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  1. [Genshin Impact] Yesterday I did some pulls on Klee's banner, not really for Klee herself but rather the for the 4* characters on it (mainly Sucrose). On my second 10-pull (still 70 away from pity), this little zombie decided to pop out. 😂


    That's the second or third time I got a 5* completely outside of the pity range. :yay: But now the only standard 5* character I'm missing is Jean. :D

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    2. Masamune


      Although I have to have her on my Ganyu team as well... Qiqi wants her cocomilk. :awesome:

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, not having at least one healer in your party can be difficult at times. I did the same thing when either my Noelle, Diona, or Barbara reached friendship 10. I removed them from my team to start working on others and immediately found out that keeping a healer around at all times is vital. 😂 I haven't raised my Qiqi that much yet, I want to focus on Mona and Xinyan first before working on her.


      Good pick on equipping The Flute sword. I have heard that works great on her. I have the same one equipped on mine, although, I haven't thought yet which artifacts I'm going to use. Probably the Maiden beloved set with a focus on attack would be good, but again, I'd probably need to check her more thoroughly first to see what else she needs. :hmm:





    4. Masamune


      The only reason I could go without a healer was really just because of Zhongli, he's getting close to Lv10 now too though... But I don't know if I'll be able to remove him from my team afterwords, that damn shield of his really has me spoiled. 😅