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  1. Good to know about that stupid awakening trophy, just went online to auto pop the intel trophies, looks like the one for building all schematics on mayday also auto pops lol
  2. I know that some stuff for extinction carries over but can you auto pop any DLC trophies? A friend told me doing one requirement for each will auto pop the respective trophy; I got egg stra xp like this but that was before I had done anything else
  3. With the exception of talking to squidward 10 times every trophy will be unlocked while completing the game to 100%, 3/10 difficulty due to one or two difficult spatulas in the kelp forrest, day 1 pickup for sure
  4. yeah its still broken, hell burbia crashed on round 20 wave 2 for me though I couldn't skip rounds since I don't have a modded weapon
  5. Awesome job on the rest of the BO2 guides! I'm sure many people will find them helpful! :D 

  6. 100% luck based list
  7. So I recently sent a support request to gearbox not to fix the mode but instead to change the trophies to either auto pop when importing a character from the ps3 since that version worked, or to modify the trophies to unlock earlier. Support person was nice and said they had sent it to the next level. Not sure if it means anything will happen but would highly recommend more people to put in this kind of request to make the trophies more obtainable, especially since this problem doesn't exist on other platforms. Otherwise a BBB request could become our only chance.
  8. I have a feeling it will happen to bring even more people back to the game, although I do still need to kill the scorchbeast queen anyway lol
  9. Congrats everyone!
  10. Lol Ive got that remake pre ordered, special edition of it actually
  11. Would love to see more remasters of the old Nickelodeon games, Mercenaries, Destroy all Humans, and a sequel to Freedom Fighters
  12. Hey everyone, I am working on updating the guides to account for this change, thanks for the notifications! though it is a bit frustrating to know I did 70 medals the hard way lol
  13. I deleted my worlds after doing the trading and saving and quitting, trophy didn't unlock after 30 runs at 36 diamonds each
  14. I’m at a point where I have two options, either do another full playthrough to get a good full level Lilith, or I’m going to start sending support requests daily lol, I’ll point out that they don’t have to fix the game itself, they just need to make the trophies unlock for finishing the lesser challenges instead or something like that, games like destiny 2 and r6 siege have done this without issue
  15. from what I remember this is the hardest one