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  1. [Dark Rose Valkyrie] I finished my first run, managed to beat it withing lowering the difficulty past hard (also got Coo's true end). :yay: Now I have a lot of prep I need to do for my "very hard" run. I just made a discovery I don't think I've seen mentioned anywhere either (there's really not a lot of info around about this game)... Obviously a portion of your PP gets transferred to NG+ (40% for a hard run?), but what I haven't seen mentioned is that any unused BP gets converted & added to the pool as well. Meaning if I do some level grinding but don't spend any of my points afterwords, I can transfer a portion of all that as well (making my next run that much easier). :D


    I've already been kinda lazy upgrading my lesser used characters, so that's an extra 800 or so points right there. I'm pretty sure the PP system in Cross Edge worked the same way, so I'm glad I bothered checking it before I spent it all. 😅 Based on my hard run, very hard is probably going to suck either way, so I have to stockpile as much as possible before jumping into that... -_-

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      How is this, I see it on PS Now, and really want to give it a try some day. 

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