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  1. [Genshin Impact] Yesterday I did some pulls on Klee's banner, not really for Klee herself but rather the for the 4* characters on it (mainly Sucrose). On my second 10-pull (still 70 away from pity), this little zombie decided to pop out. 😂


    That's the second or third time I got a 5* completely outside of the pity range. :yay: But now the only standard 5* character I'm missing is Jean. :D

    1. Honor_Hand


      Someone is happy with his new zombie loli. :D


      Congrats on the pull, man. Wait till I get Klee. I'll have the full loli squadron at my disposal. :awesome:

    2. Masamune


      I was a little disappointed in her burst, didn't realize you needed a C6 upgrade to have it revive people... so that'll probably never happen. 😅 She came at a good time though, ever since I maxed Noelle's friendship, I haven't been keeping a healer in my party all the time. So she'll probably be glued to my party with Eula now. 😂


      I just threw whatever I had on her for now, but I'll probably have 2-piece Gladiator/Maiden sets focusing completely on ATK for her eventually (already have plenty of Gladiators, just need some ATK focused Maiden pieces). Weapon wise, I'll probably go with The Flute, I think I have that at rank 2? :hmm:

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