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  1. I'd like to use two more swaps. Out Lost Planet 3 WET New Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Marvel vs Capcom 3
  2. Yeah those slopes can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it it's not bad at all. If I remember correctly just get enough height before the ramp. Then do some kind of stomp and hold up. I'm not sure if you had to hold up straight or diagonally (in the direction of the slope). I believe it's the latter one. Either way, congrats on finishing the level. The final level Yotta is amazing and combines all the previous levels into one, so you will be seeing the slopes again there too. Good luck on finishing it.
  3. I understand where you're coming from. I had some theories myself as well, about what could possibly void this trophy. Some obscure things like walking backwards, getting knocked down or losing your weapon in the fight. But all of these things are very common to happen in this run and to even avoid them just seems stupidly annoying. But personally I don't think those things cause the trophy to void, as I've tested this out on the first level. As for the first level I threw my weapon(s), got knocked down and even walked backwards, but the trophy Domination - "Win the faceoff and never lose the arrow in a singleplayer match" still unlocked. This trophy is essentially the same as the Hogglike trophy, but only for one level and not the entire game. When they talk about "Dominating" the levels I think they refer to the arrow you can see on the top right of the screen, which indicates who's turn it is. So never losing the arrow means never losing your turn, thus never getting killed. Other things such as losing your weapon(s), getting knocked down and walking backwards don't have any effect on losing the arrow, hence why I'm convinced those are not the reasons why it would void the trophy. On the bright side I have contacted the developer once more and finally got a response. Said he would look into it. Though I will take those words with a grain of salt, as I know very well that other game developers have said something similar like that in the past, but those words were nothing short of broken promises. If it gets fixed, sure I will get back to the game and give it another try. But for now I won't bother doing this run again.
  4. Let's see... it's been a while. Figured I'd give a short update on my progress. Been playing ESO mostly these days. Great game and making good progress on that one. As for other games, not so much haha. Got MKX done at least, and oh got the platinum for GTA IV too, but still no 100% so I will write a review about that later I guess. Oh and Dariusburst CS mode cleared which was boring af, so now I only got the challenging stuff to do, which is is something I was looking forward to for quite a while. Think I'll start working on that soon enough. Mortal Kombat X Honestly, I wasn't expecting to obtain this platinum these days. The online feature “Invasion Mode” is broken as hell, which has been a platinum blocker for a long time. There’s been reports of weeks, if not months of this feature not working properly. Though recently this mode appeared more frequently. When I saw that I took my chances and glad I could get it done in the end. The game was alright. Nothing difficult, just a bit of a grind. A lot less things you have to do compared to the Mortal Kombat 9 platinum. That being said, I must say that I enjoyed this platinum a lot less than Mortal Kombat 9. Not sure why though. Maybe because Mortal Kombat 9 was my first game in the franchise. During that time I was amazed by the brutal gameplay (fatalities and X-rays). But when playing Mortal Kombat X it was more like ehh, cool but I’ve seen most of this, so whatever. Another part of me thinks it’s because I have been playing fighting games more frequently in recent years, so I can compare franchises with each other. Personally I like Street Fighter a lot more, because it’s a lot more strict with timings and therefore it’s more challenging. Something I was missing during this game. Just feels too lenient with executing combos. Still not a bad game though. Tier 3 1. Mortal Kombat X (1.71% ; 0.97%) 2. Dariusburst (0.49%) 3. GTA IV (0.93% ; 0.47%) 4. Lost Planet 3 (1.72%) 5. WET (3.64%)
  5. For those interested here's my second Hogglike run. This run was done on patch 1.0 and the previous run was done on patch 1.07. That's two hogglike runs on two different versions of the game, but still no trophy. Quite frankly I cannot think of anything else to make this trophy pop, so I guess I am done with this game. If anyone still wants to try or needs tips on this game feel free to send me a message. I spent a long time strategising and I feel like those strategies are as good as optimal. Also if you have any thoughts/ideas on what's causing this trophy to not unlock feel free to share! I'm always open for discussion and would love to hear ideas/theories. My personal thought it's just an error in the code. Every other trophy unlocked fine, but Hogglike is just broken.
  6. Decided to get back to this game and once more I managed to get a Hogglike clear. This time around it was on patch 1.0, but still no trophy!!! Never did I expect this game to be unobtainable. I've always had a strong feeling it could be done, but figured no one completed this game because of the difficulty and RNG factor. But to see it bugged like this after putting in so much effort is quite sad. Oh well.. at least I can proudly say that I tried everything I could to unlock it. On top of that my 2nd run was crazy fast and good. Tonight was actually the first time I came back to the game after a 5 month break, and I managed to beat the entire thing within 3 hours. I'm very happy about that, because even though it's bugged at least it didn't take me ages to find out (like my first run which took such a long time).
