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  1. I started Dark Rose Valkyrie, I thought since it has a ton of free DLC, I could manage starting on "very hard" (usually free DLC for CH games give you some OP mid game equipment)... this was not the case. 😅 It started out okay, the first couple bosses were manageable, but I was only in chapter 2 when I was forced to lower it down to hard. I'm pretty sure very hard was designed specifically with NG+ in mind, & I think I heard there's supposed to be a huge difficulty spike towards the end, so I'm not even going to attempt that. 😂


    Hopefully I don't have to lower it anymore, I know your difficulty effects what your level cap is. Don't know if it effects anything for NG+ carryover though? :hmm:

    1. Priere


      Yeah, no. Very hard actually should be called Nightmare, cuz that's what it really is. I managed to do a single Very Hard Playthrough so i hope i can help with a few things, such as: be careful, reports show that your PP and Money only carry over a certain percentage of the total rather than stay in tact, and the percentage that carries over gets lower the lower the difficulty played on. 


      If you believe it or not...i had to buy paid DLC to beat this game, the 2nd PP one and the ultimate equipment set. Still barely managed against the final boss. Best of luck

    2. Masamune


      Yeah, I kinda figured VH may be possible if I got the paid DLC, but I rather do 2 playthroughs than do that. 😅 As long as my equipment carries over in NG+, VH should be a lot more manageable... hopefully. :hmm:

      If I knew I'd be doing 2 runs, I would've saved the free DLC for the 2nd one. It didn't make too much of a difference though, so hopefully it won't be needed,

    3. Priere


      Oh no....he said the cursed "hopefully it won't be needed". 



      I'm seriously hoping you don't though, you can do it!