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  1. [Genshin Impact] Time to show off my new 5* character! :yay:


    I've been looking forward to getting Yoimiya for quite a while now, skipping Ayaka in favor of her was an easy choice for me. :P Despite the hate she gets from the meta community, she's just as good as I was expecting. It's like they're incapable of doing basic math to see the awesome damage her normal attacks can do, all they seen was her attacks aren't AoE & automatically declared her trash... oh well, their loss. 😅


    I also got the 4* Sayu, she's only half built though since I didn't have time to farm mats for both her & Yoimiya. Looking forward to using her as well. :D 


    1. Masamune


      The next characters I'll be going for is Raiden & Saya, both coming up in the same banner at the start of 2.1. Sadly I'm leaving Raiden up to chance since I'm at 50% pity again, but even if I miss out on her, at least there's like a 90% chance I'll get Saya.

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