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  1. I had like 4 trophies that weren't unlocking then the game froze so I quit and started back up and those 4 popped at the same time
  2. note that you can fix the problem by quitting out of the game entirely and that will start you at the beginning of the mission, just annoying it has to be this way
  3. Ok so on the mission The Atonment if you die the game completely glitches out. After the checkpoint restarts the game refuses to progress, the girl refuses to get into the vehicle you're in and the mission just repeatedly fails after a couple minutes. Clearly Ubish*t refuses to bug test their games...
  4. I thought they released the same day lol
  5. Is the remastered version coming with Far Cry 5 going to have a trophy list? Usually would have seen it by now
  6. I will be checking this out in the near future, that would make the 100% so much easier after the first planet
  7. Yep ordered a new copy off ebay and my PS3 is a very old one, I got it in May or June of 2008 its not a slim
  8. managed to play a little longer and start getting trophies, just keeps crashing every 5-10 minutes, hoping its just a problem with the disc
  9. tried restarting the game and deleting everything multiple times, still no good
  10. Just bought the game (physical version), nothing seems to be wrong with the disc, yet I can't even beat the first mission as the game freezes and I have to restart the console after like 5 minutes of playing, has happened 5 times tonight, really annoying since its the only borderlands I have left to plat and spent money on it.
  11. whitetail challenge, orc slayer, and little adventure on the prairie are probably the worst I've played
  12. Nintendo does that too but at least more of their games are actually good
  13. Quality control hasn't existed since maybe 2015-early 2016 lol
  14. This definitely isn't an artifex game but it sounds like they took that same kind of trophy list almost word for word. Also play 3 hours or play the entire game without stopping seems really stupid...
  15. Homefront 1: servers closed without notice early into my trophy hunting days so unable to get 6 online trophies Hasbro family game night: one stupidly easy online trophy but when I bought the game the guide didn't say the servers had already gone down... Red Dead Redemption: got the platinum back in 2014 but probably won't manage to get the 100% because of how bad the servers are