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  1. Ok here goes: Guide of of the year: Detroit become human: this game would have been somewhat of a nightmare to platinum without a step by step guide to all the trophies and a roadmap from start to finish, so this guide made the game so much easier and less time consuming. DLC: gta v the doomsday heist: so much info and plenty of videos that will make this DLC much more doable if I ever go back to it. Walkthrough: Claire trophy walkthrough: like many others have said the attention to detail and images make an otherwise strange and confusing game much more simple and I will definitely be using this guide in the near future. Niche guide: Kona: the game can be quite challenging to figure out and navigate but the guide is very helpful with obtaining the platinum in one play through and makes the game more enjoyable not having to worry about missing anything.
  2. Hey man I saw your post, we are almost done with a red dead 2 trophy guide but we are also writing a supplementary guide for the gold medals, challenges, and 100% and it would be great to have a third pair of eyes look over that one and provide tips

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    2. NCSFan001


      ok cool I'll add you to the 100% guide you can look over everything make sure were correct and fill in wherever you can, the main guide will be done in a couple days we only have two trophies and tips left

    3. NL_Sion


      Thanks, I will.
      Will try to add some info tommorow evening.
      (I am living in the Netherland btw)

    4. NL_Sion


      I read the RDR2 Trophy Guide (not the one I was helping on).
      But for Lending A Hand, the mission " Pouring Forth Oil parts 1-4" is not needed acording to the RDR2 Official Guide (from Rockstar themselves)

      Maybe on that guide you can also upload the pictures that show what missions are in each chapter, and when one becomes missible. If you want I can also work those out and add it to that trophy guide.

  3. Wow very cool new idea with the awards!
  4. do you also have to skin/kill animals like dogs and horses or others that don't list skinning as an option in the completion menu?
  5. yes they disable trophies
  6. didnt mind the first two will pick this up when it gets cheaper, there are two other heavy fire games that were only on the Wii i think
  7. Im going to bet something like 30-35 zombies trophies since there are 4 maps (bring back MOTD trophies and add new ones for 9, Titanic, and Classified) 5-10 standard multiplayer trophies in line with previous games (level up, prestige, a few miscellaneous) 5-10 battle royale trophies (win, get kills, levels if theyre separate from MP, maybe some kind of small easter egg like battlefield 4, etc)
  8. In response to your tweet, some games i can suggest that are quickish 5-7 difficulty plats(some may dip into the 4/10 range but difficulty is always subjective), velocity ultra and velocity x2(x2 is much harder, also its much easier on vita), bionic commando, shovel knight, rayman origins, hotline miami, touhou bullet ballet, touhou kobuto v burst battle, guacamelee, crash nsane trilogy, gravity rush 1 and 2(vita version of 1 is way harder), mirrors edge catylist, strider, parappa the rapper, megaman x legacy collection 1+2, deadpool, castlevania lords of shadow.

    1. Spaz


      A lot of skill based platinums there. I know NCSFan001 through his Youtube channel ZPTV123 which I watch every now and then. I don't see anything on his account like the games you listed. Velocity 2X, Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami and Guacamelee all require skill to beat.


      The Mega Man X Legacy Collection Vol 1 and 2 are skill based as well, but after beating the games once you can just turn on Rookie Hunter Mode which makes everything a lot easier.


      The Crash Bandicoot trilogy will require a fair amount of skill to beat those time trials. Especially the first game, which is the hardest of the three.

  9. I’m so ready for a new destroy all humans game and the remakes of all the old Nickelodeon games lol
  10. I rented one as well but nothing is unlocking
  11. @BryarSlayer sorry man didn't see it was getting a lot of messages the last few weeks working on other games
  12. definitely give some kind of guide if you can lol this dlc is going to be the one thing stopping my 100%
  13. Ill add this to the trophy guide, this might be one of the worst games for trophy hunters I've ever seen...
  14. so far 2/3 of the way through johns region infamous isn't that tough if you have the mars weapons and some good vehicles/sniper rifle, dlc hasn't appeared in the store yet
  15. since Im sure someone will ask, getting the secret ending at the very beginning of the game will not unlock the trophy, just tried it out