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  1. Platinum # 139 End of the World View each and every possible outcome My favorite game of those I played this year! 😍 Now I'm a bit sad to be 100% done with it, but in a couple of months I think I will start the sequel!
  2. I'm Your Number One Fan! View Al's ending The Observer View Lydia's ending
  3. Platinum #138 Trophies Completed Acquired all of the trophies
  4. Praying for Mercy View Clea's ending Honey, Bee Careful! View Lily's ending
  5. Platinum #137 Crossing Fate Mastered BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE
  6. Thought You Were Finished, Huh? View the normal ending
  7. Do you need a reason to battle? [Network] Won in a Room Match. I love fighting games like this, where all the other players online are godlike beings that can kill you in a single combo attack, without even letting you touch the ground or have a chance to react. I'm very bad at fighting games so my strategy to get the trophies for online victories was waiting to strike until one of the few beginners around showed up... it was like being a hyena or a vulture stalking its prey 😅
  8. Executioner Kill 666 enemies (before the game crashes and loses the count ) Today I've got the last obtainable trophy from this horrid piece of turd (since there are 4 unobtainables) so in a moment of infinite joy I finally deleted this cancer from my HDD
  9. # 136 The Final Verse Congratulations! Thanks for playing!
  10. Angel of Death Die 100 Times It's funny that a trophy that looks so easy in theory is now my rarest trophy, with a rarity of 0.08% 😅 The reason is that this game is trash and after every death there is a high chance that the PS4 freezes when reloading, also it doesn't help that all the 100 deaths must be done in the same session, without quitting o having the game crash... Usually for me a crash was guaranteed at around 50 deaths, but some times I made it to 70, then yesterday it crashed at 96 deaths 😫 but at least that gave me a little hope to retry today and finally get it!
  11. U Rare Coordinator Equipped Ultra Rare items for your Weapon, Armor, Costume, and Accessory simultaneously I would have much preferred the platinum trophy since today is the series' 10th anniversary, but I'm a little far from that so a gold trophy will have to do 😅
  12. # 135 Volgarr the VikingAquire all trophies and become a true Viking Legend!
  13. # 134 MARVELOUS! Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash
  14. Shoo, Fly! Don't Bother Me View Lucil's ending
  15. It wasn't my fault this time 😢 The animation for that attack plays with fixed camera so I wasn't moving it, and usually you can see her panties for a split second when she jumps. It's just that my PS4, that is a master in screenshotting black screens for trophies, this time had a good eye 😚 You're right, it's the funny number! 😄