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  1. angel1 onion head Merry Christmas, PSNP! angel2 onion head 

    (as an added bonus, it's also my birthday) :P 


    Platinum #77/78 - The Witch and the Hundred Knight, & Dust: An Elysian Tail! :yay: 


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    2. Masamune
    3. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Good Job 👍. Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday!

    4. Masamune


      Thanks! ^_^


      I got some great games for my, uhh... "Birthmas" too. :P 


  2. Happy Friday the 13th!


    @Dav9834 It's been a while, so I wouldn't want you to forget about it.

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    2. Dav9834


      .....I was blissfully unaware ><


      See you all tomorrow :'(



    3. Masamune


      I know, I completely forgot about it until they mentioned it on the news this morning. 😂 But at least now you can prepare yourself for anything that may happen. :P

    4. BlackSquirrell1


      I was doing okay until I saw this post!  

      Image result for friday the 13th funny


  3. Happy 4th of July, PSNP! 🎆


    I just shot off some fireworks in Lightning Returns. 😂


    Of course I'll be shooting off some real ones in a couple hours too. :P Mainly these:


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    2. RedRodriguez87


      Happy 4th, y'all!

    3. Dav9834


      Happy Independence Day! And that's awesome!

    4. BG_painter


      Happy 4th of july :)

  4. Happy Friday the 13th, PSNP! 💀


    Keep an "eye" out for bad luck. :awesome: ...sorry, couldn't resist. 😅

    1. Ala-Arska


      Eye see what you did there :popcorn:

    2. Dragon-Archon


      Happy Friday the 13th :dance:

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Didn't even realize today is friday 13th...

  5. Happy Halloween, PSNP! ^_^ 


    1. marvelboy10


      Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻🍫

  6. Happy Friday the 13th!


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    2. Dav9834


      Yesterday? Yesterday never happened, it was determined that we'd go straight to Saturday. Made a lot of kids happy. 


      @Masamune karma ^_^

    3. Masamune


      @Dav9834 Never! :shakefist: That'd be like skipping Christmas, Halloween, or even... Golden Week! :jaymon: Okay, that last one is a Japanese thing, but we usually get JRPG/anime sales around then, so that's enough for me to celebrate it. :P 


      Speaking of which... Golden Week is in April, right? Wanna know what else is around that time? Click here. :awesome:

    4. Dav9834


      Ah another 6 day week! Kids will love not having to go to school and just go straight to Saturday again! 

  7. Happy New Year, PSNP! FD1zg9E.gif



    Let's hope this next year will be better than the last (it's not like 2021 has to try very hard to do so either)... but I'm still keeping my expectations low. 😅

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    2. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Happy Nep Year!



      I be happy with 2021 so long I get to watch I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level and no more COVID-19 related delays on well everything.

    3. ShonenCat


      HappNeYear! 🎊

    4. Honor_Hand


      Hopefully, 2021 will be better. As you said, it doesn't really have to do much to be better, lol, but hey, who knows? As long as the COVID-related delays are kept to a minimum and the pandemic in general slows down, that'll be good. 😅

  8. Merry Christmas, PSNP! axxMCiG.gif



    Also, this is all the games I've bought/gotten this month...


    The only one of those I've even started/completed is BL3, the rest will keep me occupied probably half the year... my backlog, will you ever shrink? yW68Mc3.gif

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    2. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Merry Christmas

    3. ShonenCat


      MerrChristmas! 🎄🎁


      I see that Ys: Memories of Celceta, great pick 😁

    4. Masamune


      @ShonenCat Yeah, I got lucky, it was one of the few Vita games that still had the cover art with it. 😅 Got a great deal on those Vita games though, they were part of the B1G1 sale at GameStop a while back, so it averaged out to $10 per game. ^_^

  9. 🎄 Merry Christmas, PSNP🌟


    Here's a quick something I threw together with, of course, a random anime girl. 🎅


    1. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle


      I just found that on crunchyroll.

  10. 👻 Happy Halloween, PSNP! 🎃

    Here's something to listen to for today:



    But if you prefer something darker & more disturbing instead, here's something by Masa. :P


  11. ⚰️Happy Halloween, PSNP! 👻

    {Best}* Happy Halloween 2017 Animated & 3D GIF Greeting ...

    1. Condemned09


      Happy Howloween to you :) 

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Happy Halloween! 1f383.png

  12. It's here, dood! OXPw0Hd.gif


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    2. ShadowStar83x
    3. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      All the worth it in the world.  I know what's gonna be next on my list of purchases!  I really wanna complete my Disgaea collection :D 

    4. ShonenCat


      That looks swell ^^

  13. According to AP, I just reached over 5 months of anime watching. ^_^ What is that, like 3600 hours? 😅

    Life on Anime: 5 Months

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    2. Masamune


      I was thinking the exact same thing. MUaAtLj.gif

    3. mecharobot


      It's easy up to 200 days. That's when the real game begins.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      5 months? 

