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  1. I've been looking forward to play this game for quite a while and glad to see it finally came to console. Was hoping to see the "Iron God!" trophy being present, but unfortunately that's not the case. Oh well.. will play this game regardeless of trophies anyways, as the game looks very entertaining. Haven't played any platformer in a while, so looking forward to get back into the genre. As for the broken trophies, I've reached out to their Twitter today and they mentioned that "It's being fixed now". So either they already fixed it or are working on the issue as we speak. Glad to see they are fixing this issue relatively fast. Figured there was a chance it would take months, if not years for them to fix their stuff, as we've seen before with The Binding of Isaac. Glad that's not the case this time.
  2. How do you know you also need multiplayer classes as well? Did you max out all the campaign ones already? Also no offence, but your calculations are incorrect. There's no way you can max out all classes in 18 hours. It takes a lot more than that. By getting a victory on insane it does net you 2.9k xp (2.5k victory and 400+ performance boost) which is indeed around 2.5 level up from the start. Although overtime that slowly starts to decrease and by the time you reach level 20-25+ its around 1 level up for each victory. Maxing out all classes is quite a grind that's for sure.
  3. Well, I've reached out to their twitter and got a response. They mentioned that you cannot use shortcuts during the run, which is something I did from the start. That's really weird, considering every trophy thus far, including the trophies for no hits during a regular loop and for clearing an entire loop with six curses active, have unlocked so far. All by using shortcuts. So I really figured it wouldn't matter if you use shortcuts, but apparently they say it does for this particular trophy. Guess there's still hope after all.
  4. Unfortunately I can confirm that the trophy "God Among Mortals" is broken. I've managed to fullfill the requirements for this trophy for a third time now. This time around I decided to save my last gameplay recording and watched everything back. In the beginning you can clearly see that all of the curses are active and from there I watched the entire run. I didn't get hit a single time and upon killing the bosses it always displayed "Perfect Kill". Such a shame. Not only is completing such run quite time-consuming and also pretty difficult to complete, but receiving no reward for the hard work is quite a bummer. This really caught me by surprise, considering everything in this list has just popped fine. It's really weird. I'll probably reach out to the developers of this game and will ask them if they could take a look into this. As for now I would avoid this game.
  5. It's not impossible, but I'm afraid it is broken. I've been playing through this game on an alt to see whether or not all trophies were attainable. Managed to clear an entire loop with six curses and only got hit once during that time, so figured I had a decent chance going for the non hit run and decided to practice some more.. Upon this point I've managed to clear two entire loops without being hit once and the trophy "God Among Mortals" didn't pop. So either its broken, or I got hit and instantly got some kind of health regeneration during the process, making me unaware of being hit. I'm not sure. I need to do some more testing on this to see what causes this issue. I don't want to believe this trophy is unobtainable, considering there's people who managed to obtain this trophy (according to PSN) and every other trophy in this game has popped just fine. I guess I will make a few more attempts at this in the next few days, but right now it's looking pretty discouraging.
  6. None and neither should you. The challenge is to be confronted, not to be avoided.
  7. As promised hereby an in-depth guide on how to obtain the “impossible” power-up within Sticky Bounce. This guide will explain the issue in short and will give you several strategies to work with to make it possible to obtain all of the power-ups within this level. Players: 2 Level: Sticky Bounce (Day I, Noon, 4th level) Strategy: Starts from 2 minutes 17 seconds. Hopefully this will help out a lot of people to obtain all of the power-ups within this level. I’ve tried my best to explain it as clear as possible, but if there’s anything unclear feel free to send me a message either on here or on PSNP and I will see what I can do to help you out. Thanks for watching and good luck with completing this mission!
  8. Hi there PSNP! I am glad to inform you all that the platinum of Badland has been obtained legitimately. I decided to let @xD3fianTxSouLx and @Zenodin know first, since I knew these two guys were going for the platinum at the time and couldn't wait to share the good news with them. I was considering whether or not to make a guide about this here on PSNP, but looking at all the reactions I think it's a good idea to do so. I'm quite busy at the moment, but I should have more time this weekend so I expect near the end of this weekend this "mini-guide" to collect the power-up should be finished. I will post this here on PSNP and most likely will a detailed video about it that'll show you how to obtain this power up. Haha no worries man. It's all legit. How are you doing my man? Haven't seen you in a while! Hope you're doing okay. I will definitely help others out and share the strategy soon enough.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you. It often happens to people that tend to play FPS games a lot. It's called the "Sprint glitch" and someone on Reddit made a post about it that could potentially fix the issue. As for myself I've never been able to fix this issue unfortunately. I even used a screwdriver to open up my controller and spray that stuff on the buttons but nothing did work. Might fix the problem for you though. It's worth a shot i guess.
  10. Now that’s what I’d like to call an achievement! Very well done dude! I am actually baffled by the fact you left this out for a milestone and haven’t played any games in between.. I did this as well upon beating Coda, but after nearly three months had passed I felt really burnt out and didn’t touch ND for a year or so. I’m really surprised you went straight to all char low% after Coda. That’s madness. May I ask you how much time you invested? How long did Coda and All char low% take you? I’m writing a guide atm for Crypt and I’ve spoken to two persons who managed to get all achievements on steam and both said they took over 1000 hours, so kinda want to make an estimate out of it. It’s unfortunate that the game doesn’t have an in-game timer, but I’m estimating myself around 800-900 hours. Once again, very well done! That's an incredible achievement and it's really nice to see that all your hard work has payed off. Mad props for sticking through with it, even after all the BS this game throws at you. I am really glad to see that there’s another non-asian person who managed to get the platinum. Dedication at it’s finest. Now I’m waiting for the day when @lilpain97 or @SlimSanta94 comes home with this platinum.
  11. What a meme this site has become. 😂
  12. Oh almighty Godfather of the L.G.C!! Please share us more of thy wisdom! All these years I have sinned by boosting Multiplayer trophies, only to be frowned up as a cheater! Dispicable! OT: No boosting is not cheating. Sure you're playing the game somewhat different as the developers intended you to do, but everything is still within the rules of the game. There's no external software in use or whatsoever.
  13. Decided to star working on the NecroDancer guide again, this time with the intention to actually finish it haha. Right now i'm in a much better state to do so, considering i've upgraded some of my equipment and have a bit more time to spend compared to earlier this year. Hoping to have it finished in the upcoming weeks. (except for boss stratts, that one might take a little longer)

