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  1. So I just had the great misfortune of hearing about Disgaea 6 being a Switch exclusive everywhere outside of Japan? LD69VUH.gif If this BS is true, it's definitely going to cement the fact I'm getting a Switch before the PS5. <_< 

    1. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Unfortunately Disgaea 6 is Switch exclusive in the west but who knows it might only be a limited exclusive.

    2. DaivRules


      Nothing wrong with getting a Switch before a PS5! And I anticipate it's only a matter of time before D6 is localized for a western Playstation release. Hopefully, a D6 Complete with all the DLC included. That would be nice.

    3. YaoiGod


      I'm willing to bet that the NISA branch took a massive hit during covid so they probably aren't trying to take more risks with the 3D thing. I would understand it, if this series isn't literally what NISA is famous and proud for making. You could wait for Disgaea 6 XL Complete+ DX Beyond the 9s Edition though :giggle:, like me. I just find the Disgaea DLCs to be way more enjoyable for starting players and hope this one has plenty.

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