      Rookie numbers :awesome: 


  14. I had something truly wondrous today... a new flavor of Monster drink!'s called Mule:


    It tastes awesome too, it's about like a ginger soda (which is kinda like a stronger version of ginger ale if you've never had that before). :holy: The sucky part though is that it says it's only for a limited time only, but I'm hoping it'll be out for a while, because it has a good chance of beating my current favorite (which is Assault). :(

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    2. HarasserPL


      And here I am in Poland where you only have the basic 11 flavors. 

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I'll be sure to be on the lookout for this. The java lineup is still more to my liking, but I never pass up an opportunity to try their new flavors. :D 

      Where did you see this btw?

    4. Masamune


      @Avatar_Of_Battle I just found it at a gas station in town, it's actually the same place where I can find my Assault flavor too (which is limited to only a couple stores in town). 😅

  15. Trophy #6000! :yay: I didn't even notice that milestone was coming up. 😅

    :gold: Azure Stone Commemoration Medal
    Obtained rank 30 ragnite.


    I would've liked for it to be one of the more fancy looking trophies for this game (like this one), but I've gotten worse... at least it's still a gold trophy. :P

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    2. Masamune


      Thanks! ^_^

      @DamagingRob It was pretty enjoyable (I still have some grinding to do for the plat, but I'm done with the main game), not quite as good as Chronicles though.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Masamune
  16. 💀 Happy Friday the 13th! 💀

    Especially to @Dav9834 cBtwbkP.gif

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    2. Dav9834



      :Yawn, rubs eyes: 

      Did I miss something? Oh look it's July 14th! 


      Happy July 14th everyone!!! 




    3. Masamune


      Oh, look who's back. Once again, it's impressive how you're able to hibernate through that entire day. 😅


      Damn, it looks like it's going to be quite a while before the next one. 😑

    4. Dragon-Archon


      @Masamune I don't like pineapple on pizza either :highfive: . That's a long time until the next Friday the 13th :| .

  17. 🌟 Merry Christmas, PSNP! 🎄


    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Honor_Hand


      Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you as well my friend. Excellent pic choice btw. :D

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  18. 🎆 Happy new decade, PSNP! FznRLfz.gif


  19. 🎄 🌟 Merry Christmas, PSNP! 🎅 ☃️


    Hope everyone has a fun & safe holiday! FznRLfz.gif

  20. 🎆 Happy 4th of July! 🎆


    Well, to the US users at least. :P Try not to burn any buildings down! XD onion head

    See the source image

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    2. Dav9834


      Nice!!! They came out great!! Next year I gotta set some off. It's been a few years since I have. 


    3. Masamune


      I'm hoping the weather will be a little more tolerable next year, the heat & humidity have been horrible lately. I actually almost skipped it this year because of it. hot2 onion head

    4. ShonenCat


      Happy 4th :yay:

  21. [.hack//G.U.] I just made it to one of the most depressing scenes in the game... I knew it was coming, but it was still so sad (similar to a certain scene in FF7). 😢


    Waaaa, Alkaid! How could you lose so easily? I had you up to Lv100! crying2 onion head Now I don't get her back till the end of Vol. 3. crying1 onion head



  22. [Agarest] Well I finished most of the Titles, the main ones I have left are the "obtain all weapons/armor/etc." ones... oh joy. bad atmosphere onion head


    I guess I'll go for the item section first since I'll need those to make the equipment, let's see what I need... studying onion head


