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  1. what invincibility glitch haven't been able to find one online
  2. Every time I try to collect the unique technical in Meridian Outskirts as soon as I get out on the digistruct pad it crashes the game. Anyone else with this issue? Not trophy breaking but definitely a problem...
  3. Seriously, this mode is complete garbage, wait 20 minutes to get in a game and then waste an hour of your life only to die because the game decides to screw you over randomly. Everything kills me in 1-2 shots no matter how much health I have and I dont see how extraction once is even possible. Oh and I just love how the game decides to spawn two elites right on top of me out of nowhere with flamethrowers when I'm so close to the end... Would seriously rather do the underground and last stand grinds twice if I didn't have to do this game mode at all
  4. I was thinking the same thing lol
  5. dumb question maybe but anything missable in the DLC? assuming no but want to make sure before starting
  6. Got a message from someone saying they thought it had been fixed but still crashed on them on like round 18-19 so still not sure
  7. somebodee wan to expain why the two lists have different numbers of trophies lol?
  8. honestly sounds like an intentional design knowing scott's trolling in all the games lol
  9. So when doing this I'm assuming you mean hold L2, while holding it you flick the right stick up toward the head and then tap R2 to fire? I haven't had a ton of success pulling headshots I still get a good number of body shots, might add this to the guide lol
  10. I have two consoles so I know I can self boost the 2 player trophies, if I get two more consoles can I self boost the 4 player trophies or do I need a separate internet connection for more than two?
  11. Sorry about that lol I'm just now in the next month starting to go back and grind out a lot of old games and I want to know what I'm getting into, given I've heard a few games need separate internet beyond two consoles
  12. I know the game requires 6 players to do the DLCs, can it be done with more than two consoles/extra controllers or does that require a separate internet connection?
  13. A couple people have said some games like Far Cry 2 require separate connections for anything beyond a second console
  14. I have two consoles, can I self boost everything in a private session (aside from the poker ace trophy, co op trophies, and the triple kill in the pre match phase)?
  15. Ok cool thanks!
  16. So can the MVP trophies be boosted in a rented server? And can everything be done with four consoles if I own that many?
  17. Is this one of the games where you need separate internet connections if you have more than two consoles?
  18. if this were to work in cod classic...
  19. On this note has anyone had the Never Go it Alone (join 20 teams) trophy glitch? I joined a friend/had him join me at least 20 times and didn't get it though this was a month or two ago
  20. Question, if you transfer a character from ps3 that has finished the Mad Moxxi DLC will it autopop the trophies? Assuming no but just want to know
  21. I just completed gully first try using the two controller method, the trophy popped but the game crashed while we were fast traveling out of the arena, I swear if that screws up the gold trophy...
  22. playing in co-op could screw it up on ps3, as well as accidentally accepting multiple missions related to looting the armory
  23. didnt these guys make wild turkey hunter and whitetail challenge? the latter is the worst game I have ever platinumed I legit got motion sickness from it
  24. Thank God finally got it to work by replaying the sub chapters before and after graveyard all in a row
  25. I have beaten the entire game on grounded + but for some reason graveyard in Bills town refuses to register as complete on grounded, I have beaten it 3 times now and let the game autosave but it just wont count no matter what I do