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  1. I did something today I thought I'd never do... I started One Piece. 😅 I have seen some of it before, but dropped it... I figured I could give it another shot though (even though I really hate Usopp). :hmm: Before I made it at least to the point where that reindeer character joins, but since it's been so long (15+ years?), I just started back from episode 1. So what, only 700+ episodes till I reach the current (dubbed) season? 😂


    Also to be fair, when I dropped it before, this was back when the dub was by 4kids... I feel that was a sufficient enough reason to do so. 😅

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    2. Glorious Fury

      Glorious Fury

      Oh dang good luck!


      I started watching it like a decade ago or so when I was big into anime, and felt then it was a huge task to catch up on. Stopped following it a few years back as it just went on too long.


      Probably the best Shonen Jump series though in terms of consistency though, considering how long it is.

    3. Masamune


      I think it's almost up to 1000 episodes, isn't it? While the dub is around 700... How can a series go that long, damn. 😂


      I think Case Closed has been going for just a little longer too, that's another one I dropped ages ago (not really because I disliked it though, but the channel it was on just stopped airing it). 😅

    4. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      NOTE: This is going to be one hell of a long post, so if you are not a fan of seeing or reading walls of text, this post may not be for you.


      Oh man...that 4K!ds bastardization of One Piece they used to run on FOX every Saturday morning (along with Sonic X and several other shows) back in the days of my youth was awful (the major reason I stayed away from watching One Piece until 2016). For those who don't know about all of the stupid changes that 4K!ds made to One Piece (in the name of "won't someone think of the children!" censorship) when they brought it here to the States, please see the videos below:



      My younger self (was only 13 at the time when it started airing on FOX) didn't know about what 4K!ds had done to the show, so I made the dumb assumption at the time that this (their censored version) was how the show really was like, so I wrote it off for years (from 2004 all the way to 2016). I finally saw a video pop up on one of the sites I frequent where they trashed 4K!ds for the awful job they did with bringing One Piece to the United States, which opened my eyes to how wrong about the anime I was. The anime was done dirty by 4K!ds via all of the changes/alterations/modifications they made to it, thus giving a lot of people who's first exposure to the show via FOX every Saturday morning a terrible first impression about it.


      Several weeks after seeing that video (late May 2016), I found a site that had pretty much all of the episodes of One Piece available to stream (at that time, they had Episode One all the way to around Episode 615). I gave it another chance (watched Episode 1 thru Episode 30), found it to be moderately more enjoyable compared to the warped version that 4K!ds had pumped out in 2004, and put it on hiatus as I found myself getting too busy with my life (work at TV station, job in orchard I used to work in, etc) to devote time to watch it on a frequent basis.


      Enter the Spring of 2018 (around late April), when I decided to not only resume watching One Piece, I decided to plow through the series as fast as I could in order to catch up to where the Japanese dub of the anime was currently at (at that time, the anime was on Episode 830). I restarted the show (watched the first 30 episodes again back to where I had originally left off), and then, over the next six months, I proceeded to tear my way through a huge chunk of One Piece episodes (went from Episode 30 all the way to Episode 630 in that span of time). How did I achieve this? I made a goal to watch at least four episodes each and every day, and for the most part, I exceeded that goal (the majority of the time, I watched between 4 to 12 episodes a day). The most episodes I watched in a single day was 15 (during the Thriller Bark arc) as I rushed through the anime at a breakneck pace. I used up so much of my internet service during that span of time, AT&T (my internet provider at the time via their sub-par DSL service) had to charge me an extra $150 for exceeding their monthly data limit (back then it was 150GB a month) three different times.


      It was the second week of October 2018 when I finally reached the end of the Punk Hazard arc and the Straw Hat Pirates made their way into the Dressrosa arc. I had noticed during the final 20-ish episodes of Punk Hazard that my interest in the show was beginning to fizzle out. I was feeling burnt out on One Piece and anime in general, having pushed through so many episodes (nearly 600) over the span of just six months. It wasn't that I didn't like the anime anymore (I still found it to be an enjoyable watch), but after six straight months of watching so many episodes, I just couldn't bring myself to watch it any longer. I decided to take a break from the anime (put it down after finishing Episode 630) and spend some time away from it. The goal originally was that after a few months, I would pick it back up again (starting in February 2019) and watch it at a slower, more consistent pace (perhaps 2 to 3 episodes a day). However, since that day in October of 2018 (October 12th, 2018), I have not touched One Piece again (and for the most part, I have barely watched any anime since then).


      Its not that I don't want to watch it ever again (I still do), however, my interest in anime sort of vanished into thin air after rushing through so many episodes and I wanted to take a break from it all. It also didn't help that starting in late January 2019, my DSL internet service pretty much stopped working normally (connection became highly unstable/unreliable, the speeds [usually around 1.7 Mbps to 3 Mbps] dropped down into the low 200 Kbps, I would go hours with no service) and AT&T couldn't figure out what was wrong for some time (they first sent me a new router, then a new modem, then some new Ethernet cables, and finally they sent two different service technicians [March 2019] out to my place to check the phone lines between the edge of the property and where the phone line connected to my building). They figured that it was either a bad underground line (possibly damaged due to age or something snagging it) or that something had happened to the wiring in my place, thus recommending that I have someone come out to replace all of it.


      Since I didn't want to pay for someone to replace the wiring (would have been expensive to have someone tear open a few walls/crawl under the mobile home, replace the phone line in the walls/under the building, etc), I effectively gave up on having reliable internet at the mobile home I used to live in and terminated my DSL internet contract with AT&T. I also let my Premium Membership for CrunchyRoll expire as well, since I was no longer watching anime due to my internet issues. Since that moment (May of 2019), I have been relying on my phone's Personal Hotspot (10GB of data a month via AT&T) in order to get on the internet. Since I have limited data (10GB vs the 150GB I used to have), I don't waste any of my limited bandwidth watching videos online anymore (a major reason I have not watched/streamed any anime on my PC since I stopped watching One Piece back in the Fall of 2018). It is also the reason that I have not been able to game online (hence why I have not played Team Fortress 2, one of my favorite games with over 1,800 hours of time spent playing it, in the years since) and the big reason why I have had to smuggle my PS4 Pro/PS5 to work on Friday nights every few weeks in order to update the console or download patches/updates for the games I play.


      Outside of watching the disappointing Azur Lane: The Animation last year, I have not watched ANY anime since I started my break from One Piece in October of 2018. My neglected backlog of anime series now sits at over 75 different shows, and until I get my Starlink internet service later this year (email from Starlink said they would be offering service in my area between Mid to Late 2021), I will be unable to catch up on my extensive backlog via streaming (CrunchyRoll, frowned-upon streaming sites) or pick up where I left off on One Piece (Episode 630).


      PS: Before anyone asks, yes, pretty much all of the anime I have watched since 2008 has been the Japanese dub with English subs (there has been a few shows that I actually watched with the English dub, like the original FullMetal Alchemist, Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann, Inuyasha, and some of Bleach). I prefer having the original Japanese audio when it comes to watching anime, and I don't mind reading along with what is being said via the English subs. No disrespect to the English dubs....but sometimes I just don't like the voices they end up going with for the characters in most shows.

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