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  1. Recently ordered Trails of Cold Steel III for $40, it shows it being the Early Enrollment Edition with the art book & CD, so hopefully that's the case. :hmm:


    1. NERVergoproxy


      Sounds like a steal. Currently I have the Discover card offer for it, extra 20% off. Very tempting.

  2. Rubbing Master Irresistible Force I decided to take a break from battling & upgrade most of the cards I've gotten up to this point... I'm currently just above 300 different cards now, if I keep this up, I may even hit 500 before the end of the game.
  3. So much stuff, just glancing through I don't really see much that interests me though... but I'll take a closer look tonight. @Neocarleen The amount of time it must've took to make that list though. 😂 We really appreciate it.
  4. Genius of Love Triggered extreme love 100 times! Extreme Love can be quite exhausting after a while, all that rubbing is actually starting to make my arm a little sore.
  5. I can probably think of a few good ones... Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (turn-based) Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (strategy/turn-based on a grid map, think Final Fantasy Tactics if you've ever played that. The older titles can be extremely grindy, this one's not as bad though) Megadimension Neptunia VII (turn-based, but the other main games are all on the PS3/Vita) Valkyria Chronicles (Remastered & 4 are strategy/turn-based, while Revolution is more action-based) There's also the Atelier series, but those aren't as good as the older ones on the PS3 though (in my opinion at least), the God Eater series, which is a good action JRPG.
  6. Kidnap The Sandy Claws by KoRn It's the day after Thanksgiving, time to start listening to the Christmas stuff.
  7. Monpiece Hall of Famer Won 100 online battles! I just hit PSN Lv32 from my second to last trophy. That one went by quick, doesn't seem like that long ago I hit Lv31. 😅
  8. Monpiece Hall of Famer Won 100 online battles! A Learning Experience Suffered your first online defeat I guess I was pretty lucky with getting the 20 master rings, because I hit that around match 75, half the amount the guide said it would take. But now that I'm done with those "online" trophies (which only took like an hour self-boosting), I can start the main game... I got a ton of good cards that'll help with that too.
  9. Platinum #149 - Crash Bandicoot! SwMebhq.gif

    Next up is Monster Monpiece for #150! :yay:

  10. The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! Collect all the Crash Bandicoot Trophies. Difficulty: 8/10 (would've been at most a 6.5 if not for "The High Road") Enjoyment: 7/10 (would've been at least an 8 if not for "The High Road") Playtime: N/A (3 days, 9 hours, 45 minutes) Screenshot: Never would I have thought Crash Bandicoot of all things would be one of the hardest plats on my account. 😅 At first I thought they made the game harder than the PS1 version since they messed with the mechanics some (which made The High Road a living hell to go through), but if I'm not mistaken, didn't you only have one chance to do the bonus rounds back on the PS1? If that's the case, that would've been excruciating on some of the levels... so that's one change I definitely welcomed. The difficulty of this plat definitely lives up to its reputation, obviously the hardest part of the plat is getting a gold relic in all the stages (thankfully it's only gold, platinum would be damn well near impossible). Most of the stages are pretty fun & not that hard with some practice, however a select few are just nauseating to get the relic on, namely Native Fortress, Road to Nowhere, Sunset Vista, & The High Road... those are the big 4, the first 3 took me probably around an hour each of practicing to beat, that final one though... at least 5 hours of hell for that (& I only managed to reach the end twice during that time). 😑 I even saved a recording of my run, which was only like 20 milliseconds from failing the gold relic... Never again.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving, PSNP! 🦃

  12. [Crash Bandicoot] Pinstripe defeated, the next stage is The High Road. Crap... I don't wanna do that one... DON'T MAKE ME GO! UlhWx2l.gif

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Masamune


      Ugh... it took me 40 minutes just to clear it once, & my time didn't even qualify for a relic (1:32:12). 😢


      @mecharobot Yeah, but isn't that stage almost as bad as this one (just longer)? Honestly I think I'd rather stick with the shorter one, but if I can't get it by today, I'll give it a shot. :hmm:

    3. mecharobot


      Well, that depends if you want plat or also the 100% since you need that relic anyway. It might also work with Crash 3 DLC relic, but the game was much easier so I don't think many did it (though imo it was easier than couple of the race relics)

    4. Masamune


      Holy hell... that sucked. It must've taken me close to 5 hours to do that (& with only about 20 milliseconds to spare). 😑

      @mecharobot I did give that DLC stage a shot, but I think it'd probably be even worse (although that stage is a lot more lenient with your time). Thankfully I'm not too worried about getting 100% in this game, I'll be plenty proud enough with just the plat. 😅

  13. Koala Konked Defeat Koala Kong. I've completed the relic races for all the stages up to this point (2 platinums & 12 golds), the most annoying ones so far being Native Fortress, Road to Nowhere, & Sunset Vista... just across those 3 I've spent probably 3-4 hours of work & a couple hundred tries. 😑 This game was hard enough back on the PS1, why'd they screw with the mechanics?!
  14. [Crash Bandicoot] Damn it all... I was 1 jump away from having Sunset Vista's gold relic, but at the very end I did a spin attack against that stupid red lizard when I should've bounced on him... the blowback from that knocked me right off the edge. cEikO9d.gif


    That was the first time I managed to get to the end of the stage too, & even messing up real bad in the middle, I still had 10 seconds to spare. 😑

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Masamune


      Yay... now I feel exhausted all the sudden.  😅


      That wasn't even 2 seconds away from the platinum time either... oh well, it's staying gold. 😂

    3. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      That level was hard to get gold on but not as hard as "The HIGH bridge from hell"

    4. Masamune


      @Leon Castle Yeah, I'm not looking too forward to that stage, it's coming up in about 2-3 more levels too. 😅

  15. Congrats!