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  1. A bit late on this one, but happy turkey day, PSNP! :P


  2. [Genshin Impact] This was amusing, I just skipped a whole puzzle dungeon using Keqing's warp ability. 😂 Normally I wouldn't do this since you could be missing out on treasures, but this was my second time there, so there shouldn't have been any left in there... I hope. 😅



    1. Honor_Hand


      Yesterday I had one of those daily missions where you have to run to a certain spot in the map fighting groups of enemies to get extra time. The mission was on one of the mountain ranges in Liyue and crossing some bridges. I just said, "Fuck that, I'm flying straight to the finish line." It worked like a charm, lol. 👌😂

    2. Masamune


      Yeah, I've done the same before. They give you plenty on time on those. xD

  3. Definitely. Don't worry, I'd actually consider it a good palate cleanser for the first game. Just make sure to update it when you start so it doesn't freeze every time you come across a boss in Mugen Field. & here's this...
  4. @GarciaFever Big congrats, that makes a nice milestone too. Which award would you like? Also, when will you be starting Z?
  5. [Genshin Impact] Just did my 90-100th wish & got my first 5* thanks to the pity system (I also got my 2nd upgrade for Barbara as well)! :yay:


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    2. Masamune


      I have the same habit of saving up for 10-pulls in Fate/Grand Order as well, while it probably doesn't increase your chance of actually getting a character, I still rather save up so I get something other than 3* weapons... it's easier to keep track of my pull count like that too. :P

    3. Sir_Bee


      Keep at it then :) 

    4. Honor_Hand


      To be fair, I also find 10 pulls far more efficient. I mean, they most likely have the same probabilities as the regular pulls, but the main difference is that you pull 10 in a single swoop versus pulling each one at a time. I don't know 10 pulls feel much better. I rather save my primogems and just use them at a specific point in time to see how much I can get.

  6. Silence in the Age of Apes by Avatar
  7. I love Rick & Morty commercials. 😂


  8. [Genshin Impact] Fischl acquired! :yay:


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    2. Masamune


      I actually found the final meteorite farming easier than the core battles from the second section, you don't have to worry about being knocked out of the area & losing your points. xD

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, enemies knocking you out of that small area on the second part of the event was kind of a nuisance, especially if you happen to get frozen, lol.

    4. Masamune


      Sometimes I'd get knocked out so far, I'd lose all my points... I'd just restart after that. <_< There's probably still some things I could use from the event shop, but I don't feel like going back to those challenges. 😅

  9. Genshin Impact Unswerving Open the chest in the middle of the heart-shaped rock formation. Big thanks to @Honor_Hand for helping me grab this quick MP trophy!
  10. [Genshin Impact] I was farming a boss for drops so I can ascend Barbara past Lv50, only after killing the thing twice though (costing me 80 Resin), I realized I was fighting the wrong damn boss! MWAIpIg.gif

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I spent almost  one hour trying to get S for first chapter  in Hotline Miami. You can't get more than  A+ :facepalm:

  11. @GarciaFever Not much left now, good luck with your final push!
  12. [Genshin Impact] I decided to jump back into the Abyss & see how far I could go... not only did I manage to unlock the 3rd floor, I cleared it & the 4th as well! :yay:I also unlocked the 5th floor, but that one kicked my ass (you need 2 different team for it). 😅


    But now that the 3rd floor is cleared, that means I finally got another fire type character, Xiangling (who is also my first spear user as well)! :D


    1. Honor_Hand


      Xiangling is best grill...I mean, lol, best girl. ;)


      You have more progress in the Abyss than me now. I haven't returned to it in a while, I may try it again later on today to see if I can progress past the 3rd floor.

    2. Masamune


      It was pretty easy once I leveled up some more & improved my equipment. I learned not to damage that monument you're supposed to protect on the 3rd floor too, that helped a ton. 😂

  13. [Genshin Impact] Yep, just making some perfume... nothing perverted going on here, nope. 😂


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    2. Masamune


      She said it in a very... seductive voice too. 😂

    3. Alderriz


      stop right now, it's no perfume november 

    4. Honor_Hand


      LMAO, I did this quest last night and I couldn't help but feel a little uneasy while she was saying that. She said it in a very, very suggestive way, and her voice was super seductive too.


      I was like, "Damn, I didn't know making perfume could make me feel this aroused." xxD

  14. Living The Dream by Five Finger Death Punch
  15. Well I guess if said person doesn't work, play it every second they're awake, & has a blueprint of the game embedded in their brain ... it may be possible. But yeah, realistically there's no way. 😅