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  1. This flag should be lifted. Nothing wrong with setting up a fast completion time by focussing on the most difficult or most time consuming trophies first.
  2. Yeah the amount of XP required to reach level 20 is atrocious. You could play for an entire day, but still feel like you haven't made much progress. I'm estimating it'll take 100+ hours to reach level 20 with a single class. So that means it'll take about 600+ hours for all classes. It's probably going to be more though. Not to mention that the XP system in itself is very lame. Most of the XP you gain is for surviving and placement. Getting eliminations barely gives you any XP. The game doesn't encourage any form of aggressive plays. I could go AFK for the entire game and nearly get as much XP as when I would've dropped 10+ kills in a match. They should reward players for kills. Perhaps 500-1000 XP for each kill you make. That'd be a lot better. Hoping to see some form of Double XP events or buyable XP boosts in the future.
  3. Unfortunately no news yet. Though if we want to increase the odds of the trophies getting fixed it'd be nice if everyone could fill in the bug submission (see link below). Basically it's a short form/survey where you tell what's wrong with the trophies (I'd say the only issue right now is the career trophies being broken, as the slipstream can be done on patch 1.0). https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/acc-console/index.html
  4. Over the past couple of days I've received numerous questions on how I managed to obtain the "Top1%" achievement in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Figured it would be worth creating a short guide for this trophy (refer to the video below). By using the strategy mentioned in the video this trophy becomes really easy to obtain. It shouldn't take longer than an hour to achieve it. This should make the platinum trophy a lot easier all around. I would recommend getting this out of the way ASAP though, just in case they decide to patch this method. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Career trophies are unobtainable. I've went through the same events again, this time around on medium difficulty. Each time first place and gold ranks, but I still get the same amount of points as previous time. Difficulty doesn't affect anything. For the gold requirements you need to receive more bonus points for each event. The image i posted on my original post shows 0 bonus points for the categories "hammertime" and "overtake machine". For these bonuses you need to drive clean laps and overtake 2 opponents in a race. I've met these requirements multiple times, but they never give you any points for it. I've watched several videos of other users going through the career mode and they never get any points either for those category. I have a strong feeling that you need those additional bonus points to maintain your gold rank status. Otherwise after a set amount of events the game is just going to kick you back to silver rank.
  6. Currently going through the career mode, whilst trying to obtain the gold cup. Is there anyone that can explain what the requirements are for the gold cup? So far I've finished every race weekend first place (this included practice, qualify AND races). Next to that I've earned a golden medal on each of the sessions between race weekends (those "test" runs). Basically I've been getting first place every time and always earn gold medals, yet this game keeps telling me that my "overall medal = silver" (see image 1). I'm so confused about that. The only thing that I can think of is that the amount of career points will depend what medal you're given. In fact, I've even experimented with this by skipping the practice and qualify sessions and going straight to races. When I did this the game gave me an overall medal = bronze. So I'm pretty sure the medal rank is based on the amount of career points you get. I've been paying close attention to the amount of bonuses you can achieve during a race (see image 2). More bonuses should give you a higher overal score, which then should give you a better overal medal I suppose? There's an issue though. Some bonuses I could not get, even after fulfilling the requirements. For example the overtake machine bonus (this requires you to make 2 overtakes in a race). There's many races where I've been doing more than 2 overtakes and yet I never achieved this bonus. Very strange. I'm also curious if the difficulty affects the amount of points given. Can anyone confirm this? Currently I'm playing on easy difficulty as you can see, but perhaps that medium or hard difficulty will reward more points. Image 1 Image 2
  7. Just want to say, congratulations to achieve 100% completition again! You're so inspiring to me, can't wait to see you platinum another impossible game! 😀


    1. Floriiss


      Thank you! ^_^

    2. Xenoblast91


      You're a madlad! Congratulations for Wolfenstein II 100%! An absolute feat; you again make honor to your talent! 😀

  8. Hey, i want to ask you a question about Necrodancer that really wasnt worth making a thread for.

    If you download the DLC, does the game let you switch between the added content and playing in vanilla? and if it doesnt, would you be able to delete the dlc easily and continue with the same save file whenever? I tried googling around and i couldnt find a solid answer, thanks.

    1. Floriiss


      Hey. Unfortunately you cannot switch between DLC and vanilla. Though, if you want to play on vanilla all you have to do is to delete the game and reinstall. Then you'll be prompted with a checkbox for installing the DLC, which you can refuse. I'm pretty sure that even when you played the DLC and go back to the vanilla version, you can still use your save file. Should be good.

