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  1. Does the disc BLES code matched the case's BLES code? The disc in your picture looks like the regular version, your seller must've swapped them. I have The Greatest Hits version and disc is "stamped" with "Greatest Hits" logo.
  2. Glad to hear that, going to 100% the game now 😁
  3. I am proud to say that after 34 attempts, I finally beaten Mein Leben on my 35th attempts! Hotdamn in the morning it feels like an explosive orgasm when the trophy popped on the screen. 🎉
  4. My favorite Christmas memory is when my dad brought a kitten on Christmas eve, we named him after a city in Turkey "Izmir". 8-9 years later the dude decided to take a walk and we never saw him ever again, hope he had a good life, missed that little bastard.
  5. 1) Fallout 1-2 Remake. 2) A new Destroy All Humans.
  6. Porkweed Just a shitty wordplay based on my PSN ID.
  7. Is it even possible to get perfect deer pelt using Varmint Rifle?
  8. Yeah in my playthrough the last request unlock near the end epilogue part 1.
  9. May I know which side mission, so I can keep my eyes on them during the mission. Even though that bird isn't required for Zoologist trophy, I would like to 100% the compendium.
  10. I'm 100% sure that I had precisely 150 bucks when I replay that mission last night and earned the Gold Rush trophy, no worries I'm gonna report back here once I get home in a few hours.
  11. Are you sure? I had 150 bucks with me when I replayed that mission and I even upgraded the rifle's scope and rifling during the replay.
  12. Chapter 2, "The Sheep and The Goats" mission was easy. When John asked you to buy the Rolling Block Rifle at the Gunsmith, go to the General Store instead and stock up Snake Oils (3× max) so you can use it when in the gunfight with Cornwall's men and when it's safe be sure to loot the bodies to replenish your Snake Oil because 3 Snake Oil are not enough. Only use Dead Eye briefly, and aim for the head.
  13. The ultimate goal of the spambot
  14. Here's the guide for the achievement/ trophy - Step 1 - Do everything the charlatan told you to do (swiping the eggs, pickpocket 5 rosaries, fake blood potion, replace the venison, the chicken, the mutton.) Here's the Fake Blood Recipe - - Wine - St. John Wort - Poppy - Thistle - Boil all of them at once ×1 - Finish Step 2 - Ask the bailiff about the Revenant, he'll asked you for help getting rid of the ruffians, team up with the said ruffians in scaring the villagers. Step 3 - Ask you best whining buds Fritz, & Matthew if they're still working with the Ledetchko Miller to help you scaring the villagers. (ignore this step if you got them killed or they're already moved on to Pribyslavitz) Step 4 - Kill a couple of villagers (killing them while they're asleep is advised). Step 5 - Finish the quest and congratulations you've unlocked the achievement/ trophy! Credit to reddit user u/soup_ayumi for helping me with the bailiff step.
  15. - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - The Orange Box - Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon - Saints Row 2