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  1. That might be an explanation indeed... If so, then those damn cards are heck of pure evil power 🙄
  2. OK so I was cruising through career mode, playing on Very Easy while focusing on getting as many objectives as I could per match, barely loosing any point to anybody, everything was well, kind of boring but going fine... Until all of a sudden, right in the middle of my quarter finals against De Minaur in the Australian Open, game became absolutly out of control, AI opponent started hitting serves at 249 km/h, throwing winning shots all over, and no matter what I would serve or return, how perfect my shoots were, it was an immediate unplayable canon winning shot in return each and every single time. I checked the difficulty: was still on Very Easy, tried to switch to something else, it was the same thing but with even faster shots (impossible to play even one hit or even come close to be near the ball enough to even hit it). So just to let you know if that happens to anyone of you mates, the good old "turn it off and on again" work like a charmed for me, after rebooting the game, that darn De Minaur was back to being crappy on Very Easy and lost without scoring anything.
  3. @DavySuicide&@GUDGER666 Well, my friends, you know (or don't) what Robert A. Heinlein said about that... "Does history record ANY case in which the majority was right?" But fine by me, you're all free to like and enjoy PB as much as you desire, i just haven't, end of story... With much peace, Cheers, Fabien.
  4. @helyx Well you know what they say: "Taste and colours... " 😉
  5. Really is depressing to think that I've completly wasted 20h of my life going through this awful experience. Please Naughty Dog, don't you ever pull such a scam on us again, it really was painful to play and embarassing to watch.
  6. If it's anything like the show: then everyone should stay faaaaaar away from this, as this show is most likely among the 3 most over-rated crap of this decade. But @Argandalf thanks for the heads-up on the sale !
  7. Agreed to that. Stay away from that piece of trash, it's absolutely awful.