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  1. [Genshin Impact] I started working on a second teapot realm recently, now I've got 2/3 put together. :yay: I did some more experiments & made a couple new things for this one...


    The first was a maze from all my stone wall pieces I've got...



    While the second is a giant hose bigger than my main house (made from 8 or 9 buildings, complete with windmill! :awesome:).


    1. Honor_Hand


      I saw that massive house over the hill last night. Cool detail with the windmill at the top. I wanted to get to the very top of it but couldn't. You really love to use that clipping, don't you.? :P It ended up looking very nice, I must admit. ^^


      What I didn't see, though, was that labyrinth. I'm trying to build a fortress on that last sandy island but I have a terrible shortage of white iron chunks right now so the progress on it is coming along very slowly. 😅



    2. Masamune


      Yeah, you can get to the top railing easy enough, but if you wanna get on top of the roof, you'll need a character to make a platform or boost you up there. :P But it was kinda fun to make, it was kinda like a 3D puzzle. xD


      I usually have a couple 20hr mining expeditions going to help keep my ores up, but whenever I start running low on the white iron, I'll change them to 8 hours (since that gets you more in half the time).

    3. Honor_Hand


      Need either a Venti or a Zhongli for that. :P Now that I remember... I actually have Zhongli, lol.


      I always set them for the full 20 hours mostly due to my schedule. I have a chance to boot up the game at night and that's usually when all those expeditions are finished. 😅