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  1. So thats what you get for paying this dushbag a premium membership.. nice
  2. After i sign in I have access for about 5 mins then i got messege ''this account cant be tracked'' or some bullshit like this... I mess around with some data five years ago and hide that game 2 years ago (not even plat) all other games and trophies are 100% legit
  3. Need Maduin, i cleared everything else...anyone?
  4. Obi Wan and Yoda (Heroes) Dooku and Grevious (Villains) But they said there will be 4 DLC in season pass, so we can expect more than 4 heroes? Yoda and Obi Wan are must have
  5. Anyone for coop, i need both trophies. Unfortunaly i conquer every outpost. PSN; DjBurky-Cro Add me, and pm me, i can play all weekend due sickness.
  6. Need someone to boost to trophy for 6 classes, djburky-cro
  7. MGS2 and MGS4 were 8.5/10 maybe 9, so this can't be more than a 4, a play it on X1 with friend 4-5 days now and we S Rank every mission so far (23-24). Waiting for paycheck and buying PS4 version It time consuming though
  8. 3,5/10 ~100 hours S ranks ain't so bad, and every mission can be done in 3-10 mins.
  9. Star Ocean is the most grindy ever
  10. After 250+ hours on Demons Souls and 300+ hours of Dark Souls i get beaten by Lost Giant .... twice. Most shameful moment of my gaming career. And rapeing sound shapes platinums :/
  11. no. 23 Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition
  12. Anyone had problem with Red Light Addict, i bought 200 whores and trophy didnt pop up.
  13. Vanquish , challenges are so damn hard.