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  1. DLC trophies can't be earned offline (aka in Skirmish mode), all must be earned in Warzone.
  2. Maybe you should post the link of this step-by-step how baguette those two trophies.
  3. You can't cancel/pause the patches if you have a digital copy tho.
  4. Kinda disappointing for non VR owners. I hope Sony will release a patch or a non-VR version in the future.
  5. I'm going to buy the game once the price is low enough, and I'm coming after the plat for sure. This plat will be in my top 5 of my proudest platinums if I managed to get it, might even top off Max Payne 3 from the 1st place.
  6. Mass Effect 1, all the praises about this series (except Andromeda and maybe the third one of course) I thought it would be an enjoyable ride for me to play and plat the trilogy. Bought ME1 & ME2 while it was on sale. Played ME1 on my friend's PS3 for a few hours, bored me to death, I found the control to be clunky for my taste. Unlocked 3 trophies and decided that this isn't going to work for me, didn't sync the trophies but a year later in 2017, borrow my friend's PS3 to self-boost some of the games, totally forgot that ME1 trophy list is still there, sync that bitch up and now the forsaken game is in my trophy collection. I hope a year of not playing that game 'reset' my prior unpleasant experience and make me fall in love with the series.
  7. Having two PS3's after borrowing my friend's PS3, I gotta say that it helps me a lot to plat some of the games that I listed as "impossible" or "can't be arsed". My overall completion rate went up drastically after platinum some of those "can't be arsed" games such as GTA4, Aliens vs Predator, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Starhawk, and 100% Max Payne 3. Killzone 2 platinum is my priority at the moment but after I'm done with Killzone 2, I'm going to clear out my PS4 backlog such as CoD WW2, Life is Strange Before the Storm, Dishonored 1, Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection, Shadow of Mordor 1, and few of the free games from PS Plus IGC that I'm interested in playing.
  8. Or hopefully the server just delay the reset because of the down time.
  9. Most likely. I've planned out this week to boost for Valor Grand Cross trophy and this twat happened. So disappointing.
  10. My mate got an error code and his score are still at Today rank instead of Last Week rank.
  11. Wowzer that's horrible. 2 weeks of boosting this bore fest. GUYS THE SERVER IS UP!
  12. Yeah one of mate boosted a whole week, he must've been furious if all progress is wipe out. He got 21600 points.
  13. Like the title said, all it do when you are trying to to connect to Warzone is sending you to a blank Universe Select screen. Anyone facing a similar problem? Have this problem ever occurred in the past?
  14. Do you know if it's possible to self-boost like Killzone 2?
  15. How do you know whether the XP is counted for the ranks?