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  1. I mostly replicated BigBossImBeamer strats, and just wing it throughout my 35 attempts but there are two sections that I intensively practiced before my 1st Mein Leben attempt which were the courtroom, and the two Zerstörer at the top of the Ausmerzer. Most of the time that I died was at the wheelchair section, and just me being a overconfident dumbfuck in the later levels so yeah be sure to be humble throughout your Mein Leben run(s), there's a couple of times that I died because of skipping gone wrong by falling to my death so if you're glitching/skipping by sure to follow exactly what's in the video and don't wander or you might fall to your death.
  2. Voted for Ghost since I already pre-order TLoU2. I'm eager to play both games 😆
  3. You can unlock all of the base trophies using the debug menu. There are a f̶e̶w̶ couple players managed to popped all of their trophies using the debug menu back in 2017.
  4. I read on pushsquare review of the game saying that it's "On PS4 Pro, the title appears to aim for 60 frames per second...", I stand corrected. Anyway, here's hoping 2K fix the game ASAP, I'd really love to play the game again.
  5. I'm pretty sure that the game run on 60FPS on PS4 Pro compare to OG/Slim PS4 30FPS, maybe that's why the game run horribly on PS4 Pro.
  6. After leaving the game running for a few hours on my alt account, I can personally confirmed that you won't be needing a turbo controller for this glitch. Hope the developer didn't bring back the auto-pause feature in the patches.
  7. Still works.
  8. The DLCs make an appearance once again on UK Store after being removed a couple of years ago. Jimmy's Vendetta https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP1001-BLES00521_00-PMAFIA2XXX000020 Joe's Adventures https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP1001-BLES00521_00-PMAFIA2XXX000014
  9. Can anyone confirm whether the game automatically pause after 20 minutes like the PS3 version? I don't have a turbo controller for my PS4, and Remote Play on my PC is being a PITA because of some connection error bullshit so I can't use this method if the game keep pausing.
  10. If you have a physical copy of the game, check the spine of the box or the disc, it will have this logo. And any digital game that you bought from a US account will be R1, EU will be R2, Asia = R3, & Oceania = R4. Sometimes you might find this, R All will only recognized DLC from US account.
  11. The question is what region is your game. If your game is R1 then yes, you can download the DLC from your US account and play it on your EU account. However if your game is R2 then no, you will only wasting your money by buying the DLC from your US account because the game won't recognized the DLC.
  12. None of you guys that managed to snagged this got the license of the game revoked?
  13. It's impossible for someone to unlock those Easter Egg trophies so close together without cheating. Each Easter Egg will take you around an hour or two that's if you're being carried by a couple of Pro Zombie players that know the steps of the EEs like the back of their hand. Below is a screenshot of my own timestamp for "High Maintenance", & "Mined Games" that I got helped from a couple of Pro Zombie players. Also @T-Virus_x3 did you do the easter eggs solo?
  14. Does the game keep pausing every 20 minutes like PS3 version?