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  1. A lot of great and helpful guides this year, thanks as always to the staff for keeping this site going and for giving me a couple nomination! Gameplay: GTA 3 100%/Is That All You Got guide Personal 5 Royal Confidants Guide Walkthrough: The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough Demon's Souls Full Trophy Walkthrough Niche: I Am Bread Trophy Guide Subnautica Trophy Guide DLC: Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Trophy Guide Minecraft Expansion 11 Trophy Guide Formatting: Honestly every single one of these choices was great for this category but... Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two Trophy Guide The Last of Us Part 2 Trophy Guide Imported: BlazBlue Chronophantasma Trophy Guide Million Arthur Arcana Blood Trophy Guide Original Content: Harvest Moon Light of Hope Trophy Guide Jotun Trophy Guide And for Guide of the Year: The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough
  2. Heard the game is on PS Now. Anyone know if the DLC is available there as well? Really want to do this meme of a game someday to 100%.
  3. Ive written a ton of guides, not sure I'd be the right fit for this though; not the most technology savvy person or particularly active on discord/social media, but good luck to everyone!
  4. So I was browsing all the guides I've favorited over the years and noticed that there are a few guides that are now unpublished that I favorited a long time ago and can't remove from my favorited guides list. For example, Energy Cycle and Storm Boy. Is there a reasoning/bug causing this? Or a way to un favorite that I'm missing? Thanks, just looking to clean up the tab a bit lol
  5. Currently working on Destinations, only need the secret victories emblem and the vouchsafe rifle from Dreaming City
  6. Having the same problem, my main account gets into the online without issue but my second account gets stuck, downloaded version, tried deleting and re installing everything but it didn't work
  7. He's unreasonably salty that I said I don't like readysetheroes and made extra accounts to yell/insult me on youtube, its honestly kind of hilarious
  8. Lol I haven't written too many in 2020 aside from DLCs and my destroy all humans copy still hasn't shipped...
  9. That happened to me on one of them, it crashed during the fast travel out of the arena after winning, didn't mess up my trophy
  10. Good to know about that stupid awakening trophy, just went online to auto pop the intel trophies, looks like the one for building all schematics on mayday also auto pops lol
  11. I know that some stuff for extinction carries over but can you auto pop any DLC trophies? A friend told me doing one requirement for each will auto pop the respective trophy; I got egg stra xp like this but that was before I had done anything else
  12. With the exception of talking to squidward 10 times every trophy will be unlocked while completing the game to 100%, 3/10 difficulty due to one or two difficult spatulas in the kelp forrest, day 1 pickup for sure
  13. yeah its still broken, hell burbia crashed on round 20 wave 2 for me though I couldn't skip rounds since I don't have a modded weapon
  14. Awesome job on the rest of the BO2 guides! I'm sure many people will find them helpful! :D