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  1. [Genshin Impact] Seems I did something beyond idiotic recently... <_< You see, a while back I got a nice 5* artifact I've been trying to get for MONTHS, it was a cup with an Elemental Mastery main stat (it also had some nice sub stats as well, ATK% & CRIT DMG). Well it seems sometime within the last few days, I somehow got rid of it by mistake... I could've swore I had it locked too, I don't see how I managed to do that. 😢


    Just FYI, an EM cup is the hardest artifact to get in the game (especially for a 5*, since you can only get around 10 or so a day if devoting all your resin to it), as it only has a 2.5% chance of appearing. :awesome:


    1. Honor_Hand


      Ouch, I can feel the pain on this one. 😅


      This is a wake-up call for me to go and lock some 5* artifacts that I have with cool bonuses that I'm not using, else I end up making the same mistake.


      Let's hope you can get one of those EM cups to drop again soon.

    2. Masamune


      Thankfully I do have a 5* ATK cup with around a 85 EM sub stat, so I'm only losing out on around 100 EM... but it's still depressing I did something that stupid. -_-


      Right after EM got that buff too! 😵