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      Lol, as if it now becomes easy 😁. Good luck man, a lot of respect for Tour gaming skills...

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      @SunnyCrappyYT Thank you :)

      @BB-BakkerJ Haha ofcourse the game itself will still be a huge challenge, but there's not really that much information available about how to obtain certain trophies.. definitely will help in some way :D And thanks :D 

  14. I am down as well. Hopefully enough people will feel the same way. If not, no worries. I can totally understand the circumstances and the fact that we're a lot more busy nowadays.
  15. Far from being counter-productive I'd say. I switched to keyboard after playing for about 150+ hours and managed to adjust to the keyboard fairly quickly. It just take some practice to get that muscle memory, but other than that you should have no issue with keeping up the beat since by then you should be fairly familair with the BPM's of the song. I certainly did. As for the others I have no clue. All of them are Asians and most of them barely speak English, so putting up a conversation with them is pretty tough. Especially since most of them use google translate and you get those really weird broken sentences. It's quite bad with the DS4 imo. I really prefer using a keyboard. This game was originally made for PC anyways, so it feels a lot more natural using a keyboard. It's certainly not impossible with DS4, but it makes it more annoying for sure and you probably spend more time practicing on it. Even though keyboard makes it slightly easier, don't think it's going to be something you'll cheese everything with. The best Coda player in the world (SpootyBiscuit) took 2 months to clear an Coda All Zones Mode using a keyboard. Several PC players mentioned practicing 2-3 months either before getting a Coda clear. As for myself I took around 2 months as well for my first clear using a keyboard.. so it's still a huge achievement regardeless. It's really impressive getting that far into the run by only using a controller. If you can make it to Zone 3-4, you can certainly finish it. I have faith in you Santa To be fair Zone 4 isn't that bad. By the time you reach that point you should have a good build (Phasing + bombs) which makes it fairly doable, HOWEVER there's one really big issue that I'd like to warn you beforehand. I'd suggest not stepping into other rooms other than the start + exit room (Maybe shop too). If you step into other rooms you'll attrackt a lot more enemies at once, and since Zone 4 is relatively small this means that there's a lot of enemies into a very small space which means that is going to lagg. Yes it literally starts to lagg. It'll catch you off guard and makes you instantly lose beat, thus kill you.. It killed me several times during my run.. super annoying. Really need to be careful about that since you dont want to start all over again.