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  1. Hi. First of all I have to admit that I have a problem. Introduction: My name is Paleblood, and I can't go past a games sale without buying something. I am interested in pretty much every genre to some extent, now add that to a disregard of 'not buying shit you don't need right now' and you have, you guessed it, a catastrophic backlog. I've been trying and searching but I couldn't find anything that worked for me. I always relapsed. It's been this lingering shadow that I just can't cast aside. Over the years, it grew into a frightening monster, a gigantic villain, who feasts upon my money and even more disturbingly, my joy of buying and playing games. Unyieldingly sitting there on my consoles. Laughing at me. Taunting me. ''It's just one game, it won't matter'' he says devilishly. Chuckling he presents me the newest flash sale. ''Oh look, Fallout 4 75% off. You will never play it? Look at the price!'' Another purchase. Another defeat. But all this ends now. (My own Backlog) Sobriety Coins: So, what to gain from being and staying sober? First and foremost money and a clean conscience about your purchases. But I also have shiny coins for you to collect and to show off to fellow PSNP Members (To earn the coin you have to meet the criteria. I will send you the coin without the watermark via PM) The coins: Rules & how to participate: If you want to participate just leave me a comment with your Backlog. You can copy my layout if you want. (Look at the participants list for further visual help on how your post could look like.) Your stats are yours to update. If you update regularly I can include your progress in the Rehabilitated Players list. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Pale Mode: You can only buy 1 new game if you have finished the main story of 3 games on your backlog. This will be referred to as 'New Game Count' Everytime you buy a new game - no matter how expensive or cheap - this will remove 3 points from your current New Game Count. 1 finished main story = 1 point added to the New Game Count. Games like Stories or Wheels of Aurelia where one playthrough is basically just 1/16th of the game will still count as a valid finished story. Every platinum trophy will count as 1 partial point (1/3) (3 partial points = 1 New Game Count). Same goes for 100% completion. Every game you get to 100% trophy completion will count as 1 partial point (1/3). However, the platinum trophy has to be obtained separately from finishing the main story. Games like The Walking Dead Season 1 will still only count as 1 point, even if there is a platinum and a 100% to follow it up. The platinum trophy and the 100% have to be separated by one trophy as well to count as a partial point. 3 partial points are always 1 ''regular'' point for the New Game Count, no matter if they come from platinum trophies or 100% trophy completion I am taking the liberty to exclude Playstation Plus titles I'm not interested in, since I have no say in which games I get. -This is entirely up to you. Trophy Hunter Mode & Miscellaneous: Participants: Rehabilitated Players (Top 10 most finished games) @The Shopkeeper 46 @ExHaseo 35 @Psy-Tychist 34 @BlazzingWind 32 @Caju_94 24 @Beyondthegrave07 24 @Dessane 23 @Fredoline05 20 @Mortick 20 @Moosbert 14 @Asvinia 11 Credit goes to @ruffedgz for the amazing banner & badges! Thanks a lot!
  2. One of the many reasons I stay the fuck away from multiplayer games.
  3. Spoken like a true anarchist.... ...who buys all the remakes anyway. cool cool cool cool cool cool
  4. I've been playing through the Batman games recently. Now at Arkham City I've finished everything on regular New Game, exept 2 Riddler Trophies. My problem is that my Riddler Collection shows me I miss those two trophies in the Amusement Mile but my map is empty. (I had obviously interrogated enough Riddler informants) So I checked on Youtube for the exact wherabouts of those 2 fuckers. And, as I feared, I had already collected them, but I didn't get the 'stamp' in my collection status, neither did I in the Main Menu statistics. Long story short, the game fucked up. As a last resort I tried New Game+, played to the Point I can collect them, but, of fucking course, they're gone. So has anything like that happend to some of you? I found very little evidence on google something similair has happen to a few people, but there was never an answer. Currently re-installing the game. Won't help anythig anyway but troubleshooting....yay... EDIT: I'm playing the Return to Arkham Collection on PS4 but I know this problem also existed in the original PS3 Game. Am I allowed to also post this on the Return to Arkham Board as well or link it? EDIT 2: Made a Video for you to see. The Trophies are supposed to be at those spots.
  5. I lost my virginity at a camping side.


    The sex was intents

  6. Honestly, it's higly likely that people just had crazy expectations for this one. And when that happens gamers often want the developer to justify for their personal illusions and inability to see the bigger picture. It's always easier to judge a game if you're not on the initial hypetrain and, since you've played this just a few days ago I presume, that may be very well the case for you. Also: You don't really have to care for what other people say about a game. If you liked it, great! More good games for you. You don't have to justify your opinion.
  7. The thread title sounds like a cooking suggestion.
  8. I don't even remotely care for your opinion.
  9. Oh really? Calling someone asshole for no reason is your way of being ''the good guy'' then? If you don't have the necessary time to play a game that needs time to be played what would you call that? I'd say tough luck, you don't need to act like crybaby over it.
  10. It's an EA game, what exactly did you expect?
  11. Why did the wizard need to attend a grammar class?




