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  1. Yeah that's true, but I didn't look at those stats. I looked at this website. It shows that there's 0 achievers for the console versions, but for the Steam version it shows 2 achievers. If you click on the hyperlink it shows their names. I've contacted the first person on the list "Pretzzl" via Twitter. He confirmed that he got the achievement, but sadly he didn't have any video about it. He also mentioned that he did obtain the achievement in a very early build of the game and that the AI was nowhere near as unpredictable and aggressive as in later builds. He beat the entire game by only using slide attacks. Slide attacks work pretty well in general, but the AI can still anticipate on it from time to time so that's why I rather don't use them. Feels really luck based imo. Either way, I think this game got progressively more difficult overtime. I haven't noticed much difference between 1.0 and 1.7 version on PS4 regarding the AI's behavior... so it really makes me wonder how much easier the PC version used to be.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I could give it another shot on patch 1.0, but some spawns of the AI on that version are different so I'll have to adjust my strategies. Also on patch 1.0 you cannot move forward and block at the same time with certain weapons, so you need to stay put and that leaves you vulnerable for slide attacks.. thats why I never tried it on patch 1.0 as I feel like it's slightly harder. Never saw myself doing this run more than once though. Even with the strategies there's times where you have to fight the AI the normal way and they tend to pull of so much random nonsense which you cannot anticipate on. It's not just skill dependant, but there's also a lot of luck involved. On the bright side I've looked at the PC version and that version looks rather similar to the patch 1.0 version on PS4. I know for a fact that at least one other user on PC has obtained the achievement. So hopefully it can be done on patch 1.0 PS4 as well. Though if it doesn't unlock this time either I think it's safe to say it's unobtainable and I would even feel more disappointed.
  3. Here is my run. As you can see at the begin of the video I just booted up the game. It was a fresh restart (I always restart the game after each clear, to avoid any errors/bluescreens). Went straight into singleplayer mode and didn't die a single time. No exploits, no backing out to the map, etc. No deaths.. but no trophy.. sadly. This is a blank account btw. All of the other trophies popped like normal. The only thing I could think of is that you cannot lose your weapon either. I tested this out myself on the first level. There's a trophy on this list called "Domination", which is essential the same as "Hogglike", but it only requires you to beat one level without dying. As for the first level I've beaten it without dying and threw my weapon at the end, but the trophy still popped. So if you have to "Dominate" every level in a row for "Hogglike" then you'd expect that throwing weapons is allowed. Otherwise "Domination" wouldn't pop either. So I really think this trophy is just broken sadly.
  4. Simply cannot believe this. After many hours of practice I finally managed to complete the entire game without dying. Didn't use any exploits like backing out to map, etc. It was a clean run with 0 deaths and yet the trophy "Hogglike" did not unlock!! 😢 I'll upload my run to Youtube later as evicende/proof, but for now I just cba with this game anymore. This is ridiculous.
  5. I've never tested this out as I just avoided picking up the weapon all together. I do have a strong feeling it will ruin the low% run though. Honestly I think it's pretty stupid that they placed a weapon over there. The run is already difficult on its own, but things like these make it even more difficult/annoying. 😅
  6. Nice checklist! I like the idea of people being able to vote for what challenging game you should play. The reviews and progress updates are also very insightful and I love the formatting! Best of luck on your future endeavours. This game is brutal. I'm voting for this game too. I've come close to beating it a few times, but just not enough. Ocasionally I try this game from time to time, but it's so repetitive and RNG dependant that I get put off so quickly. The game can literally decide to let you live or die. Sometimes the AI does nothing, other times the AI reacts so fast that you cannot anticipate on it. It's just stupid.
  7. Nice checklist you've got here, Arcesius! Those reviews are very in-depth and people seem to love it. Though I can totally understand your perspective "on the closing" part, as writing these reviews can take up a lot of time. Back when I used to write on my checklist I was in the same boat. Writing reviews could take me hours and often times it felt more as an obligation. All together I started noticing I wasn't enjoying it as much, so I switched some things around. I ended up writing more selective reviews. Things I truly enjoyed I would go very in-depth on them, but things I enjoyed less (or smaller games) I would either not write about, or write very little about. In the end you don't have to write an entire page for every single game you play. A small sentence can already be enough. Additionally you can always present your thoughts in a different format. Personally I love to create videos. So when I can combine writing with video/audio the whole process becomes a lot more enjoyable for me! These things really helped me to find enjoyment in it. I think that's most important here. To find something that you enjoy and that works for you. Hope that helps
  8. So I finally figured out what is wrong with this game. Even with the latest patch I managed to get gold medal quite a few times, but the game still kicked me back to silver. Turns out that the game auto-saves after each event and that only your FIRST results counts. When you use the button "restart event" your new and improved results don't overwrite the old results. For instance, let's say you obtained silver medal first attempt, but then get a golden medal on your second attempt. The game still counts your silver medal. This is why you get deranked. The only solution to this is to use a save file that has not cleared the event yet. Get gold medal on your first clear and the game will save it properly. Hope that helps.
