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  1. One of these? Sadly the code above can only be redeemed on Japan account.
  2. Yeah, all of the save files should work just fine but make sure that you buy the digital copy from the same region as your disk. Check for one of these code on your disk.
  3. There's one tho, "Teamplayer" - Win a multiplayer game as a team.
  4. I thought you had the physical copy of the base version, I have the physical copy of the base version and I bought digital copy of the Enhanced version for 6 USD when it was on sale. That's weird, the standard digital version still available for me to buy even though I'd bought the Enhanced digital version. So this thing is on the Enhanced version page when you you tryna buy it?
  5. Those screenshots give me RE: Outbreak vibe.
  6. I voted for BL3, thank you for doing this dawg.
  7. 19 games Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - 3 Max Payne 3 - 3 CoD: Black Ops 3 - 4 CoD: Black Ops 2 - 3 GTA IV - 8 The Long Dark - 7 Starhawk - 5 Aliens vs Predator - 2 CoD: Infinite Warfare - 3 CoD: WWII - 1 Red Dead Redemption 2 - 1 Batman Arkham City (PS3) - 2 Euro Fishing - 1 Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 1 Dead Rising 2 (PS3) - 1 Killzone 2 - 1 Vanquish - 2 Red Dead Redemption - 1 Tropico 5 - 1
  8. #146 - The Long Dark (NA) "Survive the Quiet Apocalypse" Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Gameplay wise, it's an enjoyable Survival Game and I love everything about this game especially the atmosphere however trophy hunting wise, it's a slog because of this 1 gold trophy - "The Will to Live" AKA The Will to Plat This trophy basically put me off from platinum the game as fast as possible because I'd already bored out of my mind on Day 54 and I took a break from this game for a few months. If you're having trouble falling asleep, going after this trophy might be the one that will help you to fall asleep. Once I'd reached Day 500, I was so burned out that I had to take another break from the game for a few days, otherwise all other trophies in the list are enjoyable to get.
  9. Gearbox add Claptrap DLC trophies for JP ver after patching cross-save feature for the PS4 ver but the DLC was never released for JP ver which means achieving 100% is impossible without hacking/ resigning your save.
  10. Yup all game DLC are region locked so your R1 disc won't recognized the DLC that you buy from R2 store, however there's a workaround you can create US PSN account so that you can buy the DLC for your R1 disc. I have accounts from 4 countries (US - R1, Britain - R2, Malaysia - R3, & Australia - R4) just so that I can buy any disc from any region without worrying about DLC incompatibility problem.
  11. Yes you can unlock trophies in your rented server as long as you have 4 minimum players with you but you have to tweak the server's settings first in order to do this, and you can even promote your boosting partner to become the server's admin so they help can you kick any randos. Edit: forgot to say that as long as you have 4 minimum players, & the game also have to be RANKED.
  12. But that glitch only works for the "Initiation" DLC, not the base game. Even the link you'd provided said that it's for Initiation DLC.
  13. Sorry, I can't be of any help to you with that because I'm mostly played with Assault class, & I don't even remember what kind of guns that's in the game since it's been a long time that I'd played the game.
  14. Those shortcut packs only unlock base weapons, "Only base game progression items included shortcut kit does not include items included in future downloadable content, items added by expansion packs, content that must be unlocked through Battlepacks, or promotional offer items." It won't screw you out of any trophy since there is no "10 kills with x" trophy in the base game, & no DLCs weapons going to unlock from the pack but if it did unlock, it would actually helped you since few of the DLC weapons are a pain in the ass to unlock (without boosting).