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  1. I'd pretty much say so. Especially considering that something such as aiming and shooting are entirely pressure based.
  2. I bought it back in 2013 around March, I believe.
  3. Lost mine as well.
  4. CQC her. Use stealth camo if you don't feel confident enough to sneak up on her through normal means. Another thing to bear in mind regarding supply drops is to time it. Peak out of cover when it's a few feet above her head.
  5. Pretty much CAPCOM, right now.
  6. You made a thread for something so pointless... Care about what you do with your own game and worry not about others.
  8. I'd like to nominate this guide: know some will think I'm nominating it solely because at a quick glance at my username and games that I the love Metal Gear Solid series, but that's not the case. I like how the guide went in depth with it's explanation for about every trophy rather than most guides where it just says, "Just do what the aforementioned trophy description says" as well as recommending equipment you should bring into a mission whilst not spoiling anything for you. I'm also pleased that the author of the guide keeps up to date with the game''s patches, such as when the most recent patch tried to disallow players from grinding that the author found an exploit to bypass this. And for anyone who doesn't want to read any of the above... TL;DR: It's a damn great guide.
  9. #25 - METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Guns of The Patriots The Legendary Hero Got this about 2 weeks back and forgot about it as a result of MGSV.
  10. How is someone's platinum 'duplication' affecting you? It's not cheating. I always wonder how people like you lose sleep over this stuff.
  11. #24 - Dragon Age II The Ultimate Reward
  12. #23 - Mass Effect 2 N7 Elite
  13. #22 - Mass Effect N7 Elite
  14. I can confirm it's safe since I did it so I could get the hardest VR missions(Snake MGS1) first. You're all set man.