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  1. Genji: Days of Blade and Heavenly Sword
  2. "I look like like a twisted, dark version of Tobey Maguire. Do others know that"? 
  3. <look at me big eyez...I'm gonna flood this floor with tears in a minute>
  4. I've just finished Bloodborne along with Old Hunters DLC...Took about 1,5 week and man, I just can't wait for the sequel!!!
  5. Great idea. Good luck everyone ;)....pssst hope I win!
  6. I'm a bit of jealous looking at Your Arkham origins platinum trophy, since it is no longer achievable Definitely worth a sin - stealing that beautiful bastard!!!
  7. I would like to take part in Okami HD giveaway
  8. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. HDefinitely
  9. Dragon, I thought that only games released on PSN could appear in IGC (Asura's Wrath I'm looking at you) <sad_face> P.S. That was magnificent game though!
  10. Wow... You have many unfinished games, but I would probably recommend not to bother with platting Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, because its difficulty level and time and patience amount needed to get through it. BTW, is Ninja Gaiden Z that hard as well, I have it in my backlog and dunno if I should play it or not (heard it's rather a crap).
  11. Wow... You have so many unfinished games But I would recommend you not to bother with getting platinum trophy in Lone Survivor, because IMHO it's impossible to plat it without using a guide all the time. And that being said, it's not fun at all having your nose stuck in the guide while playing
  12. Thank You guys for quick and meritorical responses You were right, there were free dlcs as patches.
  13. Like stated in the topic... Anyone knows where i could download these?