games are: Detective Pikachu, Ever Oasis and Monster Hunter: Stories. I may remove them from my backlog alltogether again, we'll see. J
  14. Sounds like shit basically. Thanks for the head up. J
  15. I thought it was pretty good. Certainly better than the first Uncharted, gameplay wise. Controls are reasonably tight and mapped ok, not amazing, not bad either. Graphics are huge though, just like you'd expect from an Uncharted game. I enjoyed the game and like I mentioned think it's the must have title for the Vita basically. J