  9. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is one of the best games I've played in recent years. The gameplay is brutal, the levels are challenging, the atmosphere is intriguing, there's a lot of variety in playstyle and above all this entire game can be played in co-op mode, making the experience even more enjoyable. In this game you're traveling through towns, castles and landscapes while fighting off waves of enemies. Teamwork plays a big part here. It's very important to stick with your team and help each other out. Now, the game knows this all too well. So aside from regular waves they also throw in waves of "specials". These type of enemies strike fast and often focus on a single player. They try to disable one player or drag them away from the group, meaning that overtime you'll be standing with less and less players by your side. At those times it's really easy to get overrun by the horde of enemies. This creates some really tense moments. Not to mention that the enemy spawns are different in each run. Because of this you don't know what to expect. You're always on the edge of your seat preparing for the next wave of whatnot to come. It's the unpredictability and the tense moments combined with the satisfying gameplay that makes this game so awesome. There's a total of five characters you can play as, with each class having three subclasses. I ended up choosing "Kerillian" as my main. She is an archer and is the character that appealed to me the most (because I enjoy FPS games a lot and they pictured her with a ranged weapon). From the beginning I enjoyed playing as this character, but later on I unlocked her subclass "Shade" and at that point I absolutely fell in love with the character. Not only could I play as the archer, but also my class would allow me to go invisible. This was really helpful during tense scenarios where I had to evade specials or hit some crucial shots. Yeah I really enjoyed playing this class. Below is a picture of what she looks like. The hardest part about this game is the DLC content, so called "weaves". Clearing weaves 1-80 in ranked mode was challenging and often times frustrating. The weaves are short missions where you have to complete an objective and beat a boss fight. Now this sounds very simple and straightforward, but each weave has it's own modifier. What does that entail? Well you could have missions where all enemies are invisible for instance, or enemies drop damaging thorns or death orbs upon death. It's modifiers like these that made it a brutal experience. At times this game was frustrating. When it sucked it also really sucked. Especially when you're stuck on the same mission for a few hours. But once you get through the suck it was also good. Like really, really freaking good. A great sense of accomplishment for both yourself and the team. All together it's a fantastic game. Highly immersive and really easy to get hooked (literally, the packmaster will get you). I'm glad that I had the opportunity to play this game and I would like to thank my team members @Arcesius, @Mori and @Koro249 for not only playing this game with me, but also sticking to my side till the very end. Tier 1 1. Street Fighter V (1.17%) - 100% 2. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - 100% 3. Devil May Cry 4 (2.73%) - 0% 4. Splasher (1.47%) - 0% 5. Jamestown+ (1.17% ; 0.84%) - 0%
  10. I can't give you an exact number of matches, as this also depends on your performance, but I'm estimating it will take a few hours to max out a class now. So maybe about 20 to 30 matches? Either way, it's so much better than what it used to be. Before this patch it was very demotivating. Not sure what the devs were thinking with those huge XP requirements, but I'm glad they changed it. Far more reasonable now.
