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  1. [Genshin Impact] Time to show off my new 5* character! :yay:


    I've been looking forward to getting Yoimiya for quite a while now, skipping Ayaka in favor of her was an easy choice for me. :P Despite the hate she gets from the meta community, she's just as good as I was expecting. It's like they're incapable of doing basic math to see the awesome damage her normal attacks can do, all they seen was her attacks aren't AoE & automatically declared her trash... oh well, their loss. 😅


    I also got the 4* Sayu, she's only half built though since I didn't have time to farm mats for both her & Yoimiya. Looking forward to using her as well. :D 


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    2. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Another that likes Yoimiya ShkKZjB.gif, for me She's as good as Ganyu.

    3. Honor_Hand


      My luck sucks. 😢 I wasn't able to get Yoimiya last night. I ended up getting Qiqi'd instead. Now I have her in C2. I was already working on upgrading her but I guess I'll be giving her more priority now. I know she's not the best 5* but she's a cute healer at least. 😔




      The rest of my pulls last night were 1 Xinyan, 2 Xianglings, three 4* weapons, 1 Diona, and at least I was able to get 2 Sayus. Sayu is cool. I love how you can go all Sonic spin dash mode with her on the overworld, lol. 😂 Now I can make a full squadron of lolis since I have all 4 of them. :awesome: 


      I will probably roll a few more on this banner not with the hopes of getting Yoimiya but more with the purpose of preparing my next 100% pity for when Baal comes out. Damn... I like archers more, I think I'd preferred Yoimiya way more than Baal. :hmm: 

    4. Masamune


      Honestly, if it's just ST damage we're talking about, Yoimiya may be my top DPS character now, at least when her skill is active. :hmm: I do have an R5 Rust on her though, that's an 80% damage boost right there.  xD