    164     Orb of Ocean         /     Material for Smithing     Kraken (Boundary Zone - Sloth)
    190     Lucent Blade         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Rusty Blade
    194     Fiberglass         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Chozurimaru
    195     White Edge         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Reverse Katana
    196     Spinel         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Light Bringer
    198     Holy Beast's Eye     Eye of Holy Beast     /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Holy Beast Sword
    199     Shooting Star         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Meteorite Sword
    200     Key of Victory         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Avenger
    202     Roaring Flames         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Hinokagutsuti
    203     Magatama         /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Futsunomitama
    204     Moonbeam Butterfly     Moonlight Butterfly     /     Material for Smithing     Sword Convert Moonlight Sword
    207     Broad Blade         /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Zanbato
    209     Heavyweight Hilt         /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Tosukanotsurugi
    210     Guardian Sword         /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Shichishitou
    211     Promise Fang     Fang of Promise     /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Tyr's Fang
    212     Flame Magic Stone         /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Flamberge
    213     Flame Shadow Stone         /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Sea Fire
    214     Promise Stone     Stone of Promise     /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Annihilator
    215     Dragon Tears         /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Dragvindel
    216     Yeti's Breath     Breath of Yeti     /     Material for Smithing     Large Sword Convert Avalanche
    219     Unbreakable Edge         /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Sword Breaker
    220     Triple Blades         /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Triple Dagger
    221     Hunter's Medal     Medal of Hunter     /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Hunter's Blade
    223     Netherworld Pulse     Pulse of Netherworld     /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Mugen's Claw
    224     Spiral of Death         /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Spiral Claw
    225     Shining Red         /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Blood Red
    226     Necklace of Souls         /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Kogarasumaru
    227     Royal Crest         /     Material for Smithing     Dagger Convert Curtana
    230     Battle Axe         /     Material for Smithing     Spear Convert Pole-Axe
    232     Crystal Eye         /     Material for Smithing     Spear Convert Crystal Spear
    234     Triple Spear Edge         /     Material for Smithing     Spear Convert Trident
    235     Sunstone     Stone of Sun     /     Material for Smithing     Spear Convert Pinaka
    236     Glass of God         /     Material for Smithing     Spear Convert Sansentou
    241     Lucky Coin         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Staff of Blessing
    242     Spell Book         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Mystic
    244     Moon Water         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Luna's Wand
    245     Hammer of Wrath         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Calamity Spike
    246     Soma         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Madu
    247     Cat's Eye         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Cat's Eye
    248     Cursed Sign         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Cursed Eye
    249     Crystal Skull     Crystal Skeleton     /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Skeleton Staff
    250     Holy Light Stone         /     Material for Smithing     Rod Convert Holy Rod
    252     Gold Medallion         /     Material for Smithing     Knuckle Convert Gold Finger
    254     Fetter Chain         /     Material for Smithing     Knuckle Convert Inescapable Grasp
    257     Spring Barrel         /     Material for Smithing     Knuckle Convert Gatling Knuckles
    258     Dead Whispers     Whisper of Dead     /     Material for Smithing     Knuckle Convert Decayed Claw
    259     Sunrise         /     Material for Smithing     Knuckle Convert Starlight
    261     Curse Stake     Wedge of Curse     /     Material for Smithing     Knuckle Convert Naglfar
    263     Large Cart Wheel     Large Cartwheel     /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Moonring Blade
    264     Fairy Score     Roundelay of Fairy     /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Dancing Sword
    265     Assassin's Book         /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Chakram
    266     Eraser         /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Buistlatter
    267     Combat Scope         /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Attack Command
    268     Duel Ring         /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Brave Dance
    269     Thermal Strike         /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Silent Cross
    270     Tears of Stone     Tears Stone     /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Mizuchi
    271     Key to Hell's Gate     Key of Hell's Gate     /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Cruel Horn
    272     Lotus Arrow         /     Material for Smithing     Breaker Convert Noya Eye
    275     Assault Barrel         /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Assault Cannon
    277     Unite Scope         /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Snipe Buster
    278     Follow Seeker         /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Hidden Seeker
    279     Tuning Fork     Diapason     /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Sonic Gun
    280     Dark Shell         /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Hidden Blaster
    281     Banishing Shell         /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Blacksmir
    282     Purging Flame     Flame of Purge     /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Liquid Fire
    283     Burning Red         /     Material for Smithing     Gun Convert Salamander
    285     Skeleton Necklace         /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Bone Scythe
    286     Bloody Blade         /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Executioner
    287     Kamaitachi Ointment     Kamaitachi's Fat     /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Kamaitachi Arm
    288     Seal of Blood         /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Scythe of Contract
    289     Phantom Coin         /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Einphantom
    290     Green Spinel         /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Wind Slicer
    291     Ice Blade         /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Finbrain
    293     Minotaur's Yoke     Yoke of Minotaur     /     Material for Smithing     Scythe Convert Ginna's Scythe
    294     Light Circle         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Rusty Bracelet
    298     Turtle Shell         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Shell Bracelet
    299     Chime of Requiem         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Requiem Bracelet
    303     Jade         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Bracelet of Feicui
    304     Tougenkyo         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Phantom Bracelet
    305     Seal of Dead         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Bracelet of Requiem
    308     Ether Blood         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Divine Guard
    309     Crystal         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Crystal Bracelet
    310     Goblet of Darkness         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Dark Bracelet
    311     Goblet of Light         /     Material for Smithing     Armor Convert Bracelet of Light
    312     Mysterious Gem         /     Material for Smithing     Accessory Convert Rusty Ring

    Yeah... I think I'm going to relax tonight, maybe watch some anime, then I'll tackle that tomorrow. silence onion head

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls
    3. Masamune


      Item list complete (skill list too), next up is armor & accessories (only missing 8 pieces). :yay: I'm afraid I'm too scared to look at my weapon list yet though... -_- 

    4. Masamune


      Nevermind, I pretty much had everything I needed to make those 8 items. :P So I guess it's off to weapons now (it'll probably take me an hour just to put together a checklist). xD

  23. [Berseria] Okay, all I have to do now is rack-up some kills for Eizen (700), & Laphicet (900), then I'll have my next plat! :yay: Thankfully most of that can be done automatically. :P 


    I am saving the last Katz Chest for my Platinum-shot though, as I'm not 100% sure when the screenshot for the Titles trophy will be (my luck, it'd be right at that white screen after battle). <_<

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    2. Masamune


      That's what my second to last trophy came up as, that would've made a good one too:




      I kept it under a month (barely). xD 

    3. Redgrave


      Yeah, that's the one. Also nice choice of outfit for Rokurou and Eizen 👍

    4. Masamune


      I know, those alt color outfits are awesome, it's hard to tell (because of Eleanor's spear), but I have Rokuro's hair tied back so you can see his Daemon face too. xD 

  24. [Cross Edge] I caved & bought one of the costume sets for $4...



    I REGRET NOTHING!!! :shakefist: 

    1. LightningCharm


      Money well spent. ;)