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  1. "Asuna is in third place with 1,345 points. She's trailing behind both Sinon (who has 2,145 points) and Yūki (who has 2,243)." Hmm... yeah, I can accept that. As long as people realize Sinon is better than Asuna, then I'm happy. That image of Asuna in that link though...
  2. I got tired of waiting to find a copy at GameStop, so I ordered & got this in the mail today. Are you guys serious? Bloody hell, how did I miss that!?
  3. 7th letter: "R" from Resonance of Fate. @Kristycism This will probably be my final update since my next 2 plats will be Disgaea 1, & then Cross Edge (& Disgaea won't be released till October 9th). So my final word will be CAMPHOR (yes, CHAMP sounds better, but I don't want left over letters... I don't like being wasteful).
  4. Platinum #98 - Resonance of Fate! ^_^ An awesome game, if you like SRPGs, I'd highly recommend checking out the remaster coming out soon! :D 


  5. Platinum Trophy You've unlocked every trophy in the game. You've mastered "Resonance of Fate"! Difficulty: 4/10 (this would probably be higher for first-time players) Enjoyment: 9/10 Playtime: 78:34:57 (2 weeks, 11 hours, 44 minutes) I can't believe they announced a remaster for this game a week after I started it. Maybe I'm subconsciously psychic, & that's why I chose it? I do hope it gets a lot of attention though, it's a really fun game (then maybe they'll finally make a sequel to it). I'll probably get the remaster eventually too (although it sucks it's digital only), it depends on if there's anything extra added to it or not. This game really does deserve a sequel, I've gotten the plat for this twice & I still don't fully understand the story (but thankfully the awesome gameplay makes-up for that). 😅 Or even a prequel would work too (& I usually don't care for those), just to help explain some of the events that happened in this game.
  6. @Dragon-Archon Oh, so you can get one of those trophies even if you've beat it before the event (I finished it a couple weeks after it was released)? Can I get a Futaba one then (you can put Masamune-XIII on it)? Whenever you solve your PC problems of course. 😅
  7. Here you are.
  8. Ah, sorry, I missed that one. Yep, I agree 100%! That's good, I was thinking I wasn't going to have time to do Hollow Fragment. 😅
  9. I don't think it works with skill seal, just if your skills are blocked via a crystal effect.
  10. I used that a few times too, & if I'm not mistaken, it works for sealed skills as well?
  11. Could Resonance of Fate be coming to the PS4 soon? :hmm:


    Kinda funny this came up when I was playing this gem again. xD 

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    2. daftprophet


      Day one purchase for me.  I absolutely love that game!

    3. Masamune


      I would like a sequel rather than a remaster, but maybe this is a good sign they're going to start looking into the series again. ^_^ I'll probably be getting it either way though (especially if they add anything extra to it). :P

    4. daftprophet


      Oh, for sure!  I would absolutely love a sequel!

  12. I've heard if you leave your Vita's battery dead long enough & earn a trophy without signing into PSN first, it'll cause a timestamp issue, so that's probably what happened there. But like the others have said, the only way to fix your milestones now is to hide the entire game... which sucks (especially since that game is pretty good).
  13. You get to pick one of the ultimate ones once you've gotten all the others (which you've already done), think of it like the for the event. As for Accel world, there's only one of those.
  14. Kings Of Neverland A trophy for clearing Neverland. That was a piece of cake, the random battles are worse than the bosses of Neverland, & those can be ran from. It helps having a couple Lv100 machine gun users, & near perfect guns too.
  15. I wouldn't try relying on that glitch, it's way too random. Out of the... probably 1000+ hours I've put into the Mugen Souls games, I've only had it happen once (in Z). 😑 Your time would be much better spent just setting up the proper method for 999 hits. But if you're really determined to go that route, I think I've heard people have had better results using a large boss monster for it.