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  1. The game has local co-op only. So if you're going to play this game on the PS3, then you will need someone to go over to your place and help you. If you don't have anyone available, then I would strongly recommend playing this game on the PS4. This way you can find an online partner and create a shareplay sesison. Via this shareplay session your online partner is able to use the second controller and from here on you can complete the co-op missions. I believe Badland is a cross platform purchase, meaning that if you buy it once you can access it on all platforms (i'm not too sure about that though, so you might have to double check on that).
  2. There are a lot of co-op missions in the game that require the help of another player. Missions such as "No one dies" or "Save X amount of clones" is going to be near impossible by doing it solo. It's highly recommended that you have a partner for the co-op missions.
  3. Hello there! Actual platinum achiever here with over 1000 hours playtime invested on this game. You sure didn't study this game good enough before letting your CFW go wild, did you? Clearing a daily challenge is the equivalent of clearing a Cadence All Zones Mode, which should unlock the four respective zone trophies in the process. In your case you didn't. Every person in existence that has hacked Crypt has never been on the in-game leaderboards. Neither are you, how convenient. The most funny part about this entire thing is how you're describing the daily challenge as "very difficult trying not to die", whilst in reality this is one of the easiest mode in the entire game. Yet you complete the hardest trophies (Coda and Lowest) in matter of days. Both of these trophies take up weeks to months of practice in order to get a somewhat decent shot at achieving them. Surely you must find Coda and Lowest easier than your daily challenge by the sound of it.
  4. That keyboard is good enough. No I didn't plug in a mouse either. It's not required. Simply try out a few different controllers and if that doesn't work there's got to be something else. This issue definitely needs to be fixed though, as otherwise you're unable to play Aria and/or Coda. Settings are fine too. I'm pretty sure you'll get used to the buttons in no-time.
  5. That's very strange. I've been using the XIM4 solely for Crypt and never had this issue before. There's two reasons I can think of this happening. It's either your keyboard or controller. What kind of keyboard do you use? I am using a mechanical keyboard (Razer). I am pretty sure almost every keyboard works for this, but I have strong doubts on wireless/USB keyboards. Wireless is probably not possible, as it cannot connect to the XIM4 via USB. Next to that USB keyboards could probably be connected to XIM4, but I have a feeling there would be a slight delay. Basically any keyboard without a wire is going to give you some kind of delay and that's definitely something you don't want to have. Moreover it could also be your controller. As I previously mentioned I have never experienced your issue, but I did have another issue caused by the controller. One of my controllers started charging when it was on the XIM4 and therefore I couldn't even put it on. I searched for solutions and one of them was that, similar like you, I had to change the controller settings to never switch off. Did that as well, but nothing happened. Then I tried a different controller and suddenly it worked like normal. I've been using that controller ever since and had no issues. So it might be worth a shot to try a different controller as well. At first it's pretty annoying to set up, but once it's done it should work as intended all the time and you don't have to deal with it anymore, unless ofcourse you want to change some button layout. Speaking of button layout, how exactly did you remap your controls? You can basically choose any game you want (on the XIM4 application) and start to change te controls. I am using the arrow keys to move, spacebar for a bomb, and the AWSD (+Q&E) keys for remaining stuff, like throwing/consumables. I would highly recommend to translate the 'touchpad' button to a button on the keyboard far away from any button. Touchpad is an auto restart. If you put that button somewhere close to the other buttons you might accidentally hit it and get an instant restart. That's definitely something you don't want to have.
  6. Wheels firmware? I'm not sure what you mean by that. Are you referring to a steering wheel? If so, I don't use any. I'm using a Dualshock 4 controller. I've been doing some research and it seems that more people have this issue after the 1.22 patch update. I am very positive the new patch update caused the game to freeze. As of now I think the only solution would be to go back to patch 1.00 and from there on keep on playing.
  7. Currently I'm playing through the campaign mode (GT EXTREME races) and the game has randomly frozen on me several times during these races. Once it's frozen I cannot move the car, but somehow I can still navigate through the menu's and such. I've been trying to solve this issue by selecting multiple options in the menu and even going back to the pits, but that doesn't help. Once the screen freezes I simply cannot move my car anymore. Might this issue be caused due to the new 1.22 patch update? The last time I played Assetto Corsa was back in 2017 and at that point the game hasn't frozen on me a single time. I'm pretty sure the new patch update might cause this issue. Anyone else has experienced this issue or might know a solution to this?
  8. This is probably going to upset some people, but I feel like this has to be shared regardless.


    For the past few weeks I’ve received numerous of requests from “certain” people asking me to obtain trophies for them in exchange for money. I’m getting sick and tired of these requests and for the last time my answer is: NO. I will NOT help you out.