  11. A new update for Spellbreak is live (2.01) and the amount of XP required to level up each class is now significantly lower. Like FIFTEEN times as low as what it used to be. The most time-consuming trophy on this list is "Master of Magecraft". This trophy requires you to reach level 14+ with all 6 classes. Before this update it took 61,000 XP to level up from 13 to 14. With the recent patch it only takes 4,000 XP. In the end this will save hundreds of hours of grinding for the trophy (I kid you not, it was really that time-consuming). Quite a kick in the teeth for anyone who has obtained this trophy pre-patch. They also mention that the current class mastery system and rewards will be retired. Does that mean that the trophies will become unobtainable in the future? Or you reckon they will alternate the requirements? Personally I think this game might see a shutdown rather soon enough. I had a lot of issues finding matches during the day. It could take me 2-3 hours to even find a regular match.. so I switched to the new team based mode, where I find matches instantly. Either way, it seems like the best moment to boot up this game is right now! With this recent patch update you can obtain this 100% fairly quickly. Full patch notes can be found here: https://games-guides.com/spellbreak-update-2-01-patch-notes-on-february-8/
  12. First of all I want to mention that this event is awesome. Not only do I enjoy reading about the experience of other players with certain UR games, but also it gives me good insight/inspiration in what other UR games are out there. Some of those UR games I've never seen or heard before, but after looking them up they sure look interesting. That being said, I would like to make a list minute swap for my list.. if that's okay 🙈. Quite frankly I have not been doing a good job on creating my tier list and being optimal with points.. I have completed some UR games that were not mentioned on my tier list, so I kinda missing out on some points already. But then again I'm nearing my personal goal of 100% completion rate, so I don't feel like waiting with completing those UR games until later this year. Because of this I feel like I'm going to use this event rather for motivation purpose. To motivate myself to complete the more difficult games on my backlog (mostly the ones mentioned on the "Most Wanted" list). This also brings me to the swap I would like to make. I would like to swap Koihime Enbu for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. At the begin of the year I figured it would still take a while for Warhammer to be finished, mainly because our team only plays a few hours each week and the weaves DLC is quite time-consuming. However, we ended up making solid progress towards the weaves and the clean-up for misc trophies went faster than expected, so we're almost done with the game! So my new tier list will be the following: Tier 1 1. Street Fighter V (1.17%) - 100% 2. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (1.49% ; 0.25%) - 84% 3. Devil May Cry 4 (2.73%) - 0% 4. Splasher (1.47%) - 0% 5. Jamestown+ (1.17% ; 0.84%) - 0%
  13. Yesss that's great news! I'm really happy to see this is being fixed! Quite frankly I had my doubts when I noticed I got demoted again after the most recent patch.. but you have proven otherwise. Great job! It's strange to see that points don't even matter in all of this. I'm going to start working on these trophies soon enough and will use your tips along the way. Cheers. On a final note, I would recommend to anyone to download the latest patch of ACC (v. 1.09) and turn off automatic updates in your system settings. From there on play ACC in offline mode. With the amount of bugs this game has, it wouldn't surprise me that a more recent patch can mess up these trophies again.. better safe than sorry I guess. Oh and make sure to backup your save file regularlry, so even when you get demoted you don't have to start from scratch.
  14. Yeah it was quite the grind. I'm pretty curious how this trophy used to be in the past when there were less characters available. Less characters means less trials and less survival runs, so maybe the 1M FM was even more tedious to obtain. Also no ability to rematch in survival, which seems like a pain as well. My main is Akuma. I like playing as the shoto characters. I choose Akuma in particular because he has high damage output and has some additional moves that other characters don't have. Like the air firebal and the demon rush ultimate. Or well, maybe the Kage guy has it too I'm not too sure.. he looked very similar to Akuma, but I liked Akuma more. Quite a few sources I checked on regarding best character to use in Street Fighter V also listed Akuma as being a top tier character, so I just had to get him . Good luck. I recommend to practice a lot and watch a lot of videos. It's important to master your combo's and know how to punish other players. A lot of players in the lower ranks tend to jump a lot. This leaves them vulnerable for you to attack. If you can consistently manage to anti-air them you can hit silver league in no time. After reaching silver league players will start to make less of these mistakes. At this point its just all about practice (clean inputs) and knowing your opponent moveset and when you can punish them. Keep trying and you'll reach golden league eventually
  15. Street Fighter V Finally managed to obtain the platinum trophy for Street Fighter V. This platinum was quite a challenge for me, mainly because of the golden league requirement. Fighting against other players is something I'm not used to, so I really had to understand the game on a deeper level. Learning my combo's, learning about certain game mechanics (i.e cross-ups) and even going as far as learning about frame data (how many frames it takes for animations to start/finish and how you can punish other players based on frame advantage). Quite a different experience from what I'm used to, but also very educative and rewarding. With ranked mode out of the way it was time to start cleaning up.. and must I say that this platinum became a huge grindfest. Honestly I didn't expect the 1 Million FM trophy " Priceless" to be this time-consuming. I've completed all trials on this game (which were a lot), and still had not enough money. Then I had to do survival mode with almost every character (40 characters total) on both easy and hard mode. Easy survival has 10 opponents, whereas hard mode has 50 opponents.. so that's like 2400 matches on top of that. As bad as this might sound there was one good thing about it. As for the survival modes you could rematch an opponent infinitely (as long as you paid a small amount of FM). I'm not sure how this used to be in the past, but I think this option back then wasn't present. So nowadays it's a lot easier to beat survival mode on those difficulties, because even if you fail you don't get back to square one.. but you can just keep trying. It certainly made me feel less stressed when going for these survival trophies and grinding out the FM money on the survival missions. Overall great learning experience and rewarding process. The path to becoming a true fighter still lies ahead, but let us take time to share the joy of this accomplishment. Tier 1 1. Street Fighter V (1.17%) - 100% 2. Koihime Enbu (1.49%) - 0% 3. Devil May Cry 4 (2.73%) - 0% 4. Splasher (1.47%) - 0% 5. Jamestown+ (1.17% ; 0.84%) - 0%