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  1. Well it's done, I'm finally all caught up with One Piece (dub)! :yay: Took me a little over 2 months, but I'm up to episode 732 now. 😅 I won't be continuing via the subs, I'll just be waiting for the rest of the dubs now. I think they release around 12 episodes a month? So that's not too bad (considering most only get 1 a week), & if I'm not mistaken, the next batch should be coming up fairly soon? Good thing too, because 732 seems to be right towards the end of the Dressrosa arc. :hmm:

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    2. Masamune


      I wasn't planning on doing it that quick, I was thinking it'd take me at least till the end of the year. 😅 It was a lot better than I remembered though, there was some annoying filler at times, but overall it my interest in it stayed fairly strong. xD

      Honestly the last super long anime that I've enjoyed this much was probably Fairy Tail. :hmm:

    3. Dav9834


      Damn congrats man! :highfive: I can't do shows that long, I'm with @funboy1246 I lose interest.

      It's a marvel you did it in such short a time too. I feel I need to do the math lol

    4. Honor_Hand


      An impressive feat. Not even during the height of my anime-watching experience I'd watch this many episodes during a year, let alone of a single series. :P