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  1. You realy don’t need it. It is very easy game ( just one mission with only Bbee is a bit pain). 10-12 h platinum 🙂.
  2. Well, it is hard to say. Judging by fact, that "retry" doesnt count to your main sponsor challanges,I am sceptical about this. I am half way through campain and I have absolutely no idea how much of "Spare Some Change for Gas" trophy is done :(. We rly need that sweet PS5 progress bar feature :).
  3. Hi guys, Did you lose all your progress with installing 1.03 patch? Me and at least some of reviewers did. Now I am even unable to save game. Everytime I start Dirt 5 I have to start over from tutorial race :(. What about you?
  4. Well it is 5/10 for me... Today I finished campaign on hard and it took me around 10 hours (missing only two silver trophies). It is not absolutely terrible but it is simplified way to much so it gets boring after few missions. It is hardly 40 € game. I would recommend to wait for discount if you are fan of Transformers... miss it completly if you are not.
  5. I managed to complate long endurance without problem. But I was afraid whole time that crash may occure and I would lose entire progress with it.
  6. Well thank you very much, it works I am still unable to find it directly from PS console search (tried several parts of game name) but on phone it works just fine... after that, it appeared in my library. So thanks again :).
  7. Nope... game is nowhere to be found in Czech PS Store.
  8. Np mate, I was confused by "always busy" homies as well, than I figured it out :D. Have fun playing SR3!
  9. You have to unlock gang slot in upgrade menu first... than you can call your homies to help you. Otherwise there are "busy" and wont come.
  10. Well, yes. I am currently 5 hours in and it seems like fine remaster. There are some bugs here and there but nothing gamebreaking. Trophies works fine for me... at least for now.
  11. I finished long endurance just yesterday and it had 109 races... so yeah it is odd. Mby last patch added two more tracks?
  12. Thanks for the heads up :). My review copy is on the way. I hope this is well made and considered remaster. I always liked SR, especially second one.
  13. Today it worked just fine, so nvm. I just hope this wont happen at the end of long Endurance :D.
  14. Hello, every time I try to beat last race of the last professional tournent (India), game freezes in the same point... is it just me or you experiece same problem in this section of game? Mby last patch caused this issue? Thanks and HF playing games :).
  15. Yep, same problem here... My arena deck has three Drummers but no trophy :(.