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  1. I did something today I thought I'd never do... I started One Piece. 😅 I have seen some of it before, but dropped it... I figured I could give it another shot though (even though I really hate Usopp). :hmm: Before I made it at least to the point where that reindeer character joins, but since it's been so long (15+ years?), I just started back from episode 1. So what, only 700+ episodes till I reach the current (dubbed) season? 😂


    Also to be fair, when I dropped it before, this was back when the dub was by 4kids... I feel that was a sufficient enough reason to do so. 😅

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    2. Masamune


      @The Arizona Ranger Yeah, that was pretty much my first experience with One Piece as well, I remember it being in that Saturday morning block too. 😂 The stuff 4Kids do to their series is a total joke, honestly I'm amazed I watched as much of it as I did back then. 😅


      I also have limited internet myself, but thankfully there's no overage charges with my ISP (the speed just gets throttled down to around 400KB/s). Still though, I doubt I'll be getting caught up with the series very quick, I'll mainly work on it when I don't have anything else to watch... currently 12 episodes in, so I'm around 1.7% caught up! :awesome:

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, I think it already went past the 1,000 episodes. At least in the subbed version, not sure about the dub. We'll probably reach the heath death of the universe first before One Piece runs out of episodes, lol. 😂


      @The Arizona Ranger That's some super dedication you put there to watch all those 600 episodes in such a short time frame. Man, I don't see myself ever doing that. 😆 I didn't know 4K!ds had a bastardized version of the anime over there. First time I hear about it. I know they tried to do a number of anime adaptations (and failed miserably) but this one is completely new to me. Now, Sonic X, I totally remember watching that one and enjoying it. I would most likely hate if I watched it now, but back then I remember it was okay, lol.


      Hope you can get that Starlink connection soon over there. Fingers crossed over here so that you can get a more reliable Internet provider soon, man.

    4. enaysoft


      Usopp will grow on you, I really like him now.