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  1. Wait, I thought people got riled up by the prosthetic arm thingy.
  2. Bought this game yesterday but I'm gonna holding off from platinum it because I want to plat this bitch on midnight of April 1, a perfect platinum for April Fool's day.
  3. Well what do you know! I had precisely £1 in my UK PSN acc. I'm trying to avoid this kind of EZPZ plat but I can't resist cheap & easy as shit platinum, caved in and bought this bitch.
  4. OIC, no wonder we couldn't find the guy you were talking about on PSNP 😂
  5. I think @Balnazzardi mistaken the date. Try check 12/03/2018 achievers, there are two anomalies.
  6. How did you managed to popped Valor Grand Cross trophy on a Friday? I've checked your name on the archive for week of 26/2/2018 - 5/3/2018, & 5/3/2018 - 12/3/2018. Your name aren't there. Care to explain?
  7. I'm a 'EZPZ slut' from time to time but I'm also try adding UR plat in my collection. If it's an EZ plat that cost 2 USD (or lower) then I'm all over that EZPZ d̶i̶c̶k̶ plat.
  8. Yes, all of the DLCs trophies can be done solo. I just 100% the game today.
  9. Warzone - Search & Destroy, your main arm the explosive, your alt disarm the explosive, rinse and repeat till the time runs out.
  10. Upgraded Grenade Launcher, Pistol, Machine Gun, & Shotgun, not a single upgrade trophy pop.
  11. Just had Bioshock Challenge Room DLC installed, will check out if it's possible to unlock upgrade trophy in the DLC's Challenge Room.
  12. Pretty sure he's saying that he's beaten the game on Easy than he played on Ultra-Violence for his second playthrough. But his trophies told a different story...
  13. Oh yeah I remember that guy, he's lucky that his name was on the leaderboard and his points was very close to that week's cutoff. Not sure if these 3 guys will get their flag lifted tho because their name wasn't even on the leaderboard so they can't use the same excuse "oh I got lucky the trophy glitched on me in a good way huhuhu" like that lucky dude.
  14. Of course it's a serious business 😉because people who actually boosted this digital valueless trophy went through multiple anxiety attacks throughout the week of boosting while those guys just happily whipped out their CFW console and hack the trophy. xo
  15. Now I've reported 3 people that'd hacked VGC trophy. Each week there will be one person that hack the trophy. Thanks to @Sergen for archiving the leaderboard. Anyone that's interested in weeding out these filthy hackers, check out this Weekly leaderboard archive created by Sergen and check out "Latest Achiever" of VGC, anyone who didn't listed on the leaderboard somehow miraculously got the trophy, report their filthy hacker asses (be sure to double check before reporting their trophies to avoid false accusations).