    Anyone who buys trophies is pathetic. If you can’t obtain certain trophies (for instance due to difficulty) then there’s no shame in that. You either put in the time to get good enough or you simply don’t. If you’re too lazy to spend countless of hours of practicing (and think you can solve your "little problem" by throwing in some cash or whatnot) then you simply don’t deserve the trophy. It’s that simple.


    What is the point anyways? The greatest satisfaction comes from overcoming your own challenges. When someone else would do it for you, you wouldn’t be as proud on what you achieved as if you would do it yourself. Sometimes I simply don’t understand. Humans.. 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I had no problem charging  guy for The Shadows Rushed Me in Max Payne 3. He was happy to get trophy i had fun doing it and i can brag about it forever.


      @ChristIllusion12 It took me 3 attempts. 😇

    3. ChristIllusion12
    4. Floriiss


      @Paul - Sure thing. I'll gladly redirect them towards you. :D 
      @DaivRules Yes he has asked me too to complete the hardest missions on Injustice in exchange for money. Usually I'm not the one exposing people in public, but I have no sympathy for these kind of "trophy hunters".

      @FinalMiracle13 None. I don't owe that game so that's probably why. It's mostly for Injustice: Gods Among Us or Need for Speed 15 DLC.

  9. I've been looking forward to play this game for quite a while and glad to see it finally came to console. Was hoping to see the "Iron God!" trophy being present, but unfortunately that's not the case. Oh well.. will play this game regardeless of trophies anyways, as the game looks very entertaining. Haven't played any platformer in a while, so looking forward to get back into the genre. As for the broken trophies, I've reached out to their Twitter today and they mentioned that "It's being fixed now". So either they already fixed it or are working on the issue as we speak. Glad to see they are fixing this issue relatively fast. Figured there was a chance it would take months, if not years for them to fix their stuff, as we've seen before with The Binding of Isaac. Glad that's not the case this time.
  10. How do you know you also need multiplayer classes as well? Did you max out all the campaign ones already? Also no offence, but your calculations are incorrect. There's no way you can max out all classes in 18 hours. It takes a lot more than that. By getting a victory on insane it does net you 2.9k xp (2.5k victory and 400+ performance boost) which is indeed around 2.5 level up from the start. Although overtime that slowly starts to decrease and by the time you reach level 20-25+ its around 1 level up for each victory. Maxing out all classes is quite a grind that's for sure.
  11. Well, I've reached out to their twitter and got a response. They mentioned that you cannot use shortcuts during the run, which is something I did from the start. That's really weird, considering every trophy thus far, including the trophies for no hits during a regular loop and for clearing an entire loop with six curses active, have unlocked so far. All by using shortcuts. So I really figured it wouldn't matter if you use shortcuts, but apparently they say it does for this particular trophy. Guess there's still hope after all.
  12. Unfortunately I can confirm that the trophy "God Among Mortals" is broken. I've managed to fullfill the requirements for this trophy for a third time now. This time around I decided to save my last gameplay recording and watched everything back. In the beginning you can clearly see that all of the curses are active and from there I watched the entire run. I didn't get hit a single time and upon killing the bosses it always displayed "Perfect Kill". Such a shame. Not only is completing such run quite time-consuming and also pretty difficult to complete, but receiving no reward for the hard work is quite a bummer. This really caught me by surprise, considering everything in this list has just popped fine. It's really weird. I'll probably reach out to the developers of this game and will ask them if they could take a look into this. As for now I would avoid this game.
  13. It's not impossible, but I'm afraid it is broken. I've been playing through this game on an alt to see whether or not all trophies were attainable. Managed to clear an entire loop with six curses and only got hit once during that time, so figured I had a decent chance going for the non hit run and decided to practice some more.. Upon this point I've managed to clear two entire loops without being hit once and the trophy "God Among Mortals" didn't pop. So either its broken, or I got hit and instantly got some kind of health regeneration during the process, making me unaware of being hit. I'm not sure. I need to do some more testing on this to see what causes this issue. I don't want to believe this trophy is unobtainable, considering there's people who managed to obtain this trophy (according to PSN) and every other trophy in this game has popped just fine. I guess I will make a few more attempts at this in the next few days, but right now it's looking pretty discouraging.
  14. None and neither should you. The challenge is to be confronted, not to be avoided.
  15. As promised hereby an in-depth guide on how to obtain the “impossible” power-up within Sticky Bounce. This guide will explain the issue in short and will give you several strategies to work with to make it possible to obtain all of the power-ups within this level. Players: 2 Level: Sticky Bounce (Day I, Noon, 4th level) Strategy: Starts from 2 minutes 17 seconds. Hopefully this will help out a lot of people to obtain all of the power-ups within this level. I’ve tried my best to explain it as clear as possible, but if there’s anything unclear feel free to send me a message either on here or on PSNP and I will see what I can do to help you out. Thanks for watching and good luck with completing this mission!