    Because he didn't know how to spell. :awesome:

  12. Tough luck then I guess.
  13. Seems like you're not leet enough to know.
  14. You can one from me if you like. Depends only on how much you want to pay I guess.
  15. I also wanted to make a funny comment, but no point in trying with this one around.
  16. This is exactly the kind of shit why I stopped trophy hunting.
  17. Oh Ubisoft
  18. Did you try restarting the device?
  19. OXENFREE No difficulty to select Took me 5h to finish Bought it for about 10€ This is one great game. Oxenfree starts off as a rather usual tale about a few teenagers visiting an island to party. At the start you get introduced to the characters and their relationships to one another. It sets up everything you need to know about them effieciently and interesting. That's one thing I gotta praise right here, this game has such well written dialogue and rarely ever resorts to disguising smalltalk as story content. Which I've seen so many games do nowadays. It's not the worst thing in the world but it's filler content nonetheless. Oxenfree captures teenage angst in a funny and engaging way, reminding me of myself and letting me feel a kind of nostalgia that I don't see too often in games. Videogames tend to rely on visuals to create nostalgia and while the artstyle is fantastic, it's by far not the only thing this gem has to offer. The main comparison to draw would be Life is Strange since it's a story about teenagers with a supernatural twist to it. I played both games and the comparison is accurate, still I liked Oxenfree better than Life is Strange. Not by a mile but by quite a bit. Also the game is way shorter, which helps keeping the story focused and interesting. While there are a few collectibles you can pick up it's mosty a linear story you can influence with your decisions. I especially liked some of the more harrowing scenes as they were nicely done, artistically and story-wise. This was a story I was truly engaded in, I'm talking caring about the characters, hating the guts of a certain character, wanting to know the answers for myself, not for the sake of beating the game. Man, I was audibly gasping for fucks sake. Long story short: Great story, eerie atmosphere, amazing visuals and artstyle, good music with great sound design and an unexpected ending that makes you want to play the game again. I'd give Oxenfree a 9/10. Played on Xbox One X J
  20. That good sir, is a great ass signature you got there.
  21. Demon's Souls. Also you can check out ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Remastered. Since so many games got remastered for Xbox One & PS4 I can't really remember what else is PS3 exclusive, but @Dr_Mayus's recommandations are a really good place to start. Might add the Jak & Daxter games. J
  22. Back with a game update for once. I played through a few games but sadly I already finished most of them at some point Demon's Souls Alan Wake Final Fantasy XIII (Not quite done but I reached chapter 13 yesterday so it's mostly over.) I think I played at least one more game, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was I started Read Dead Redemption 2, but then life hit and I abandoned it. I need to get back into it! What I've played so far was really, really great. Also, Below which released only a couple of days ago (After 5 long years of waiting). Since it hit Xbox Game Pass directly on release I took it for a spin, and so far I like what I'm seeing. Allthough I have a couple caveats with the survival elements. A lot of time also went into Hearthstone. I cannot really explain why but I get really hooked on it every once in a while. I really want to get back into writing reviews. I hope my time allows it sometime soon. J
  23. Upcoming Changes. Mainly laying down a system for Year 2. (Please read the ''Moving forward'' part carefully if you're intersted in the Top 10 and the coins.) Hello all of you. Since life happened and it's just not possible for me to keep this up in the same manner as I used to, I have some things to say that won't ultimately hurt anyone too much but still need to be said. I got a long overdue promotion at work. So, first and foremost, yay. I'm recieving new benefits but some old ones are gone now. I had certain times during the day at work where I would have time to look after the forums and this thread in particular. This time window does no longer exist. Sure, one might ask why not do it in your freetime like the rest of us mere mortals, and while you have a point there it's just not something I can do that easily. I work between 40 - 55 hours a week and sadly, I also have grown up stuff to do in my freetime. I'm also in a relationship with a girl I love very much and like to spend as much time as I can with. Furthermore, there is this gaming thing. I kinda get the feeling you guys know how time consuming this is. Combine this with my social life, which I cherish greatly, and there is no time left. Not a single minute. I'm not even kidding, I think the last time I was bored was sometime 2008. That said, I love this forum. And you will never ever get rid of me. I have some freetime coming up around Christmas and I will try my best to get to updating this thread. Moving Forward (Year 2 starting January 31st): You can expect one update a month. Coins will be sent out then and only then. I need you guys to tell me how many games you finished in total for you to be eligible for the Top 10 and the coins. This past year I was taking notes and often re-reading every post multiple times to figure out how many games each and every one has finished. I can no longer do that. Just make it a habit to include your total number of finished games at the end of a post here and we're all good to go. (Excluding general discussion obviously.) If you have no game total in your posts I'll just take as: ''I'm here for the fuck of it and I don't care about the rest.'' Which is completely and absolutely fine, I love you just as much as the rest of the girls and guys, just don't expect me to track your progress for you. If you want something changed in the opening post (like your username for example), send me a PM. If you didn't get a coin, send me a PM. If you have something that needs to be changed immediately in general, send me a PM. If not, just wait for the next update. If we don't read each other till then, I want to wish you a very Christmas and a happy new year! Have fun over the holidays and spend your time with loved ones and/or doing things you love. Live is precious, so is time. Have a good one guys, love you. J
  24. Thanks for proving my point.
  25. That seems uncommon. I know its mainstream advice but maybe try re-installing the games or a quick google search if others had the same issues you have. J