    2. Orphioon


      Thanks for the response! well it looks like it will be a long long time before i get to the dlc content then :(

  9. Thank you for your explanation! Easy to follow and worked like a charm. Managed to pop the 20 million Zeni trophy with this method in less than 5 minutes. That'll cut down the time for obtaining this platinum tremendously. Good stuff.
  10. Ok thank you for confirming
  11. I've been thinking about playing this game, but I've red that there's several trophies that are glitched (or have been). Also the matchmaking is horrible from what I've heard (long que times for Werewolf). How is this game in it's current state? Is the platinum trophy currently possible to obtain, or are there any glitched trophies?
  12. Hello. I've got a question regarding the following trophy: Centennial ContractorComplete 100 Bounty Hunt contracts. Certain games there's only one bounty active, whereas other games there's two bounties active. When you escape with two bounties in the game does this also mean you clear two bounty hunt contracts? Or does it only count for clearing one bounty hunt contract? I'm wondering this as the reward screen ONLY shows one card (contract status), despite having escaped with one or two bounties.
  13. I've been playing through the gauntlet mode for quite a bit to achieve the crystal A rank for a specific character. When I reach character level 10 with a character I earn the level 10 title just fine. However when the AI reaches character level 10 with a character I don't obtain the title. That's very strange, as the progress between myself and the AI is shared. So why did the title not unlock? Could it be due to having no access to these characters at the time? I'm playing the free version, which means there's only 4 characters I can play as for each week. The AI reached character level 10 with Noctis (FFXV), though I don't have access to Noctis at the time. Perhaps the title unlocks once I get access to this character? I just want to make sure that I don't mess myself up here and possibly lock myself out on the titles. Especially considering those character level 10 titles are the easiest ones to obtain. EDIT: Problem solved. It seems you can only unlock the titles for the characters you can play as. If the AI reached character lvl 10 with a character you cannot play as during that particular week, then you will not obtain the title. Just a heads up for everyone that has the same issue.
  14. As much as I appreciate your concern, I don't think this will get fixed soon enough, if at all. This thread was made two years ago and up until this point nothing has changed.
  15. I used a mechanical keyboard. Pretty much any mechanical keyboard should work. As for the keyboard adapter/converter I used a XIM4. Let's see.. it has been a while. Funny you ask these questions.. brings back a lot of memories. Started playing NecroDancer in February, 2016. The first two months I played mostly NecroDancer, but occasionally some other games in between. At that time I was playing through the game at my own pace. Nothing too serious about it. Simply enjoying the game. After those two months had past I had obtained all of the trophies except for the two hardest on the list (Coda and lowest). I'm estimating that took me about 150 hours. At that point I decided to entirely focus on clearing Coda (Impossible, Right?). From here on things got serious. A lot more serious. Coda is very demanding and in order to beat this character I knew that I had to put a tremendous amount of time and effort into it. This was the moment where I got really obsessed with the game. At that time I played Crypt of the NecroDancer every single day for two months straight, approximately 4 to 5 hours on a daily basis. Some days more, some days less. Almost no variety with other games. After those two months had past (approximately 300 hours of playtime) I had finally cleared Coda. One of my proudest gaming achievements to date, but the entire proces had me exhausted. I had seen so much NecroDancer in those months that whenever I closed my eyes I could still see myself playing the game (that was a joke btw. Not really, but you get the point). At that time I decided to take a break from the game. A long break. Like a reeeeeaaaaally long break. One year to be exact. When I came back to the game I focussed on the last trophy (Lowest of the low) for about 2.5 - 3 months, Probably around 400+ hours of playtime. This was also a very demanding and exhausting proces, but during this time I didn't go full crazy like I went with Coda. At that time I played some other games in between as well. Even though this last trophy on the list was also very stressful, at least having some variety with other games made the proces a little bit more enjoyable. Definitely better than what I had experienced during Coda. Thats a place and time where I would never want to go back to, honestly. It made me a different person. Not in a positive way. One thing that I learned through this entire proces is that it's okay to take breaks and come back at a later time. In fact, I experienced that breaks are good for you! When you feel like you're getting annoyed or stressed out, simply take a break and come back a later time. It's amazing to see how much better you're performing then. Before playing Crypt of the NecroDancer I never really did that. I just kept on playing and playing hoping that the next run was going to be the one. However, it really helps taking breaks as it refreshes your mind and you'll play a lot better. This is also the reason why my completion times are relatively slow on most of my games. I tend to take breaks more often these days and simply put enjoyment first. It honestly helps me to maintain my sanity and I won't be putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself. Well that was quite a longer post then intended, but I felt like sharing my experience. Moral of the story: Don't rush the proces, trust the proces! Don't put too much unnecessary pressure on yourself. Take breaks when needed and simply enjoy the game.