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  1. Dark Souls on Switch got pushed back to summer 2018. I just got an E-Mail from Amazon.
  2. Thank you for the information, it's easily in the next category of points with that in mind. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen on PS4 is 10 points now.
  3. Because I wanted everyone to start under the same conditions. Isn't every version of Dragons Dogma automatically patched to Dark Arisen? Did I confuse this with some other game? Scrap this, I just saw the 2 trophy lists. I'll look into it.
  4. I disagree. Sorry, I won't get in a serious argument with someone like you. Although I never attacked you personally, you instantly called me an oaf and a brute, for what? For having a different opinion than the one you fancy? Seems like my original point did hurt you to some extent, which I normally would apologize for, but in your case - not so much. Bye, and have fun with the game. But I'm sure you will because, you know, 95 on Metacritic baby! And as a little side note: A typo with one extra letter by mistake, is under normal circumstances considered ok, or a, you fucking guessed it, simple mistake. And as it's not my native language, I'm sorry. I can't type perfect english, but it's usally enough for people to understand my point. But only if they're not massive di-- Just imagine what it would say here.
  5. Is there anyone doing anything at the moment? How are you guys doing?
  6. Loophole hype! Oh damn, Labo is also a thing. How are you supposed to play all this great stuff as an adult? I'm super excited for God of War now. I won't be home till Friday and when I arrive, so does GoW. This will be a great weekend . I'm really jazzed about this game, like I literally get this feeling in my belly. Haven't had this in a long time. Do you still get that for games?
  7. Can you delete games via share play? I think this would be hilarious if people ask for others to get their trophies done.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MMDE


      You can't even delete trophies, and shareplay doesn't allow you access to anything deemed "private".

    3. KingGuy420


      There was that one kid on Destiny that was asking people to install hacks on his save and gave control to a guy who claimed he could. Then decided to go get a drink while buddy did it. And of course the guy deleted all of his guns and characters. 


      I thought it was hilarious but most people felt bad for him lol.

    4. Schwifty Swifty

      Schwifty Swifty

      @MMDE I just meant the installation data . I don't know, I have never used share play.

      @KingGuy420 I can't help it but burst out laughing whenever something like happens :lol:

  8. Good one, now prepare for hours of tortoise killing O lord, I couldn't resist that either haha. Yeah, online trophies suck you dry pretty quick.
  9. 107 Plats and a girlfriend? What kind of black magic is this?
  10. I once worked in a game retail store, and someone traded in The Last of Us for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, cause he thought it was too ''talky and boring'' . I'm not the biggest The Last of Us fan, but even I found that hard to swallow .
  11. How in the world could you misread my comment so hard? Get your eyes checked man, that isn't even remotely what I wrote.
  12. That's entirely subjective my dear. I think it's a great game with a few rough edges if you look closer. Like every Zelda game if you ask me. But I'm sure somewhere, there is a dude who thinks that the weapon degredation system in BotW is the single gratest thing ever in existence. Just sayin
  13. I'd recommend Monster Hunter: World. Fun little game with a fast and easy plat to start with.
  14. Haha, that reminds me of a little game called Breath of the Wild I'll never get this over-dependency on 'other have to like what I like' I think it's super cringy that people need this to get a sense of validation for their life decisions, or just outright justify their purchase. ''Did I do good papa metacritic?''
  15. Do people actually care about metacritic? Lol What happens if you don't like the game?