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  1. [Genshin Impact] So apparently Genshin will be having their first collab character added in version 2.2... even more surprising, we get her for free (PS users get her in 2.2, others in 2.3).


    The character is Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, I wouldn't have been able to guess that in a million years. 😅


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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Masamune A collab with another gacha game or another anime would've made more sense, I have to agree with that. But still, it's very cool to see a proper adaptation of a character from a PlayStation universe into the world of Genshin. Really makes you think that there are no limits to the possibilities of what characters could get into the game.


      The collab is for 2.1, right? Or is it 2.2? I'm a bit confused now. I've seen conflicting information on this.


      @Leon Castle Definitely aiming for Kokomi and Baal myself. ^_^


      Now... that's too many waifus for the upcoming banners. The meager amount of gems I have won't be able to get even half of them. 😅

    3. Masamune


      @Leon Castle I'm really hoping that'll be the case, I was already planning on skipping Kokomi, so if Baal & Sara are on the second banner, that'll be perfect (much like my plans for this version: skipping Ayaka, then going for Yoimiyu/Sayu).


      I thought I heard about another unannounced 4* possibly in 2.1 as well though? If so, I guess they'd be on Kokomi's banner. :hmm:


    4. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      @Honor_Hand The collab(Both Aloy and her bow) is for 2.1(PS4/5 only) and 2.2(All Versions) at least that I understand from reading both Gematsu and Crunchyroll.


      Unless Yae Miko gets added in 2.2 or 2.3(I doubt she's the another unannounced 4* if there is one as she's a Electro and that would be one too many Electro Users in a version with already two new Electro Users) then I might get a break from waifu wishing... maybe.