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  1. I went to a store that had all these different kinds of specialty hot sauces, so I couldn't leave without grabbing at least 1 of them. :P I decided on one called "Da' Bomb"...


    There's a warning on the side that says to keep away from children, & to only use 1 drop at a time... well after putting that single drop on my tongue, I know know that warning is well placed (there's no way that's just 100K scovilles). 😂 It only took a second for the heat to spread to my whole mouth & throat, & for the first 5-10 minutes it just seems to get hotter... oMJ2gT3.gif

    This stuff is habanero-based, but it's probably 2-3 times hotter than my last habanero sauce I tried... it also has chipotle peppers in it as well, but you won't even taste them over the pure heat. It definitely won't be something I can use as a pure dipping sauce like I usually do either, but it'll probably be good mixed in with some BBQ sauce, used in curry, or maybe a single drop on a piece of pizza. 😅

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Guess that "Da Bomb. Beyond Insanity" on the sticker is well placed then. 😅


      For real, though, I like spicy food but I'm not a fan of hot sauce myself, much less hot sauces designed to rip your tongue and soul off. That's not cool. 😂

    3. Masamune


      Well I added 3 drops to around 1-2oz of BBQ sauce & that was enough for an entire meal... actually I probably could've used about half that. 😅 It may be a small bottle, but this shit is going to last me months. 😂

    4. Dav9834


      Send me a bottle! Would probably clear out my sinuses for a week from the sound of it