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  1. So I just had the great misfortune of hearing about Disgaea 6 being a Switch exclusive everywhere outside of Japan? LD69VUH.gif If this BS is true, it's definitely going to cement the fact I'm getting a Switch before the PS5. <_< 

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    2. CJ-Olly6


      Yeah, they'll probably make a Disgaea 6 Complete++ edition in 2024 and release it on PS5 with the most stupid insane trophies ever... and I'll see Green Z-saber do a trophy speedrun and emulate it. xD (Green Z-Saber did a platinum run of both Disgaea 5 and Disgaea 4 Complete+.)

    3. Elvick_


      @YaoiGodpart of their problem is those Super Duper Amazing XL Complete ++++ Ultra releases in the first place. Set up a precedent and people will know to just wait to buy your games for a better deal.

    4. Masamune


      Honestly I would be amazed if it doesn't come out on a PS console at some point (a + version or otherwise). I just don't understand why they would leave out a PS launch this time (this series started there & has branched out to multiple consoles ever since), that's gotta take out a fairly large chunk of their profits... :hmm:


      I mean, I've been eyeing the Switch for a while (ever since Mary Skelter 2), & I've even been building up a list of games I'd like for it. So I most likely would've gotten one eventually... now I'm just thinking of getting one before the end of the year (especially if there's going to be any kind of holiday deals coming up). :P