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  1. I’m so ready for a new destroy all humans game and the remakes of all the old Nickelodeon games lol
  2. I rented one as well but nothing is unlocking
  3. @BryarSlayer sorry man didn't see it was getting a lot of messages the last few weeks working on other games
  4. definitely give some kind of guide if you can lol this dlc is going to be the one thing stopping my 100%
  5. Ill add this to the trophy guide, this might be one of the worst games for trophy hunters I've ever seen...
  6. so far 2/3 of the way through johns region infamous isn't that tough if you have the mars weapons and some good vehicles/sniper rifle, dlc hasn't appeared in the store yet
  7. since Im sure someone will ask, getting the secret ending at the very beginning of the game will not unlock the trophy, just tried it out
  8. I got off my second planet in permadeath got really lucky with caves near spawn and ship lol
  9. PS3: monkey island special edition bundle (monkey island 1 and 2), fallout 3 or new vegas Vita: papers please, oceanhorn PS4: detroit, hellblade, god of war
  10. Seriously, this mode is complete garbage, wait 20 minutes to get in a game and then waste an hour of your life only to die because the game decides to screw you over randomly. Everything kills me in 1-2 shots no matter how much health I have and I dont see how extraction once is even possible. Oh and I just love how the game decides to spawn two elites right on top of me out of nowhere with flamethrowers when I'm so close to the end... Would seriously rather do the underground and last stand grinds twice if I didn't have to do this game mode at all
  11. Ok eventually got it by killing 5 psychos in the same session of co op campaign, was not the host and didn't get the killing blow on all of them, not sure exactly why it didn't pop in sandbox though so anyone still playing be wary of this one
  12. So I killed well over 5 psychos in co op sandbox and haven't gotten the trophy (and 3 more in campaign co op). Am I missing something? The PS3trophies guide says that it can be done between multiple partners and session, do I have to like get the last hit or am I missing something else?
  13. I had like 4 trophies that weren't unlocking then the game froze so I quit and started back up and those 4 popped at the same time
  14. note that you can fix the problem by quitting out of the game entirely and that will start you at the beginning of the mission, just annoying it has to be this way
  15. Ok so on the mission The Atonment if you die the game completely glitches out. After the checkpoint restarts the game refuses to progress, the girl refuses to get into the vehicle you're in and the mission just repeatedly fails after a couple minutes. Clearly Ubish*t refuses to bug test their games...