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  1. Rest in peace Iwata. Hopefully you will forever be with your beloved bananas. You once, or twice, or like fifty times said Please Understand, and we now understand.
  2. Damn man, Iwata died to us bitching about their e3 (which admittedly was pretty awful compared to most of their e3s) and wanting to get metroid prime federation force canceled. Nintendo Directs will never be the same without Iwata. RIP man

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Well to be fair Metroid Prime Federation Force looks like a pile of shit.

    3. Tha_RoXaS_XIII
    4. NotAFoxAnymore


      Coming from someone who has never played Metroid, FF didn't look that bad..

  3. Yea I know this doesn't mean shit at the end of the day. How would it being a bomberman rip off change anything though
  4. I like the title Bombing Bastards way more than Busters. Any clue on why they censored it? The steam and Wii U versions are titled Bastards, and christ knows if nintendo lets a name slide sony should too.
  5. I feel like I've read articles on Journey Collectors Edition (retail) coming to PS4, but still no listings on amazon etc. Is it happening or not? Cuz I would actually purchase that again. Same thing with Helldivers (except that was a lot more recent that the retail version got announced). Normally you get an amazon listing the second something is announced....

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Journey for PS4 has been confirmed, but not sure about a retail release.

    2. dtrexofgaming


      Aaaaaannnnd Helldivers retail is on amazon. But holy shit $40 is steep for that.

    3. D-Tron


      ^A bundled retail release of thatgamecompany's games (flOw, Flower and Journey) was confirmed to come to PS4 sometime ago, but I haven't hear about it either.

  6. As long as the ESRB doesn't censor valuable content like the MPAA does (which the esrb is very good about not doing, case and point them being the only ones not to censor South Park, and letting Postal 2 be sold). However op if/once they do I will lose any respect for them I had. But as it is now I think they're fine, they have made a few stupid decisions like giving Hatred an AO but overall I think they're perfectly fine
  7. I seriously wish that you could delete a trophy list regardless of %
  8. Saints Row (Sorry, but the series needs to restart from the tone put in stone in SR3. I love SR4, I probably like it even more than 3 but the direction the series is going is Horrible. By the way Saints Row is my favorite games franchise... Even though I really only like 3 and 4 ) Sly Cooper (not really a reboot by Sly 5 is needed) Jak and Daxter (everyone has already said this, I'll just shut up) Twisted Metal (just like sly cooper, not really a reboot but a new Twisted Metal for PS4 would be awesome) Crash Bandicoot? (Everyones already said this, and I have a feeling it would be shit but I'd still like to see a new crash) Modnation Racers (I really think the idea had a lot of potential, it was just overshadowed by LBP) Duke Nukem (no comment on this besides make it good) Buzz! (I really just want to see another boxed copy of Buzz on the shelves, even though trivia video games are a thing of the past I want to see another one) Resistance (I really liked the direction 3 was going in, but then the series was canceled. Oh well) Ratchet and Clank (No I'm not counting this mysterious remake of the first Ratchet game a reboot. I want a new trilogy of Ratchet Games. At least give us A Ratchet Future Collection with updated graphics for PS4.) 3D Dot Game Heroes (It was a fun little game, would like to see another) Motorstorm (motorstorm is so much fun, and considering Driveclub is what the dev went on to make, they would be MUCH better off just making another motor storm) Ni No Kuni (I want a new one, not a reboot but a new one) Puppeteer (A second chance for this series please?) Starhawk (I feel like it had a lot of potential that could be seen in a sequel, but Sony won't do it) Dragons Crown (It was a fun beat em up, would buy a new one) 3D Rayman (why did 3D platformers have to die anyway ;( sosadmaekmicrierrytime ) Valkyria Chronicles (I never played the first but it looks really good) Well that list was longer than I expected
  9. Hate to say the same thing as you, but likes showing off rarest plats also applies to you.
  10. no. Sorry just no. It won't show up at E3 my boy. Give up all hope Just sit in a corner and cry
  11. I'm leaning more towards this being PS Now streaming but an Uncharted Collection would be awesome
  12. Diffrent warchief, that one wasnt too bad
  13. I think this is a great example of unfair difficulty in a game. This is the batman combat system, where the combat flows but is slow. This isn't a flaw in arkham. However, Arkham didn't have 30 enemies and 7 captains(bosses) all attack you at the same time! The game expects you to be able to take on an insane amount of enemies and you just can't because this isnt a hack and slash, its the arkham system. Other than this its a pretty decent game but this honestly ruined the experience for me. A dirrect example of what I said before: Also why did they give us an open world to have fun in if I cant travel 3 feet without getting attacked by a pack of 5 orcs. Alright I've been at this long enough. I would strongly reccomend you don't buy this game until the price drops, but hey, just my opinion.
  14. I agree that Saints 5 takes priority over this any day, but think of it this way. Volition has 300 employees, they could set up 30ish of them on this and have the rest work on saints five. Seems like a good idea to me.
  15. Basically this is a petition that I'm trying to get going that is for a PS4 collection of all 4 saints games, with DLC for all of them and updated graphics (for 1 and 2 anyway, 3 and 4 they could just take the PC versions). https://www.change.org/petitions/volition-make-a-next-gen-saints-row-collection So yeah please feel free to share and sign it if you like the idea and if you don't like the idea, don't sign it. Have a good day.