  7. Syndicate Honestly I didn’t like this game at first, because the aiming felt clunky. Also the game runs like crap. But despite that I gave it a chance and I actually ended up liking it quite a bit. The game felt like a mix of Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield, two games I really enjoyed on the PS3. The co-op part was pretty fun. You have to beat nine missions on expert which seemed challenging at first when solo’ing it, but with more players and improved abilities it gets immensely easier. Other than that you had to complete a long list of challenges and misc stuff, but at least this could be done against NPC’s. So farming this during missions wasn’t an issue. The only issue I had was the freezing stuff, though. As I mentioned before the game runs like crap. So it often happened that the screen would freeze for 5-10 seconds and then continue. Or sometimes it would totally freeze my console. I had a total of 4 freezes where I had to restart my console. I often times joked that this game would kill my PS3, but to be fair there was quite a big chance of that actually happening. As for the campaign it was pretty good and I didn’t encounter a single freeze during it, so that was a big relief. Glad I got around to playing this game. Not looking at the flaws and freezes it was a decent experience, especially for a game that is nearly a decade old. Fear 3 This game was pretty bad lol. Me and my friend started of playing the survival mode, but there was this immensely cheap mechanic in the game. Basically there was this little girl running around and if you were to look at her or shoot at her she’d just insta kill you. Felt really cheap and RNG based, but fortunately it didn’t take us many attempts to beat this mode. Can’t say that I cared for the story of this game. I just skip the cutscenes and play through it hard. The story and score runs were easy, but there were quite a bit of challenges you had to complete. Took a bit of time to get through those, but at least the game had an excellent tracking system so you could easily spot which challenges were left. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Decent game I suppose. Couldn’t care much for the story either, but the gameplay was alright. The DLC is probably the best part about this game. Had a lot of fun playing through survival mode with friends. The multiplayer was quite a grind though and is probably the reason why this platinum is ultra rare, lol. Tier 2 1. Ninja Gaiden 3 (1.49% ; 0.61%) 2. Call of Duty: Black ops 4 (0.71% ; 0.35%) 3. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (1.25% ; 0.48%) 4. Syndicate (2.35%) 5. Fear 3 (2.54%) This brings me to my 2nd tier completed. Even though I don't have any swaps remaining, I will list my third tier regardeless. If I end up play and/or finish some UR games in the meantime so be it. I'm actually not sure how much I can work towards this tier or be much more active in this event, as I'm also planning on starting The Elder Scrolls Online soon enough. So I will probably play that for quite some time. Tier 3 1. Mortal Kombat X (1.71% ; 0.97%) 2. Dariusburst (0.49%) 3. GTA IV (0.93% ; 0.47%) 4. Lost Planet 3 (1.72%) 5. WET (3.64%) Thank you Spaz, you are too kind. But Dariusburst is not as brutal as it seems. It's just a lengthy platinum and there's one challenging no hit run, but it doesn't look overly difficult. I have a feeling that the other shmups on the most wanted list are harder. Though I haven't done the run myself so I shouldn't really judge about it so quickly. I guess I will find out soon enough
  8. I would like to swap Dariusburst for Syndicate. I was making good progress on Dariusburst, but the mission mode is tedious and time consuming, so I'd rather take a bit more time for that. I will return to the game soon enough though. Will finish it in my next tier for sure.
  9. I have completed 100% of the multiplayer challenges, but the trophy "Hacker" (use breach ability 300 times) still hasn't unlocked. I've used this ability over 1000 times, so what gives? Does it only pop during the campaign? Or does it have to be done with a specific application? Perhaps the normal breach in the co-op doesn't count? 🤔 EDIT: Ok nevermind! I managed to obtain the trophy in the campaign! Seems like the co-op default breach didn't count for the trophy.
  10. I had the same issue. The guide forgot to mention that you also have to perform a flawless victory. I'm not sure if you can do a flawless victory during the earlier fights. Most likely, but to be sure I did flawless and fatality on the 7th opponent and the secret unlocked.
  11. Invasion is back today. About 18 hours left
  12. The guy was playing on practice mode, which always grants a rebirth talisman upon death. I highly doubt they would add that in for the normal missions. As for the missions themselves they look heavily nerfed. The damage dealt by opponents has been reduced significantly. It looks a lot more manageable. Though perhaps it might still be a bit of a challenge.
  13. Ok I see, thanks. No can't find a match either... also crossplay doesn't work. People with PS5 can't play with PS4. Hopefully they fix it soon.
  14. Where is the PS4 trophy list? I don't see any trophies.. not even after doing the tutorial.
  15. Recently I hit a milestone of 300 games played and 100% completion rate, which I’m very happy about. It’s been over a decade since I started this account and it feels rewarding accomplishing my personal goals. As for the future of this hobby I’m not sure what I will do. I might take it slower, or I might take it even further. There’s still a few platinums I would like to obtain, but other than that I’m pretty satisfied. Either way, after all this time I’m still having fun and that’s all that matters to me.


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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Most impressive, congrats! I tip my hat to you, kind sir 🤠👏

    3. Floriiss


      Thank you all for the kind words, means a lot to me! 


      @eigen-space Great question! The only game that comes to my mind is DJMax Respect. As for this game I don’t fear the difficulty. I genuinely think anything is possible with hard work, determination and the right mindset. However, the reason why I avoided this game is because it potentially requires several thousands of hours of practice to "git gud". I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy a game when I’m playing it for that long. In the end I don’t want to force myself to play a game for this many hours, just for the sake of keeping my completion rate up. Even when I obtained the Crypt plat after roughly 900 hours I noticed I wasn’t enjoying myself as much, so I kinda want to avoid a similar situation like that. Enjoyment still plays a big role and I don't want something to turn into a massive chore. Though quite frankly I have been thinking of playing DJMax several times and perhaps I might actually enjoy it for that long, so who knows? Maybe one day.. I guess it also depends on my real life scenario (if I’m able to play as much in the future as I do now).

    4. eigen-space


      @Floriiss, I posted that comment before taking a thorough look at your profile. But your explanation does make sense! I'd have a hard time playing something I knew would be a horrible grind even if it would be initially fun.