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  1. Spec ops most likely wasn’t included in the main list since it is a ps exclusive for a year, would’ve made it impossible to get any equivalent of a platinum on Xbox and pc unless their list was different to begin with
  2. what invincibility glitch haven't been able to find one online
  3. Every time I try to collect the unique technical in Meridian Outskirts as soon as I get out on the digistruct pad it crashes the game. Anyone else with this issue? Not trophy breaking but definitely a problem...
  4. I was thinking the same thing lol
  5. dumb question maybe but anything missable in the DLC? assuming no but want to make sure before starting
  6. Who from the Destory all Humans 2 guide team tested the co-op trophy stuff?

    1. NCSFan001


      I dont remember it was years ago lol

  7. Got a message from someone saying they thought it had been fixed but still crashed on them on like round 18-19 so still not sure
  8. Nice work on the BO1 guides. You gonna work on BO2's as well? 

    1. NCSFan001


      dont know yet, haven't finished BO2 so maybe when I end up doin it

    2. ArmoredSnowman


      Ah nice. I've noticed that only Origins has had a guide made, thus far. TranZit and Die Rise aren't too difficult. But again, nice job! :D

  9. somebodee wan to expain why the two lists have different numbers of trophies lol?
  10. honestly sounds like an intentional design knowing scott's trolling in all the games lol
  11. So when doing this I'm assuming you mean hold L2, while holding it you flick the right stick up toward the head and then tap R2 to fire? I haven't had a ton of success pulling headshots I still get a good number of body shots, might add this to the guide lol
  12. Sorry about that lol I'm just now in the next month starting to go back and grind out a lot of old games and I want to know what I'm getting into, given I've heard a few games need separate internet beyond two consoles
  13. A couple people have said some games like Far Cry 2 require separate connections for anything beyond a second console
  14. Ok cool thanks!
  15. I have two consoles so I know I can self boost the 2 player trophies, if I get two more consoles can I self boost the 4 player trophies or do I need a separate internet connection for more than two?